Dr. Edward Lozansky is best known publicly as President of the American University of Moscow. Principal Officer Edward Lozansky. The Washington Post reported on the 1990 birth of American University in Moscow, and big names were dropped, Presidents were briefed and friends of Premiers involved. American University in Moscow has no listed courses, and no faculty. It received financial support from the Mayor of Moscow and several American businessmen, most generously from the late Robert Krieble. To date, several institutions have joined the consortium, including Moscow State University; Moscow State Institute for International Relations; Russian Academy of Sciences affiliates (e.g., Institute of Sociology, Institute of the United States and Canada, and Institute of Social and Political Research). American University in Moscow Quick Facts. As Russia teeters on the edge of history, pulled in opposite directions by conflicting traditions, interests, and demands, the importance of Russia�s choice of future direction�between Western values on the one side and the dark past on the other�cannot be overstated, Lozansky explained. Their top Russia analyst — whose emails were pilfered and released by Wikileaks — Lauren Goodrich said that Lozansky worked for Vladislav Surkov all the way back in 2009: Yea… has a crazy reputation to where ppl say they aren’t sure exactly who he works for. Presently Lozansky is working to develop a consortium of U.S. and Russian universities that will participate in this project by providing teaching or research experts. Recent news in The Guardian says that Kazakov reports directly from Eastern Ukraine to Putin’s advisor Vladislav Surkov, after his emails were leaked showing frequent contact. Amazingly, last March there was a shady real estate deal impacting the building listed on Lozansky’s website as containing the University’s headquarters involving a former Glencore trader — the Swiss oil trading company involved in the Trump Russia dossier — and whose sanction busting activities in the 1980s led to Rudy Giuliani’s prosecution of its founder Marc Rich. Incidentally, the company Stratfor is founded by one of the Hamilton Trading Group’s founders, itself a CIA contractor unusually hired by the RNC in 2016. the real International University in Moscow, to buy the trophy office property where AIUM’s offices are located cheaply, indicate is a company that has ties to organized crime, has the highest rate of suspicious all cash buyers, Meet Putin's top influencers behind Russia's election attack on America, Paul Manafort, Konstantin Kilimnik and the Ukrainian Peace Plan. Extensive internet searches turned up very little information about a supposedly 27-year old university. It’s a university only in name, supposedly to hand out diplomas equivalent to an MBA in the US to Russian students. Former Mayor Popov wasn’t likely involved, but the short story illustrates how corruption works in Russia, and how few degrees of separation there are between that country’s oligarchy and the international intrigues of our day. Each student will be assigned to American and Russian sociology, political science, or economics professors who will be their thesis advisors and who will be able to utilize the Internet to conduct supervision activities. place. (Ed. The university has graduated hundreds of MBA students and most of them have built successful careers in business and finance. �The students will be under the supervision of both Russian and American experts who would be paid by the American University,� Lozansky explained. �The goal of our proposal is to educate a strategically selected core group of students to think seriously about issues of Russian-American partnership and to be thoroughly knowledgeable about the subject and the cognates areas of expertise.�. Washington, DC Summary . Americans say he is part of the Putin disinformation club and Russians say he is CIA conspiracy… lots of rumors on both sides. Here’s the declassified memo from America’s Ambassador to Russia declining to participate in Lozansky’s University in 1991 (original link): A series of investigative reports The Grand Old Putin Party — co-authored by Grant Stern and Patrick Simpson. Российский пианист стал победителем... Posthumous Tribute to Professor Stephen F Cohen. American University in Moscow (AUM) was founded in 1990 with the endorsement of Presidents Mikhail Gorbachev and George H. Bush, Gorbachev's science advisor academician Yuri Ossipyan, and Mayor of Moscow Gavriil Popov. American diplomats were dismayed by Popov’s (and by extension Lozansky’s) utter lack of any follow through, and their false claims that President Bush and former British Prime Minister Thatcher sponsored the project — they did not — which resulted in serious discussions about the project between American diplomats with their counterparts from Britain, France and Germany being recorded in a confidential memo. Kazakov is Deputy Director of the public relations firm ZPK, which works with the Russian Presidential Administration. Lozansky’s public profiles also claim that he’s a Social Scientist at INION — though he’s not found anywhere on their website’s directory, ditto for Moscow State University, which his public websites claim hosts his “American University in Moscow.”. Miraculously, we found a November 4th, 1991 Top Secret cable from the State Department about Lozansky’s university plans, explaining why they chose not to sponsor the American University in Moscow. If all of the above was not unusual enough, the confidential US diplomatic cables about Lozansky’s American University in Moscow were declassified in 2014–16 showed concern that then-Moscow Mayor Popov was involved in shady real estate deals. The American University of Moscow has just unveiled a new bi-weekly course in geopolitics under the theme of "Saving the Planet: Exploring the Role of Creative Reason in ... Save The Planet round table... A New Course Exploring the Role of Creative Reason in Shaping History and Geopolitics. A company named Capital Group arranged to buy the trophy office property where AIUM’s offices are located cheaply, with a no-bid contract, from the current Mayor of Moscow and city government. I haven’t met him yet, but hear among the inner circles that he is owned by Surkov. Ruling Year 1993. There is also the mystery of former US Ambassador Michael McFaul’s interactions with Russia House and Lozansky’s “University” dating back to his 2012 interview with the group — where they ask him about his working relationship with Vladimir Surkov. Note 6/8/28: The above two links have broken as International School rebranded itself to Moscow International University and removed its historical backstory as seen on May 24, 2017 here in the Internet Archive.). Refusing to Count Ballots Received After Election Day Is Absurd, Your Political Counterparts Are Not Moral Monsters, 20 Things Most People Learn Too Late In Life. We need to organize Russians and Americans to strategize together. Lozansky believes there is a special role in the future of U.S.-Russian relations to be played by these young people. This is the heart of our project�to set the process of post-Cold War healing in motion, and educate a critical mass of young Russian foreign affairs students to strategize together with Americans on behalf of a common future. The school still lists Bush and Thatcher as co-founders today. �In the last decade, voices along the entire political spectrum have stated that it is in the vital interest of the United States for Russia to become a prosperous democracy and an ally of the West. What are the most popular Universities in Moscow? The American University in Moscow was founded 12 years ago with the endorsement of presidents Mikhail Gorbachev and George H. Bush. The session is presently planned for Saturday, August 17, 8-10 p.m.; check the final program for location. At that time it was the first private university and the first business school in Russia.