We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. 500 gram multi shot cakes come in endless colors, shots, and effects. G-748. $14.99. Material found in fireworks. Skip to main content Toggle navigation. This merchandise is sold and shipped on the representation of the buyer that the merchandise will be used strictly in accordance with all applicable laws of the state, county, city or other municipality of the destination. Please contact us for a sample quote. Add to Cart. With locations throughout the country, Winco is your source for wholesale fireworks. A collection of fireworks devices, such as a group of mortars (finale battery) or a bundle of roman candles (candle battery), fused together in such a manner that they are fired within a short period of time. Please complete the form below and we will connect you with a Black Cat wholesaler for further information. Contact us for shipping rate quotes. Thunderbomb Firecrackers - (16,000 crackers), 1.5" Supercharged Firecrackers - (16,000 Crackers), 1.5" Supercharged Firecrackers - (15,360 Crackers), Black Cat Firecrackers - (16,000 crackers). * * * * * * * * * * * * * * BLACK CAT. Black Cat Combo 4 assorted cakes. Please complete the form below and we will connect you with a Black Cat wholesaler for further information. There Is No Substitute. The highest quality standards in the industry are created by 1) using the maximum alloy materials allowed, 2). We DO NOT send fuse or any other pyrotechnic supplies by US Mail, UPS Ground, or Fed Ex Ground. Buy online now to enjoy free shipping on orders over $1,500. Sales and Distribution Headquarters 14140 Botts Rd, Grandview, MO 64030. We've witnessed many grades of firecrackers being produced, and Black Cat is, 1-1/2" Loud noise makers. BLACK CAT. A fuse made from string that is impregnated with Black Powder. We have more than 95 exclusive fireworks in our Pyro King, Pyro Valu and Pyro Premium brands. Thunder Fireworks — The Finest in Consumer Fireworks Importers & Wholesalers of Black Cat, Thunder Pyrotechnics, and Legend. Name * First Last. When purchasing fireworks from US Fireworks LLC, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless US Fireworks LLC from any and all legal consequences arising from the purchase, storage or use of fireworks and other pyrotechnic materials. Phantom Fireworks is the leading retailer of consumer fireworks in the U.S. Phantom provides the widest range of consumer fireworks in all categories. Winco is the exclusive distributor of Black Cat Fireworks in North America. Whether it’s a once a year holiday or a once in a lifetime event, make it count with the best name in fireworks since 1952.