Since January 2013, BBC Two stopped showing children's programmes and replaced the weekday morning schedule with repeats of the previous BBC One daytime schedule. Originally styled BBC2, it was the third British television station to be launched (starting on 21 April 1964), and from 1 July 1967, Europe's first television channel to broadcast regularly in colour. Christmas 1980: Similar to last year, a more colourful perspex snowflake rotating above a Christmas BBC2 caption, Christmas 1981: Three red translucent candles spinning around with the caption Christmas 2. Samuel L Jackson, Afua Hirsch and Simcha Jacobovici explore 400 years of slavery. The powerful true story of the realities of a mixed-race marriage in 1960s Virginia. It was envisaged as a home for less mainstream and more ambitious programming, and while this tendency has continued to date, most special-interest programmes of a kind previously broadcast on BBC Two, for example the BBC Proms, now tend to appear on BBC Four instead. Firecracker: The firecrackers explode in sequence, causing the base "2" to be thrown about in different directions. BBC Two 2007 Logo. Associated-Rediffusion, the London weekday ITV franchise-holder, offered to transmit on the BBC's behalf, but their gesture was rejected. As this happens, coloured powder "blows" on to the disk, finally forming the image on the left. In 1979, BBC2 debuted the first-ever computer-generated logo, a 2 flanked by a double line on the side. The BBC Two logo is backwards! Britain In Colour – and UHF. TV Technology 8. Rembrandt Week: The "2" is part of the eye in a self-portrait of Rembrandt. Bounce Sombre: The ident is the same as "Bounce", but the soundtrack takes on a more "serious" tone. It returns at 11 am as BBC Newsroom Live. Centenary: A film canister "2" is dropped down from a great height onto a bed of unraveled film reels. As a result of the channel's commitment to community broadcasting, the channel produced the symbolic Open Space series, a strand developed in the early 1970s in which members of the public would be allotted half an hour of television time, and given a level of editorial and technical training in order to produce for themselves a film on an issue most important to them. The soundtrack opens with a three-note melodic synth chime that features occasionally thereafter, and the sound of filling water serves to enhance the visuals. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the. Sticky Label: A twist to the "Logo" theme. It is a comparatively well-funded public-service network, regularly attaining a much higher audience share than most public-service networks worldwide. BBC Two's remit is to be a mixed-genre channel appealing to a broad adult audience with programmes of depth and substance. It takes the remote and wonders what to do with it. The soundtrack features a fitting whistled four-note jingle, vaguely similar to what became BBC Two's signature tune from 2001–2007, amongst the drilling of the woodpecker '2's; all of this overlaying an F#/A major chord pad. Please enable JavaScript to take full advantage of iPlayer. The music is similar to, Zapper: It has a fly zapper shaped "2" on a wall, a fly becomes attracted to its light, and the zapper breakson contact as the fly buzzes away, leaving behind a smoke trail. There were two "variants" (you can hardly even call them "variants") of the clock design. As the "2" emerges, stray droplets of water, fall back into the way, causing vertical ripples, with each drop that hits the water being accompanied by a finger cymbal-esque note on the soundtrack. As the discs rotated inward, the "2" as you see above would form on-screen. Logo: The '2' is sitting away from our point-of-view when it notices something not quite right. The first variant, used from 16 February 1991 to mid-December 1991, appeared more close-up. Christmas 1985:A blue tinted Christmas scene rotates around the '2'. Balloon: A silver, helium-filled balloon in the shape of a '2' bobs around gently in a fixed spot. The Christmas variants had their own jingles, and the 80's season variant used the Christmas 1987 jingle. Animated 2: A "2" in the form of a piano falls from above (with piano keys playing) and crashes into the floor, leaving behind a "2" shaped hole and "ANIMATED" letter being partially formed, with pieces of wood falling from above to complete the word. In October 2014, Russell Howard's Good News and Backchat moved to BBC Two from BBC Three. Despite the "TWO" in the ident, the channel was still officially called "BBC 2". These idents were designed to follow on seamlessly from a similarly styled promotional trail. [citation needed]. Romesh Ranganathan mulls over the week's most entertaining news. On the right was a longer, lighter grey rectangle with white stripes running across it. Then, it gets smaller. BBC Two also has regional variations in Wales and Northern Ireland. When will his fortunes change? The camera then zooms out, and the '2' is gobbled up by a larger green '2' in the form of a Venus Flytrap. In 2007, BBC Two debuted the new theme, a "Window on the World", with the 2 numeral providing that view. FX/SFX: The orange stripes and "2" writing. This time, no longer 6, but a whole screen chock full of 2s with their noses in a book. Nicknames: "2 II", "The 2s II" "The 2s: Part Two", "Big 2 II", Logo: The same as before, but now, instead of an italicized "B B C" logo, it says "B B C TWO." BBC Two is widely available in the Republic of Ireland on satellite and cable, as well as being received directly in areas bordering Northern Ireland, or in coastal areas from Wales. Crystal Ball: A crystal ball rolls over the "2", severely distorting the image as it passes. Availability: Stopped airing September 27, 2018 as the new curve idents came. On 1 July 1967, during the Wimbledon Championships, BBC2 became the first channel in Europe to begin regular broadcasts in colour, using the PAL system. From comedy icon to world traveller, celebrating an eclectic career with friends and fans. 2001-2004 (2 and the Angel Makes a Tall Christmas Tree), Vintage (Christmas 2013, 2014 and 2016) (in Widescreen), 2016-2017 (Christmas 1990's, 2000's and 2010's), ITV Creates/2020 Idents (Black History Month). Optics: We see several optic fibres highlighted in viridian, pink and red, swaying side-to-side forming a "2" The slow-tempo audio (entitled "Inhale") was atmospheric, carried by warm melodic sounds and a deep bass note, with a high choir pad towards the end. Special idents:           This'theme day' had its own special set of idents. [17] Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic Derbyshire has been presenting the first hour of BBC World News which continues until 13:00. The design consisted of the following: on the left, there was a divided dark grey box with a white border, housing the "2" within the top division and the BBC logo within the bottom. The 2 tries flicking it off, but it lands right on his shoulder! But maybe banana packing will do for now. Only used for a couple of weeks from November to December 1993. After Margaret: The "2" is fixed on the door of 10 Downing Street. Nickname: "The Striped 2" It therefore decided that Britain's third television station should be awarded to th… BBC Two "Curve" idents (Northern Ireland), 25552058 10156174009959789 1529264706034471917 n.jpg, BBC2-2017-XMAS-ID-2011INVENTORWOMANHOLLY-1-2.jpg, BBC2-2017-XMAS-ID-2011SUNANDMOONHARK-1-2.jpg, BBC2-2017-XMAS-ID-2011TURKEYSDINGDONG-1-2.jpg, BBC2-2017-XMAS-ID-2013LAUGHINGSNOWMANDECK-1-2.jpg, Nicknames: "The Colorful TWO", "TWO", "Boring TWO", "Dull and Worthy", "The TWO Of Tepidity". Unlike BBC1 and ITV, BBC2 was broadcast only on the 625 line UHF system, so was not available to viewers still using sets on the 405-line VHF system. Flamethrower: The 2 doesn't sprout its arms...but a flamethrower. This was required for those relay transmitters that had no current Freeview service giving viewers time to purchase the equipment unless they had already selected a satellite or cable service. Content is available under $1 unless otherwise noted. The soundtrack was of mid-slow tempo, no percussion, with harp and a rich, dreamy background texture. For BBC2 Wales, the ident had the word "WALES" under the "2". [10], Patrick Holland became Channel Controller of BBC Two in March 2017, following his earlier appointment as Channel Editor in July 2016. [29] Channel numbers for the BBC's HD channels also changed on Sky, to allow BBC One HD and BBC Two HD to sit side-by-side on channels 141, and 142 respectively on the EPG. Introduced on 18 February 2007, the new look also had the channel adopt a teal-coloured box logo, featuring the BBC logo above the word TWO, in the font Avenir. The 2 puts the sticks on the snow-2, so the snow-2 looks like a self-portrait. Variants: There are many different variants of the logo. Source: Freeview channel guide: Author: BBC: SVG development The source code of this SVG is valid. The new identity was co-developed by BBC Creative and Superunion.[18][19][20]. Glass: A glass-cut '2', which reflected light - with some noticeable viridian colour - in various directions. The logo, printed on cardboard, would flip over to reveal a large, white solitary "2" on a black background. The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. Halloween Night 3: The "2" is covered in veil. Sara Cox entertains a host of celebrity guests where books spark the banter. From 7 April 2015, the morning Sign Zone was shown before Victoria Derbyshire between 8:00am-9:00 am including See Hear on Wednesday morning. The 2 comes toward the speck and sprouts its arms. Note the Hilda Ogden style ducks on the wall! A 2 gets on what looks like a home-made see-saw. Audio was the same as "Paint". By 1973, further changes had taken place, with the background color now dark blue and "COLOUR" and the horizontal line in light blue to match the "2"s. A final change took place during 1974, with the "2"s in bright blue against a navy background, and "COLOUR" and the horizontal line reverting to white. The Big Read: 6 2s are seen reading books. This had the same soundtrack as the Powder ident.This ident was used to celebrate the 100th anniversary of cinema and film. Original file ‎(SVG file, nominally 1,841 × 1,048 pixels, file size: 3 KB). The device was made up of 23 discs that were stacked on top of one another, with white and blue stripes painted on. It sends fire in all directions, eventually hitting the BBC2 logo. This was also the first time the channel was named "BBC Two". The music has a "robotic" feel to it, with rhythmic bleeps, bloops and pops throughout. [3], By 11:00 on 21 April, power had been restored to the studios and programming began, thus making Play School the first programme to be shown officially on the channel. Learning Zone: Various educational items (such as the equation E=mc2) float by either as real objects or shadows. This logo remained in use until 1991. Audio was the same as the 1993 variation of, Occasionally, the idents (and sometimes the clock) were played out without the 1988 BBC logo used at the time; an example of this happening was the very first showing of. It bounces in and out of frame, closer and further away at random points. The flames die down after about 16 seconds, revealing the 2 to be completely undamaged, before the cycle repeats. At the end of 1974, new idents were launched for BBC 1 and BBC 2, which no longer had the word "COLOUR" on screen and also no longer featured the line running across the screen. Louis Theroux explores how some people’s most fervent beliefs can lead to conflict. Christmas 2003: We see the robotic '2' frozen on ice. Robotic "whirring" can be heard when the arms are formed and the '2' moves about. It starts as a pencil sketch, and as the camera pulls back, we see the artist's hand adding detail to the painting in a series of mixes, until the finished portrait is revealed.