He has often been shown to grow an extra pair of arms to supplement his fighting abilities and his strength, such as when he helped moved 1/3 of the earth with both Superman and Wonder Woman, knocked out Shazam once, stopping a ship many times larger than the planet from colliding with earth in tandem with Superman, and destroying the Moon which gravity was increased a billion fold to the point it was tearing off the earths crust and ejecting every continent to the atmosphere. __________________ - Forum Archive - Forum Rules >. In 1997, J'onn J'onzz became a founding member of Grant Morrison and Howard Porter's new JLA where the team fought a group of White Martians, the Hyperclan. The miniseries World War III is told from his perspective. Firestorm #6: Planting a psychic tracer in Firestorm's mind to track his location anywhere in the world. ", https://ew.com/movies/darren-criss-zachary-quinto-superman-animated-movie/, Martian Manhunter's secret origin on dccomics.com, Star-Spangled War Stories Featuring G.I. Frank Miller's dystopian The Dark Knight Strikes Again has a powerless alcoholic J'onzz, his powers lost due to nanites in his brain hindering his abilities, murdered by Joker/Dick Grayson using fire. Some analysts have noted similarities between Roh Kar and the Martian Manhunter[85] and the theory that the earlier story served as inspiration for Samachson and Certa's Martian Manhunter has been advanced. [50] However, later Justice League comics show that J'onzz was indeed a member of the League for a time. © Copyright 2000-2006, KillerMovies.com. [1] To that end, he adopts the identity of John Jones, a detective in the fictional Middletown, USA.[2]. JLA Classified #52: While in a comatose state, J'onn shifts his consciousness into John Stewart's mind to possess his body and then telepathically scans entire dimensions to locate a time-displaced Flash. Batman assumes that he is dead. The series lasted 36 issues before being canceled due to low sales. In addition to these powers, he can fly and possesses superhuman strength. J'onzz tries to resist influence from D'kay's mind, but her control over his mind tempts him with visions of a fantasy world where all the Martians and J'onzz's family are resurrected by the Entity. J'onzz is depicted tucking her into bed in a retirement home, in the form of her father. i apologize, the search funtion hasnt worked for me since the new look of comicvine rolled around. [71], In the Antimatter Universe where that universe's version of the Crime Syndicate resided as seen in JLA: Earth-2, Martian Manhunter's antimatter reality counterpart is a White Martian and was Ultraman's chief rival until Ultraman killed him.[72]. The series also further established the history of both the Manhunter and the Saturnian race. Written by A.J. [by whom? http://soundcloud.com/pytt-1, __________________ He can become stiff or malleable, as well as alter the size and length of limbs. Curiously, this aspect of his power puts him at a slight disadvantage when faced with Plastic Man, who is immune to telepathy and who has no set fighting style, but is instead described as "inspiration given form", a completely spontaneous and unpredictable being.[62]. After this, J'onzz senses something in Star City. Destiny is an uber-powerful reality warper, which makes scanning his mind another one of J'onn's high-end telepathy feats. Due to the change of writers, he was quickly written out within the last two issues[citation needed]. To put the feat of getting past its psychic defenses into perspective, these are some of the things Mageddon has done: practically destroying Hector Hammond's (a planetary-scale telepath) mind, causing two wars to break out in the space of five minutes, forcing an entire planet full of the Old Gods (a single Old God could reality warp everyone on Earth to give them powers) to kill each other, driving everyone on Earth out of their minds with rage and fear and making them go to war, and with the exception of that last feat, all the others were done while Mageddon was light years away from its target. SETUP Batman had some method of subdual prepared for every member of the JLA should the need have arisen to take them down. The two are eventually separated and [25] both continue their associations with the League. [35] Following this, the character is featured in the weekly Brightest Day series. [30] He is later revealed to be alive and a captive of Alexander Luthor, Jr.[31] After Infinite Crisis, most of DC's series jumped ahead one year, having the weekly series 52 fill in the missing time. http://www.comicvine.com/forums/battles-7/professor-x-vs-martian-manhunter-634840/. J'onzz eventually reveals his existence to the world, after which he operates openly as a superhero and becomes a charter member of the Justice League. This is my new clip. During the lead-up to the Infinite Crisis miniseries, the character is feared to have been killed in an attack on the Justice League's HQ. Martian Manhunter #4: This one is kinda weird; it's revealed that J'onn's mind was subconsciously keeping the souls of the entire Martian race (all of them telepaths) stranded on the living plane and unable to move on to the afterlife. In the New 52 the weakness to fire is pyrophobia that is unique to him as a crippling fear, due to the trauma of witnessing the fiery death of his race, an explanation previously established in the 1988 Martian Manhunter miniseries. Justice League of America #256: J'onn momentarily connects with the mind of Adam, a cultist who attained vast reality warping powers by stealing the genetic imprint of the Homo magi and connecting with an entity called the Godhead (described as being the embodiment of all that was, is, and will be). This is one of J'onn's more impressive telepathy feats because Mageddon was an extremely powerful telepath. I'll be that guy and say MMH doesn't actually use TP it's just the closet word in the human language. In Grant Morrison's Multiversity series, there is an alternate Martian Manhunter visible within the "New Reichsmen", the "Justice League" analogues on this Nazi-dominated alternate Earth. J'onzz possesses "Martian Vision" allowing his eyes to see across the electromagnetic spectrum, including X-ray vision. Kingdom Come features a J'onzz mentally shattered from his attempts to understand humanity by attempting to open his mind to all human thoughts at once. As part of this engineering, the Martians had been 'programmed' with a new vulnerability to fire, with J'onzz breaking the genetic blocks against fire, also giving him access to race memories of the Burning Martians. Justice League of America #257: Bonds Adam's mind to his own to keep him calm and stable and ensure the safety of Zatanna and Gypsy as they shrink into Adam's consciousness to fix him. Later, the two Leagues meet, along with the supernaturally-powered Justice League Dark in the "Trinity War" crossover storyline because of a diplomatic crisis in Khandaq triggered by the young superhero Shazam. Horrified, Pandora demands to know how she can get back to prevent that conquest, but the Earth 3 Martian Manhunter dies in her arms. JLA: A Midsummer's Nightmare #2: Telepathically scouring the minds of everyone on Earth; nearly all of them had superpowers courtesy of Dr. Destiny's reality warping. [19] The Martian again encountered Superman in outer space. In this story, the beliefs of people all over the world were becoming reality, and it was a universe-wide event. JLA #58: Mind-wiping the entire Justice League. There are some pretty good Xavier scans here.... Basically turned into a Xavier vs MM TP debate towards the end. did nobody find the xavier scans i requested? MMH wins this pretty easily if written correctly. Martian Manhunter had an action figure based on his Young Justice incarnation that was a part of Mattel's DC multiverse line of figures. A more significant difference is that in this version of him, there is no suggestion that Mars is a dead planet or that the character is the last of his kind. [11] At this point his feature moves to House of Mystery, where J'onzz spends the next few years in battle against the Idol Head.