Are You Sabotaging Your Etsy Sales With Negative Money Mindset? Just be sure that the items you add fit in with your current products in some way. DIY Christmas Ornaments To Make And Sell are a great seasonal side hustle to help pad your savings account or build a holiday fund in anticipation of Christmas.Start crafting and making money today with one or a few of these unique and creative ornaments. everything about setting up a shop on Etsy and attracting customers, How to find and pitch clients your freelance services, Everything (products and your stall) is visually attractive, Have lots of items (choices attract people), Have pricing labels on each of your product, Make payments easy for everyone. I have been featured on popular websites like Business Insider and Readers Digest. If your goal is to make a full time income and quit your 9 to 5 job, give Amazon a try. Now that you have some ideas, grab my free Etsy Ebook for some awesome tips get your shop going and to make running your Etsy shop easier. One of my favorites that I have is a ceramic gingerbread house that I put on my mantle. So, I’ve created a handy list of 18 gorgeous and relatively cheap DIY Christmas ornaments to make and sell for you today. Without further a do, let’s look at the top 10 Christmas crafts to sell and make money this holiday, And, oh, one more thing. This is a simple craft by Decora Recicla Imagina. Check out this rustic Christmas Joy pallet wood sign by Six Clever Sisters. Please read disclosure policy, If you are looking for quick ways to make money, grab this list from my resource library. You can make a kit that has everything that a person needs to create the most beautiful gift possible. So, you are ready to sell crafts at Christmas eve. Read More…, Pretty Chic Theme By: Pretty Darn Cute Design, I love for you to share! 25 DIY Christmas Ornaments: OK, let’s take a look at these cute ornaments and you tell me which ones YOU love best, ok? Get the first 100 pins for free and decide for yourself. A lot of people are opting for a wooden crate as an alternative to tree skirts. by Staci Ann Lowry Friday, August 3, 2012. Thank you! A lot of people like the idea of being able to print out their own tags without having to wait for them to arrive or pay for shipping. I’ve tried to find the best selling Christmas craft ideas to get you started. If you sew, this would be a great idea for a Christmas craft to make and sell. What Can I Sell On Etsy If I’m Not Crafty? The great thing about making this type of Christmas craft to sell is that you can get repeat customers every year if you create cute and elegant designs. Selling my diy crafts on Amazon changed my life. (document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0] || document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]).appendChild(hs); Make these Christmas gift bags extra awesome by personalizing them with a special message of your customer’s choice. You can also make a matching milk glass. You never know what people are going to love. Let’s get started with the list of things to make for Christmas craft fairs. Another idea is kits to decorate a front door or garage door for the holidays. If you do not find anything you would like to create and sell, you can always use them as Christmas craft ideas for gifts for friends and family. If you get started early enough (like, today!) I’m so glad I did! Become a work at home mom– A FREE training session that comes along with a workbook and guides you through the entire freelancing journey. Note: I do not recommend you start with a free hosting platform. You can make and sell a lot of different things as photo props for the holidays. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'cassiesmallwood_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',104,'0','0']));It’s September as I’m writing this and people are already beginning to shop for Christmas decorations and holiday gifts. Sep 28, 2020 - Explore Barbara Smith's board "christmas bazaar crafts", followed by 240 people on Pinterest. Browse 2020 ornament varieties online. Check out Bluboho, a handmade online jewellery store. This is a great DIY from Create and Babble. Take a look at this tutorial by DIY beautify. If you enjoy woodworking craft projects, this is a great Christmas craft you can make and sell. Gumball Machine Christmas Ornament from P.S I Love You Crafts, DIY Glitter Pine Cone Ornaments from Stylish Cravings, Scented Beeswax Ornaments from Hearth & Vine, Yarn Ball Ornament from Where The Smiles Have Been, Easy DIY Paint Pen Christmas Ornaments from Decorating Your Small Space, DIY LEGO Holiday Ornament from The Cents’Able Shoppin, Rustic Wood Snowflake Ornament DIY from  Press Print Party, Felt Wine Glass Ornament from Swoodson Says, DIY Glittering Wood Slice Ornaments from Sustain My Craft Habit, Your email address will not be published. For those of you who may not know Etsy, it is a platform that allows you to sell your handmade items. It is simple but a very attractive piece. You can check out this tutorial to learn everything about setting up a shop on Etsy and attracting customers. How Do I Make Money From A DIY Craft Blog? Feel free to use a photo or two providing that a link back to my original post is included. Pinning is always welcome and appreciated! I wrote this post to help you figure out who your ideal customers are for your handmade business. There are so many ways to make the pillows. Everyone has it! and post your own DIY homemade ornaments for sale in local Facebook groups, on eBay or even open an Etsy store, I imagine you can make enough to squirrel away a pretty impressive holiday fund this year. If you’re a candle maker, make some holiday scents that are traditional but add a unique twist to them. Make them so adorable that people just have to buy one! You can also make snowmen with old sweaters. Once I figured that out, I was able to make Christmas decorations to sell that people wanted to buy so I could make a lot more money at Christmas time. We all buy different kinds of holiday decors. You can get a free pattern and tutorial on Gluesticks by Brandy Nelson. You can install the plugin and start using it. So, we recently wrote about the best crafts that make money. So, taking up a side hustle is a great way to make a couple of extra bucks  and pad that holiday fund, right? There are so many different kinds of Christmas wreath crafts you can make and sell from burlap to mesh to traditional pine. Everyone uses them which makes this a great Christmas craft that will sell well. This is another idea that has endless possibilities for fabrics and prints you can use. Just follow the prompts and you should be set to use it. Yes, we are around that time of the year. One reason I didn’t make very many sales for Christmas was I didn’t have any products that could be given as gifts. With the right strategy, however, you can earn money selling handmade crafts. Your email address will not be published. Thanks! These are just Christmas craft ideas that can get you started brainstorming. If you’re just starting your craft business, you can think of your ideal customer and who might buy the products you want to sell. I think just about everyone decorates with bows at Christmas which makes them a great craft item to sell for the holidays. Everyone like throw pillows and if you can create cute Christmas pillows, they are going to be a huge hit. I love these gnome ornaments by Ruffles & Rain Boots. I don‘t think I will be selling this year, but you have given me a couple of crafting ideas. Doormats are a great Christmas craft to make and sell. If you make Christmas props like this to sell, you can market them to parents as well as photographers. Once you do get an opportunity to have a stall at the fair, you should ensure that. If you see something here that catches your eye, take a look at the tutorial or idea and see how you can make your own unique version to sell in your craft business. Required fields are marked *. If you are looking for basic and easy Christmas crafts to sew, you can do this. I did pretty well on Etsy for my first year. Check out this post on 30+ DIY wreath ideas. So, I try to find creative and unique ornaments that are different than what you find at your local Walmart, Target or Michael’s.