It should be noted that any opinions expressed here on the website, or our Twitter page @AckleyBridgeTV are not those of the production team. Tonight's episode of Channel 4 drama Ackley Bridge saw the affair between teacher Sian Oakes and pupil Cory Wilson finally exposed, with help from headteacher Mandy Carter. Cory Wilson has been a stalwart in the Ackley Bridge cast and has appeared in all three of the show’s series so far. This is a list of the characters, and who portrays them. She always got her own way and loved being in a role of authority. Although we aim to be the be the most professional source for Ackley Bridge online, we are 100% unofficial and unconnected to Channel 4 and The Forge. He is a Sixth Form pupil at Ackley Bridge College and is one of the Captain's of the rugby team, alongside Riz Nawaz. He is played by 20-year-old Australian-English actor Sam Retford. Sian Oakes took over as Acting Headteacher of Ackley Bridge College for the duration of Mandy Carter 's maternity leave. Ackley Bridge is a British television drama series that follows the lives of the staff and pupils at the fictional multi-cultural academy school Ackley Bridge College, in the fictitious Yorkshire mill town of Ackley Bridge. As soon as she arrived, Sian presented herself as a wise individual, who knew exactly what to do at the right time. She has since been suspended. Cory Wilson is the older, and more charming brother of Jordan Wilson.