You can help Courage the Cowardly Dog Wiki by expanding it. Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! Courage hits him with the mug of happy plums in it and it ends up falling into the cauldron. Script wise, I think this was the best episode in the series! One day Courage notices an ad for missing dogs on the back of a milk carton. at the farm until they are visited by a masked stranger who starts beating Courage for no reason. Tarantella says that he wants to use the basement as the first setting of his movie and asks Muriel to star in it as a zombie sacrifice. Throughout the episode the sky colored in dark crimson. The unhappy cannonballs don’t seem to be working on Eustace as he appears to be immune to emotions but they manage to depress Muriel. Create a free website or blog at He says. Anyway, one thing that’s really disturbing about this episode is that things like these usually do happen in real life. Now, Courage isn’t the least bit excited, and grows increasingly worried that Tarantella might be a zombie when he witnesses body parts fall off of the director on several occasions, and Tarantella just picks it up and pops it back into place. ... "Courage in the Big, Stinkin ... and decapitation. 14 Times "Courage The Cowardly Dog" Left You Deeply Disturbed. Dr Zalost threatens that if they don’t fund his project he’ll use the city as research which will make the cizitens very unhappy… the mayor isn’t even least threatened by this and kicks the scientist out  of the office. ... LESS MACARONI! Sure, at the end of the day, he gets a taste of his own medicine but Courage doesn’t even know whether his parents are alive. Courage is threatened by her and starts to spy on her when she’s in the attic. Eustace: Stupid dog! The scene in question involves Courage having a nightmare where Eustace's tuba bugle (with a ConspicuousCGI look ripped straight from the UncannyValley) tells him this. He gets up there to take it back from him and then starts scaring off Courage and says it’s his fault. If she fails she can’t be a member as the club is pretty exclusive. [[labelnote:Explanation]] Perhaps appropriately, the final episode contained the most spectacular example of NightmareFuel in the entire series. The evil vet still isn’t finished with his evil project and attempts to blast Courage off the space, but he escapes, although he gets captured later and is taken to his lab. Courage finds his way into the basement and takes a hold of the script Tarantella’s following. Coincidentally, it turns out to be the same vet who sent his parents off to space! Courage then looks up Von Volkheim, and discovers he is dead and buried…underneath the Bagge farmhouse. Von Volkheim was released for good behavior, and Tarantella died in prison, confirming Courage’s suspicions of Tarantella being a zombie. How did he know where Van Volkheim was buried if he was dead this time? Dr Zalost then finds out that Ra has missed a few people and follows the truck to the farm. In this episode Muriel befriends the conjoined Stitch sisters Lisa and Eliza and wants to join their Quilt Club. Fred is Eustace and Muriel's nephew who visits and first appears in the episode "Freaky Fred". The plans now say to let the dog out of the box and get back in the hole and the dog buries them. It is then revealed that this stranger’s name is Kitty and she’s on the wrong side of the tracks (literally). Every previous victim of the stitch sisters come out of the quilt thus fulfilling Muriel’s wish for a quilt club. If this show didn't scare you as a kid, you're just lying to yourself. Eventually she wins their heart(s). It's Doc Gerbil's World...]] [[labelnote:Explanation]] Courage needs to save a shrunken Eustice and Muriel from Doc Gerbil, but he has to go through a whole boat ride anyone who has been forced on "Ride/ItsASmallWorld" can sympathize with. The scene in question involves Courage having a nightmare where Eustace's bugle (with a ConspicuousCGI look ripped straight from the UncannyValley) tells him this.