We recommend switching to Chrome, Firefox, and/or Safari for not only SportsRecruits, but for all websites. I have often complained about a lack of athletic ability at the midfield spots, and Houlihan would address that in spades. Right now it's looking like an OSU-Princeton/Ivy battle, though we will know more once the 1st rolls around. While it's very odd to have a highly regarded prospect out of North Carolina, Houlihan originally hails from Massapequa, a program on Long Island that has a storied history and won the Class A New York state title in 2019. View the profiles and videos of athletes on the 2023 Black team. 2023 Boys Individual Player Rankings For 2019 Lacrosse Magazine 2020-02 … If Mencke can't be lightning quick on his release all the time, he will ride the bench, unless his passing can propel him into the starting lineup from the left-handed side. Barco, if he continues his trajectory, has a good shot at being a significant contributor on offense upon enrollment in the Tre Leclaire role. He can be summed up in one word: dynamic. I think Landin would actually be a nice facsimile of Tre Leclaire, in that his howitzer shot is most effective off-ball, via the skip pass. Lacrosse Magazine selected that 2023 Best Boys Lacrosse Players. Tyler Conklin would be another very highly rated name to remember, though information is hard to come by outside of Inside Lacrosse's evaluation series. Houlihan has exceptional feet, and a great shot. Boys Club Lacrosse Rankings. This looks like a Coach Sheridan special from his time as a recruiter in Cleveland, and could be a really nice pickup for the Buckeyes, if the two parties decide it's worth it. Barring something I missed, I would expect 1 of the Mencke/Landin pair to end up a Buckeye, along with Barco and maaaaaybe Natalie, if the Buckeyes take 3 attackmen in the 2021 class. It's not as consistently elite as Ament, but if Trader can get a bit more polish, he would potentially be the best middie to ever play at Ohio State. Next up: defense, goalies, and FOGOs. Kenley also has a pretty deceptive release to pair with a decent shot. They're both Texan. As lefty players have been an area of need, I imagine the Buckeyes will be pushing hard for him. A final name to watch is Joseph Bueti out of Syosset, New York. It really is like watching a young Tre Leclaire operate. Another lefty wizard, Leo Johnson of Avon Old Farms is being pursued by the whole staff, but he's far from a lock to land in Columbus. It feels like the day before a marathon, with everyone itching to get going on what will be a 14-month (or more) slog to the finish. Kemley was a teammate of Buckeye sophomore Johnny Wiseman at Olentangy Liberty for a year, and will suit up with potential Buckeye target Alex Theuerkauf next spring. This recruitment is currently a Harvard-OSU battle, as best I can tell, and Harvard will have a dual-pronged pitch around playing time and, well, being Harvard. Featuring clubs from D.C., Maryland, Philadelphia, New England, Long Island, Michigan and other parts of the country. 2023 – Comprehensive Lacrosse Recruits. Kenley committed prior to the new rules, obviously, so he broke the ice on the 2021 class, only to see things freeze over. Reed Landin, of Episcopal School of Dallas, is much more of a scorer than Mencke, with a vastly different game. Mencke receives regular coaching from Ryan Brown, the best shooter in the world, and it shows. He's got such a quick first, second, and third move. I would love to see Leo Johnson in a Buckeye uniform, but I really don't know that the pull is there to lure him to Columbus quite yet. Recruiting for 2021 is finally ready to kick off in a major way, and the possibilities are endless as we head into a new cycle. This one will be a battle. Alex Theuerkauf is a local kid that the Buckeyes are taking a look at as well. There are just so many options for the other prospects, and I don't think there are many attack spots open. Kenley is a bit different from Johnny Wiseman when it comes to dodging, as he primarily operates above GLE. As a note, I got about 80% through writing this, then things changed DRAMATICALLY.