For all degrees conferred/awarded from 2000 onwards, and all current students, Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Korea, Macau, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, As payments for successful applications are, Graduate Diploma in Family Practice Dermatology, Graduate Diploma in Occupational Medicine, Bachelor degrees (those conferred from 2009 onwards), Higher degrees/Graduate Diplomas (those conferred/awarded from 2006 onwards). ), Professor: No, Mayor, the girls are missing! Kid: (from o.c.) She looks behind herself, surprised. Looks like your power-packed punches can’t punch their way out of my power packages! Pan quickly to a store with this same name on the corner; the truck backs up, and a crate slides out the rear end of the trailer. His reactions are similar to those exhibited by criminals who are being soundly thrashed by the Girls. The Professor’s face is shown in the same manner, white-hot anger written all over it. To do the things we love most about them. After a couple of passes, the camera follows him to his computer. Stop on the face of Lenny—with the aforementioned bald pate, ponytail, glasses, and thin facial hair, in addition to a very bad complexion. (Lenny reaches into view and snatches the box away; pull back to bring him into view.). (He rips it open; the sound echoes in the air as Lenny clasps his hands to his head in agony at the collector's value being lost thanks to the Professor's action. Tips for writing a transcript request letter, Highlight that you were a student in the institution, Mention the course taken, the years attended, and date of graduation, Justify the reason for requesting the transcript, Mention the company or institution requesting for the transcript, Provide a mailing address where the transcript can be sent, Use formal content and professional language, Indicate acknowledgment of any fees related to the request, The deadline for submitting the missing documents to be considered for selection is 29. Mayor: The Powerpuff Girls… (Zoom in on his monocle.) Another package with its collector's value destroyed. Oh! This has got to be the most complete collection of Powerpuff paraphernalia on the planet! Close-up of the hook, a shred of meat still clinging to it.). (His glasses slide down his nose, and he pushes them up and leans toward the screen.) for another strike; a crash is heard. (Turn down to the Mayor, straightening his tie.) Marjorie Wilson: (from o.c.) ), Lenny: (weakly) I think I’m gonna be sick. The registrar's office will also let you know if there is a cost associated with providing these records, a common practice that covers printing and postage expenses. Buttercup: Oh, this is seven kinds of creepy! (The two men cross the office.). He’s got the limited-edition, trilingual talking Powerpuff dolls! (breathing hard, stammering) Now what’ll I do?! I hereby write this letter to request for my full transcript for admission to a master’s program. Blossom: Yeah, something tells me this isn’t right. Mansfield, MA 02048. Bubbles: My drawing! ), Lenny: (from o.c.) Where was it last? A box that won’t be opened for a long, long time. (activating intercom) Ms. Bellum! It floats peacefully down the length of one aisle, the camera following. Help! (Extreme close-up of a row of red X’s on the screen, scrolling down the list. ), (On the end of this, turn up slightly to show the screen. (Outside the building, the girls’ screams of terror rip through the air. (We see the Professor reflected from the waist up in a full-length mirror. The transcripts are a requirement to take the interview. Silhouettes of the Mayor, the Professor, and Ms. Bellum are seen at the railing. Close-up of him, his voice still amplified.). (She flies up to her sisters, and all three begin arguing as the camera pulls back across the bed. She also writes for The Niche Movement, Talking Points Memo, and her personal site, The Dedicated Amateur. Goofus McGuirk? You will need to provide information such as your student ID and social security number. (Pull back across the bedroom to put them in the background. National University of Singapore Only an evil mind such as hers could do such a diabolical thing! Stop on the face of Lenny—with the aforementioned bald pate, ponytail, glasses, and thin facial hair, in addition to a very bad complexion. After a few moments, the camera speeds up and pulls ahead of the shadow. Now leave me alone, I’m punching! (Close-up of him, panning slowly to the box.) (Normal color returns; he bends down again.) You mean like— (Cut to him, hand poised on the box top.) Help! ), (He makes whooshing noises and runs back and forth as if flying. Oh! [Note: The last of these names refers to Ish Kabibble, a member of the big band led by Kay Kyser. How will I receive my Official Transcript? (The background for the end shot comes up.). (Extreme close-up of his eyes, turning down to his mouth. One sock has slid down around its ankle, and the owner of said footwear bends over to pull it up. Please send me the full transcript to my home address 803 El Dorado St. Little Falls, NJ 07424 USA at the latest 4, Request Letter - Cheque Book Request Letter, Official Document/Contract Request Letter, Request For Signature On Waiver Of Process Letter, Request Letter for Experience Certificate, Request Letter – Request for an Endorsement or Testimonial, Request Letter – Change of Address Request Letter, Request Letter – Cheque Book Request Letter, Request For The Postponement Of The Last Day. Now who’s not here? (stopping at Lenny, kneeling over him) You may have all of the toys, all of the merchandise, all of the so-called “collector’s value.” But one thing you don’t have, Lenny, is true fandom. When he speaks, it is with a serious lisp and the gravelly tone of a man close to middle age. (Zoom in on the Mayor at his desk.). It is pulled o.c. Narrator: (disgusted and annoyed) Sheesh, buddy! Professor: It’s your move, Lenny. Collect ’em all! Just as he reaches the crate, turn up quickly to the face of the stockboy opening it. On this shelf are three Powerpuff Girls figures, with very realistic facial expressions and eye movements, meaning they are the real deals, having been somehow packaged up by Lenny to be kept hostage as part of his Powerpuff collection for life. Octi, the hair clip, and the crayons stand on a shelf; next to these are the drawing and the hotline, which sits under a glass dome. He wears orange coveralls and the same dazed expression. First, enter the school name that you would like to order your transcript or another record type from. Bubbles: Oops. Octi, resting against the pillows, is whisked away. He appears distraught. A true fan would want them to be free. The content of the letter should be official and the tone professional. (The two men cross the office.). (Cut to behind him with a determined crowd in front.) Then you will be able to specify where it needs to be sent. ), [Animation goof: Blossom’s mouth does not move. Please click here if you are authorizing a proxy to collect the transcript(s) on your behalf. The transcripts are a requirement to take the interview. ), (Cut to Lenny, with Buttercup’s head and arm partially visible. My name is ____________ and I attended ____________ University from ____________ to ____________. Get your tax transcript online or by mail. …and the Blossom I’m-So-Smart encyclopedia set. Kindly send the transcript to my home address ____________ at the latest ____________. Your request will only be processed when the payment is successful. A transcript can be requested when one wishes to apply for a suitable job or education in a higher institution of learning. ), (Cut to the headboard of his bed, which features pictures of the girls and the PPG heart logo. Now the camera cuts between each item he names and an X on the checklist. (Cut to behind him.) (Cut to the headboard of his bed, which features pictures of the girls and the PPG heart logo.) Baxter tells him that that was because he himself bought them all, and goes on to explain that he refuses to open them. The words “POWERPUFF GIRLS CHECKLIST” are typed up, after which we see a close-up of his hand on the mouse. Lenny: Huh, duh! He wears a satisfied, buck-toothed smile, and he holds up the item he has just purchased for a closer look. He opens his eyes slightly, then all the way in surprise. Cut to his perspective of the crowd, panning slowly across.). Extreme close-up of the Professor’s mouth. Blossom: Geez, is that all you two do is blame one another for everything?! Professor: Let me tell you something, Lenny. Around him, as a door slams shut, the scene dissolves to a jail cell; he is now standing up and gripping the bars. Back to the Professor.). —with my crayons. Gravy boat…telephone cozy…golf bag…, (Three more X’s flash up. (Close-up of him, panning slowly to the box.) (mention year). Distressed, Baxter looks about his house and double-checks his entire inventory, and to his horror, he realizes that he has collected everypiece of Powerpuff … It notifies the institution which company or school has requested for the transcript. Lenny: (breathing hard, stammering) Now what’ll I do? They are ripped apart in a flash, and the girls fly out and hover over the cheering crowd. For further identification, my Social Security Number is 92-921-2383, and my student number was RT12930. Get a life! Continuing students and those who have completed their programmes but have not yet been presented for graduation should do the following: Print out your online transcript (academic records) and check to be sure the information is correct. She gasps and screams. Blossom: Yeah, something tells me this isn’t right. (Cut back and forth from him to each item he names during the next line.) You stole my drawing and my crayons! ), Narrator: And so for the very first time, the day is saved—, (The townspeople appear, scrolling across the screen.). Zoom in very slowly as he speaks.). ), (Turn down to street level and follow a truck labeled “TOYS” as it rolls down the block. Ms. Keane is front and center.). (His eye darts back and forth as the crowd expresses its dismay. (suddenly angry) I knew it! Pull back and turn down slowly as Lenny addresses himself to them. Other transcript providers such as Parchment offer confirmation of academic credentials; should you consider one of these services, make sure that the organization requesting the records is OK with the format. Now why don’t you be a fan…and tell me where they are? (Shadows on the wall show one package after another being torn into confetti, and Lenny does not take it at all well. Amma Marfo is a Boston-area higher education professional and writer. As he speaks, pan left slowly to show more of her.). (On the screen, the message...) "Collection complete"?! Narrator: Well, it looks like this criminal has been collected and put into his very own box. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Scene: Street. He wears a satisfied, buck-toothed smile, and he holds up the item he has just purchased for a closer look. Fifteen Common Questions About Official Transcripts, Dartmouth College: Official and Unofficial Transcripts. If you request to collect the testimonial / transcript at Academic Registry, please note that it will be kept for 6 months only after the issue date, and will be disposed of thereafter. A red X appears next to this entry. Camera turns around and up from Lenny’s gut to his face; he has leaned back in his chair, relaxing, as the machinery continues its work.