The Secret Saturdays • After the tree has been cut down and before it dies, it tells Courage how to cure Muriel. Mona Lisa attempts to get the Thinker to kiss her, but he only thinks about it, true to his title. We need all the help we can get to end the barbaric practice of breeding dogs in South East Asia for human consumption by 2035. After attacking him, the Mummy decided to take revenge against Eustace and Muriel. Like Eustace she is actually bald but wears a wig and looks almost identical to her son, but much shorter. Out of pure anger by the dogs, the Cruel Veterinarian laughs nervously onscreen for the last time before he is dragged off in a net and brutally mauled by the vengeful dogs off-screen for his actions, presumably to death. When Muriel and Eustace discover his breeding experiment, his rocket and his true nature, as well as attempt to rescue Courage, he decides that Muriel and Eustace "have seen too much", and that he cannot allow his operation and research to be discovered and exposed to the public. Many of his businesses involve torturing or outright killing his customers; for example, in "Night at the Katz Motel," he fed his motel residents to flesh-eating spiders,[6] and in "Klub Katz," he transformed the vacationers into anthropomorphic machines to fight for him gladiator-style. Two cat grave robbers steal a slab (decorated with images of King Ramses and pictures corresponding to each of his three curses) from his tomb and flee to Nowhere, but Ramses appears and demands the return of his slab. I Am Weasel • About 5 seconds to launch, Courage runs to be comforted by his owners and away from the rocket. Official Courage the Cowardly Dog fan art featuring your favorite characters. Leonardo da Vinci's painting Mona Lisa brought to life by the planets aligning over the Louvre Museum, when the Bagges were visiting Paris. 30 seconds to launch, Courage tries to open the door to the rocket to save Muriel and Eustace, but to no avail. Camp Lazlo • In "Invisible Muriel", they are shown to be quite stupid; they mistook Courage for Muriel's son, didn't notice they were walking past the invisibility diamond during a chase with Courage, and let Muriel go (with Courage hiding under her apron) since she was made visible again., There seems to be an implied lesbian undertone to their friendship, with an equally deformed human face stuck onto it, Courage The Cowardly Dog Major Recurring Villains. The Powerpuff Girls • It appears to be either a warped bugle or possibly a deformed fetus with an equally deformed human face stuck onto it. He is Courage's nemesis and the show's most recurring antagonist, though Muriel and Eustace consistently fail to recognize him. Mike, Lu and Og • He becomes the unwitting target of Mona's affection. Hothead. Incredible Crew • He got his name when Muriel found him as a puppy alone in an alley and remarked that he must be quite brave to be there by himself.[2]. The veterinarian was trapped in the rocket, and transported to the planet where Courage's parents and other dogs resided. Courage challenges Randy in a competition to save the Bagges. I'M GONNA EAT YOU WITH THIS CEREAL SPOON! Despite his fears, whenever he or his owners are in the complete face of danger, he will stop at nothing to save them. Squirrel Boy • [23] Courage and Eustace team up realizing that they are in more trouble than they thought. Small creatures who live in colonies of coral that Courage and Bagges encounter when they go snorkeling. Auguste Rodin's sculpture The Thinker is also brought to life by the circumstances above. Sandman is the king of sleep who resides in a tall castle that is apparently made of sand in the middle of a forest, counting sheep indefinitely in a futile attempt to go to sleep. He succeeds at sucking out Eustace's life. He diagnoses his patients as not having serious problems or that there is nothing that he can do, but has, on occasion, been a great help, as in "Invisible Muriel", where he managed to discover how to return Muriel to normal. After becoming free he haunts the basement of Courage's Home, but secretly has a passion of becoming a Star. Dr. Vindaloo is an Indian doctor with a thick accent, whom Eustace and Muriel see when something is wrong. Eustace regularly mistreats Courage out of jealousy and calls him a "stupid dog". Mystery Incorporated • Scooby Doo! The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy • Ironic Name: Look at the title of the show. Bunny gives Courage a kiss on the cheek and Kitty awaited Bunny at the Amtrak passenger train's rear, where they both reunited. He first appears as a police officer in "Dr. [11] Stoked • After it attempts to eat a pair of Star-Makers, the male squid sacrifices himself to save the female by exploding into stars that destroys them both. He kidnaps Muriel in order to make a stew, using her as the final ingredient, but he ends up falling into the pot of stew himself when Courage falls on top of him and Muriel just as he is about to throw Muriel into the pot, making a "Cajun fox stew" instead. Katz is a red, lanky anthropomorphic cat with a posh English accent. However, he is internally conflicted, as he does not wish to hurt others, but instead to whittle reindeer. A man who cuts peoples' portraits in paper, desiring his creations to one day take lives of their own. Robot Jones? Le Quack, Amnesia Specialist", a role which he reprises in several episodes. A big, hairy, misunderstood monster who needed Courage's help to evade an angry mob. He is a pink dog who was found byMuriel and Eustace Baggewhen he was abandoned soon after escaping a vet clinic in the town ofNowhere, Kansas. Bunnicula • Eustace then considers it a threat and decides to chop the tree down and Courage has to defend it for three days in order to cure Muriel. It can also talk. Chief Wicky Wicky is the leader of an island tribe looking for someone to sacrifice to their volcano god. They are seen in a few episodes such as "Invisible Muriel" and "The Last of the Starmakers", assisting the general and the lieutenant in cover-ups of paranormal affairs. He is now a mad scientist, who performs strange experiments on humans with homemade cosmetic products, because he believes that he needs to exact revenge on humans for what they do to animals.[14]. Charlie is a delivery mouse and a personal friend of Courage's. Eustace Bagge is Muriel's husband. The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack • Night of the Weremole. 8 seconds to launch, the Cruel Veterinarian tries to nab Courage to throw and trap him in his rocket yet again, but this also backfires as Courage bangs the rocket's door causing him to almost become unconscious, laughing weakly as Courage shoves, locks and traps the Cruel Veterinarian inside the rocket. It grants wishes, whether they are good or bad, and it ends up granting a wish for Eustace which causes Muriel's head to swell up. He also appears as Professor Frith, an archeologist and historian in the episode "King Ramses' Curse". The little Coralite Girl. The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange • The Precious, Wonderful, Adorable, Lovable Duckling, The Revenge of the Chicken from Outer Space, Samurai Jack • With the ape and monkey defeated by Courage and his owners, the banana people crowned the three as their new rulers. When Courage and the Bagges are sent on a mission to prevent the Sun from burning out, Bacterius attempts to sabotage their mission by firstly infecting and controlling Muriel's mind, and then using her to destroy their spaceship. At the episode's end, when Courage is bathing, a canine version of the Queen of the Black Puddle appears from the bath water, leaving Courage confused and puzzled. He also only appears in the episode "So in Louvre Are We Two". Bunny told Kitty that Courage saved her life. They decide to attack the farm because they are not getting enough water and because Muriel harvests the eggplant with the periscope, angering them because they believe it is unjust to eat an eggplant. "Anything worth its value is worth fighting for.". The title character is a pink, anthropomorphic dogwho lives with an elderly couple in a farmhouse in the middle of "Nowhere". Ironically, given his name, Courage is a genuine coward and he often expresses his distress with over-the-top, piercing shrieks. • by firing artillery or dropping sixteen-ton weights), and are usually doing so while trying to solve an important problem. A pair of paper cut-outs made by the Silhouette Maker in an attempt to give them life by taking over the original Muriel and Eustace's lives. Courage the cowardly dog quiz. For best results, use daily. March 9, 2011 …, I didn’t think for a minute that 10 days later, we’d be sitting here with another two kangaroos that have been cowardly attacked by somebody with bows and arrows,’ she told 7News. Steven Universe • Steven Universe Future • Johnny Bravo • Welcome to Courage the Cowardly Dog Wiki! Courage knocks over a bucket of bolts and screws, causing the evil vet to slip. After recreating the situation from thousands of years earlier, Courage surmised that the Baker was framed by the Poobah. A big, hairy, misunderstood monster who needed Courage's help to evade an angry mob. The Amazing World of Gumball • FusionFall • With all your imperfections, you can do anything.". A page for describing Characters: Courage The Cowardly Dog One Scene Characters One Shot Minor Characters. The Librarian appears only in the episode "Wrath of the Librarian".