Allegedly, Charlie had selfishly used a miracle dog tag to whisk out T-Bone steaks while leaving an old canine woman to remain trapped in a collapsing pit. Often Carface is seen wearing a purple (sometimes pink) shirt with its sleeves always rolled up, a black vest, and a light green bowtie. Belladonna Carface turns to leave, and Sasha asks him to stay and join the party. Toplofty and O'Bloat | All Dogs Go to Heaven Fate "But I'm gonna see ya through it all, Singe | And in these crazy dreams Killer is the secondary antagonist in All Dogs Go to Heaven, the tertiary antagonist in the TV show, and a reformed anti hero in the threequel. Reply. Pawnee | Suckophant | Belladonna tells Charlie to pull the lever to send him to his doom as a final test to prove Charlie's commitment to their side. She also stands out as an inversion of her cousin appearance-wise, being purple with a spiked collar, a black leather vest, and bat-like wings in contrast to Annabelle's halo, angelic robe (if ever worn), and angel wings. Berkeley Beetle | "But I'm gonna see ya through it all, Queen Gnorga | Charlie and Itchy are back with Sasha and the gang having a Dicken's of a time as they try to save Christmas from Carface and a demon named Belladonna wishes to use dogs all over the world to ruin Christmas forever. Use the HTML below. Very little is known about Carface's past apart from the fact that he and Charlie were once old friends as he tells Killer that his way to kill Charlie is "no way to treat an old friend". She plots to use a massive version of the cursed dog whistle to hypnotize every dog in the city into stealing the Christmas presents, causing them to be thrown out of their houses and abandoned (much in the same way Carface was when he was a puppy). Grasping | Puppy hood When you're double-crossed, it's like you lost your puppyhood Edit. Dragon | Ebenezer Scrooge But when the lights go out, I dream about my puppyhood Nine stray dogs (Snowplow, Tank, Q.T,, Frenchie, Cheech, Chester, Fetch, MacGregor and No-Name) are recruited as reindeers to help Santa bring Christmas to the world. Roger Furness | Twitch | See "Ebenezer Scrooge#List of Portrayals" Jenner | Formerly: Cold, arrogant, grumpy, shrewd, cynical, stingy, cheap, miserly and even heartless, rude, nagging, mean-spirited, misanthropic, narcissistic, callous, bitter, cantankerous, stubbornCurrently: Jovial, generous, happy, joyful, charming, kind, generous, loving, caring, friendly, jolly, fatherly, warm-hearted But in these crazy dreams He was voiced by the late Charles Nelson Reilly in the whole franchise, but he never appeared in the second film. He escapes from heaven with Gabriel's horn and encounters Red who makes him his partner. The now redeemed Carface, having seen himself in the operation-needing Timmy whom he had stolen operation funds from at the beginning of the film, stops the whistle just in time to prevent the dogs from stealing the gifts. Affiliations Killer | He often tries to have his sidekick, Killer, killed but manages to convince himself not to each time. and turned into a hood. An outcast Husky risks his life with other sled dogs to prevent a deadly epidemic from ravaging Nome, Alaska. Under Secretary | When the lights go out, I dream about my puppyhood Mr Scrooge † (father)Mrs Scrooge † (mother)Fan Scrooge † (younger sister)Fred (nephew)Unnamed niece-in-law Cactus Cat Gang (T.R. She is not seen emerging from it. In this scene, he wears an old racing helmet with goggles and in a later scene with a ray gun, he wears a dark-green military helmet. Madame Mousey | Running his gang (formerly).Serving Red (formerly).Running his gang and serving Belladonna (formerly). To send the dogs on Earth and in Heaven to Hell (failed). Belladonna | He is even cold towards his nephew, which is never explicitly stated why. Though the real Annabelle appears and the deception is revealed, Charlie gives into Belladonna's offer of an easier way to life and all the meat he can eat. Pinky | She acts as Annabelle "undercover" to meet with her two recruits Carface and Killerat a meat packing plant. Grand Duke of Owls | With Ernest Borgnine, Dom DeLuise, Sheena Easton, Taylor Emerson. Orson Welles in 1938 on radio replacing Lionel Barrymore for one appearance only. Martin Brisby | Feature films Toplofty and O'Bloat | Goals She returns in the episode "Kibbleland", where she enchants a version of the popular canine board game with the intent of entrapping Charlie and his friends in the game world by means of his own selfishness. Enemies Carface Carruthers is the main antagonist of All Dogs Go to Heaven , the secondary antagonist of All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 , and the (former) main antagonist of All Dogs Go to Heaven 3 and An All Dogs Christmas Carol . Then he captures Anne Marie and Charlie comes to rescue her, fighting his way through the thugs. She was voiced by Bebe Neuwirth who also voiced Mirage in the Aladdin franchise. Belladonna is quick to anger, and she can be quite intimidating, formidable and dangerous in her infuriated state. 1 All Dogs Go To Heaven: The Series 2 An All Dogs Christmas Carol 3 Gallery 4 Trivia She first appeared in the episode La Doggie Vita, where, upon her first appearance, Charlie mistakes her for Annabelle. To send the dogs on Earth and in Heaven to Hell (failed). plum pudding and cakes ShapeshiftingDemonic powersFlightCunning Jun 11, 2016. Grand Duke of Owls | Hellhound | When his henchmen also fail a mission when they are away, he calls them "morons", and in the final battle, he viciously attacks Charlie and (at one point) tries to kill him by drowning him, until King Gator intervenes and finishes off the pit bull (likely through eating him). Occupation Ackland | Boycott | Corporal Spivey | We used to trash the joint from 6am to midnight Physical Appearance Scuttlebutt | Belladonna is Annabelle's demonic yet beautiful cousin and a recurring villainof the All Dogs Go To Heaven franchise films, the TV series and is the main antagonist of the third film. His howls of pain attract the attention of the flamboyant giant alligator, whom he and Anne Marie met earlier, who makes Carface's lair collapse. If he'd copped a plea we would have been OK All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series; Main Voice Cast. However, he manages to put two and two together and has Itchy get a picnic table cover and a hanger for a makeshift old woman disguise to prove that it was Belladonna who had set up the scheme. And this pint-sized mug who took me in one day An All Dogs Christmas Carol Killer is the canine antagonist from the animated film All Dogs Go to Heaven . Jeffrey Sanzel has appeared in more than 1,000 stage performances since 1992, Walter Charles, Tony Randall, Terrence Mann, Hal Linden, Roddy McDowall, F. Murray Abraham, Frank Langella, Tony Roberts, Roger Daltrey, and Jim Dale in the stage version of Alan Menken's musical (1994-2003), Ernest Borgnine (as Carface Carruthers) in, Tori Spelling as "Scroogette" Carol Cartman in, Morwenna Banks as Eden Starling (Barbie) in. Jenner | Portrayed by Drake | Meanwhile, Carface finds out that Charlie is alive and he took Anne Marie from him, so he plots revenge. Drej | At the beginning of the story, Scrooge is embittered, selfish and downright mean, even not allowing Bob Cratchit to use the coal to warm up the building during the winter. In All Dogs Go to Heaven 2, he still wears the same clothing but during "It Feels So Good to be Bad" his fur is cut off by a barber's knife and all he wears is his underwear which gets cut by a pair of scissors. Later, he attacks Itchy with his thugs and burns down Charlie's casino, but Itchy escapes. The judge overseeing the trial opens a cloud trapdoor, sending Belladonna to Earth and presumably back to Hell. Carface gets attacked by crabs after Charlie tricks him and Red into thinking that he'd brought the cage with the horn in it. Mrs. Toad | By the end of the novel, Mr. Scrooge becomes cheerful once again, and has been mentioned to have been a better man in his word . Blue Meanies (Chief Blue Meanie & Max) | They eventually beat him up and begin to torture him. Grundel Toad | Origin Jaclyn | Mr. Chula, One-Eye & Sweet William) | Martin Brisby | Mr. Mole | She lies and says that she is Annabelle and is undercover. He was a sweetie pie who turned into a... Oh, sure, I broke a rule or two Charlie reunites with his partner Itchy (who was mourning Charlie and having watched the event) and they decide to first upstage Carface with their own casino. Belladonna flies into a rage and is about to kill Carface and Killer when she is frozen solid by a massive amount of snow caused by Annabelle. Dr. Valentine, Video Games I still can hear him say Money lender Rasputin | Carface is a vicious and psychotic businessman who says that his friends must be dealt with in a "friendly and businesslike way". Carface Carruthers | She also has no real faithfulness to her minions Carface and Killer as she would leave them to whatever fate they got themselves into as seen in "Kibbleland". Then I want Krampus to fight them all!!! Becomes a better man in his word and keeps love and Christmas in his heart all year-round. Oh no, when ever a bad guy is this happy, it can always, always mean... BAD GUY SONG! Carface and Charlie clash, in which Charlie  overpowers Carface and, before he can finish him off, is distracted by attempting to save Anne Marie, and is then attacked by Carface from being, which ends when Carface falls into the water where he is eaten by the alligator. Her wing which was visible outside the snow is shown turn to rot presumably meaning that Belladonna is dead just like her minions. Emperor Maltazard | Borf | Carface is an obese gray American Pit Bull Terrier/Bulldog hybrid who usually walks on all fours. His name could possibly be a reference to. She sings a song called "Take the Easy Way Out". Then Carface starts up a car and putting it in drive, causing it to hit Charlie, killing him and knocking his body into the sea along with the car. Dr. Schadenfreude | Dr. Valentine, Video Games She first appeared in the episode La Doggie Vita, where, upon her first appearance, Charlie mistakes her for Annabelle. Hunch | However, when a delivery plane crashes on... See full summary ». Carrey also played the three spirits haunting Scrooge). Warren T. Rat | NIMH | „ ~ The Troubadour about to play Petey's King of France. This FAQ is empty. Ms. Fieldmouse | Nine Dog Christmas is an animated direct-to-video Christmas movie, released on October 5, 2004. Scrooge and Marley's Rasputin | She plots to use a massive version of the cursed dog whistle to hypnotize every dog in the city into stealing the Christmas presents, causing them to be thrown out of their houses and abandoned (much in the same way Carface was when he was a puppy). Charlie and Itchy return to Earth to find Gabriel's Horn, but along the way meet up with a young boy named David, who ran away from home. Drej Queen Susquehana | Occupation She is not seen emerging from it. Monsters | Nonetheless, his selfishness and greed still remained when he told Red that when they get Gabriel's Horn, they could open any safe or bank shop in the world, and he still had his occasional evil laugh. Grundel Toad | Joseph Korso, Sequels AbuseChild abuseKidnappingTheftAiding and abetting RedOrganized crimeVandalismStarvation. Origin After he captures David and blackmails them for his lives, he and Red imprisons him in the cell at the Alcatraz prison. You can help Movie Villains Wiki by expanding it. Carface is Vic Tayback's penultimate film role before his death in May 25, 1990. Becomes a better man in his word and keeps love and Christmas in his heart all year-round. Madame Mousey | Yeah, we was tight, Title: Xenomaster. Chula, One-Eye & Sweet William) | Lyrics "You didn't mean to do it, Carface" Had what you'd call a regular ball Charlie says that the dog tag failed to levitate the old dog from the pit because it had mysteriously quit on her.