Bullock is an okay actress though attractive I guess, so Infeel people overrate her a bit, but still for a Netflix film not too bad. so was it north korea or Iran that relased it? These monsters manifest as the victim's greatest fear. Danielle Macdonald as Olympia. Nevertheless, due to her relationship with Tom, she changes her mind and decides that “no one should look”. It seems likely that the couple made it to the grocery store and are surviving with years worth of food... but let's not forget that there is still a fanatic living in the back room. To make up for this, the movie gives the monsters an added dimension: they sound a certain way, and they're aggressive. What the movie does instead is, there are immune inmates from a mental institution who go around like violent raiders. But that's beside the point.”. Got a story? Creature: (whispering) "Open your eyes and seeeee...", Blind guy: "Fuck off, I've already told you I can't! Doug looked at Gary's eyes in the garage too. Speaking to People, Bier teased where she believes the couple went after they stole the car from the garage, leaving the rest of the survivors on their own in the house without wheels. There are tense scenes all throughout the book where the blindfolded characters hear noises or feel things touch them, and they never find out they are. It happened with the hospital hallway chick, her sister, & the pregnant girl (Olympia) in the house. Where did you go mate?I’m fragile from new year and I need to know. Anyways, this was an interesting "case study" if you will on the different strengths and weaknesses of storytelling in different mediums. While there were some fun moments, I didn't care about any of the characters. Can I ask how Malorie is able to look "infected people" dead, square in the eyes and NOT become infected? The popular film has been trending on social media ever since its release last month – and judging by reaction on Twitter, it seems a lot of fans have unanswered questions, like what happened to Felix and Lucy exactly? Turns out they were pretty close, because after the a******s (Felix and Lucy) steal the car, Gary comes in, ultimately leading to the death of the overwhelming majority of the cast. case for the monsters actually being angels, Gary may have just caught a quick glimpse, the grocery store was probably their destination. But there are so many unanswered questions! Definitely the biggest mystery in Bird Box is the identity of the invisible monsters that cause people to kill themselves. I love that John Malkovich just knew what was going on with no further explanation how or why. The fat pregnant girl is supposed to be "the sweetest girl" around but she just comes across as a nosey spoiled brat without any of the sweetness. The movie on the otherhand, naturally, can't portray such scenes. 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. Was this because Mallory was pregnant and children foster pureness from within? Pretty nice cinematography but holy shit the director is crap, The characters keep yo-yoing from flat to mildly intriguing. The pair cross paths for the first time at Greg’s house following the outbreak of a mysterious mist that sweeps across the … I also loved the scene in the store with the guy trapped in the room (refridgerator? To say it falls flat on its face would be an understatement. The girl was endearing, but we don't see enough of her to really get an emotional reaction if something were to happen to her. This flick looks like a C-movie in comparison. Definitely the biggest mystery in Bird Box is the … Some things that weren't in the book that I liked: When they're driving to the store, the use of the car's proximity sensors is brilliant. this is one of my favorite movies yet. ); that was f***ed up. While that theory about the monsters being biblical demons seems to add up, there are other viewers who actually saw them as the complete opposite. Picture: Netflix. Someone please explain? Another perplexing character is Gary, the man who brings about most of the major deaths in the movie. Something else entirely? The movie never shows us what these creatures look like, nor does it give us a clear explanation of where they came from or why they are here, but one fan may have picked up on an important clue. I just find not seein if you are not blind, completely hard and Injust liked the connection to this story than the last one. It was pretty good for a Netflix movie but Instill thought there was some BS cringe shit. Another person? Rosa Salazar as Lucy. If you've seen the film, please rate it at this poll. Taylor Handley as Jason. Rapper Machine Gun Kelly and American Horror Story actress Rosa Salazar, who play the characters, have been inundated with questions from fans on Twitter - however, neither have so far cleared up the confusion. This is probably the worst part of the movie. It seemed too bright and therefore dangerous for the sighted. The back and forth was confusing, especially at first. I finally got the book and finished it, and also watched the movie. Amy Gumenick as Samantha. I actually wanted Ourkaw Kin but we decided Birdbox. The Bible also notes that demons will use trickery to further torture humans that they cannot reach, which seems to explain the people who wound up enslaved by the monsters rather than killed by them.