Meaning of the Fourth Watch, Midnight and the Cock Crowing, It is considered the busiest time for tourism because it falls in the main school summer holiday period. DAY 20: Today, all your prayers shall make sense before Almighty God, in the name of Jesus. They Attacked Israel After Jerusalem Fell, The second Passover that falls on the 14th day of the month is an important holiday in Iyyar. This number is very significant in a biblical and prophetic sense, so we will tell you something more about that. All contents are protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 1996 (DMCA). August Practical Prayer Assignment: Praying On The Right Hand. In earlier versions of the Roman calendar, August was called Sextilis, the sixth month. What is Thorns and Thistles in the Bible, What were the Different Thorns and Thistles, Biblical Month. 23:4-11) Aviv Nisan March/April Passover Unleavened Bread Firstfruits Second Month (1 Kings 6:1) Ziv Ziv, meaning “radiance.” This month is commonly referred to as the month of (natural) healing. The commencement of a month was determined by the observation of the new moon. They Attacked Israel After Jerusalem Fell, Why did Noah send a It later became the eighth month with a length of 29 days when January and February were added to the year. DAY 8: No matter your present challenges, the Lord will make a way for you where there seems to be no way, in Jesus name. "in the month Zif, which is the second month." During leap years, August starts on the same day as February and still ends on same day as November. What are the consequences of copyright infringement. mock Jesus using a Crown of Thorns, What was a Gergesenes, Where Was Gadara And What Is the Modern Name, Where Was © Time and Date AS 1995–2020. DAY 9: All the negative doors that the spirit of sin, fear and worries has opened in the past, shall be closed today, in the name of Jesus. The birthstone for August is the peridot or onyx. October’s Full Moon is the Hunter’s Moon. Smith's Bible Dictionary Rapture or Tribulation? To find out how many months there are in a biblical year we have to delve further into the scriptures. Podcasts-Audio Contents on this website may not be copied, republished, redistributed either in whole or in part  without due permission or acknowledgement. Julius Caesar added two days to the month around 45 BCE. About possible consequences you can read here: What are the consequences of copyright infringement? Related Bible History Please make your financial commitment through  this account details; Contact Evangelist Joshua (Prayer Line) on Telegram group:+2348099828623. Was Zoar in Relation to Sodom and Gomorrah, Meaning and Raven? The month of August was originally named Sextilis in Latin since it was the sixth month in the ancient Roman calendar. Please call: +2348099828623. Pharaoh's Heart, Which Pharaoh Reigned during the Time of Joseph and Moses, What Color Was the Crown of Thorns, in Matthew 27:29 Why did the Roman soldiers