This crossover was enabled by the conclusion of the first crossover, which saw a reboot to the Sonic books as their universe was drastically rewritten. To make squares disappear and save space for other squares you have to assemble English words (left, right, up, down) from the falling squares. The distinction between "spin-off" and "crossover" is sometimes narrow. Cover art by Goldberg & Henry Scarpelli. Their respective popular heroes Horst Schimanski and Peter Fuchs join forces to solve a case in the turmoil of the time after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The character Dan Tanna (played by Robert Urich) from the detective series Vega$ appeared in an episode of Charlie's Angels ("Angels in Vegas") one week prior to the debut of Vega$. ", as an Imperial Officer, Nien Nunb, and Admiral Ackbar, respectively. An alternative approach is to treat common names as a coincidence which results in the events of the crossover; e.g., Buffy and Scott happen to reserve rooms at the same hotel and the desk clerk somehow thinks they're married and ends up putting them into the same room (bed-sharing trope); or a message intended for the Watcher Bernard Crowley (Buffy) ends up going to the fallen angel Crowley (Good Omens). I think the real word here is “commercial.” And that’s an entirely different debate. Additionally, the cast of The Love Boat appeared in the fourth season premier of Charlie's Angels ("Love Boat Angels"). Law & Order: SVU has crossed over several times with Chicago P.D. A canon non-crossover example is the case of the vengeance demon Halfrek in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, played by Kali Rocha who had previously played William's (pre-vampiric Spike's) love-interest Cecily. One of the earlier instances of crossovers in TV productions outside the US is the episode Unter Brüdern (1990), which was produced by WDR and DFF as a crossover between the West German crime series Tatort and the East German crime series Polizeiruf 110. Writing a crossover has its own dangers, the difficulty lying somewhere between single-media and professional writing. Aftereffects of this included the Genesis Portals, gateways connecting worlds that would be exploited by Mega Man X villain Sigma and his minions, forcing a reunion between Sonic and Mega Man and an alliance between heroes of the various franchises involved. The recent spin-off Class (2016) will probably be incorporated into this common fandom too. Kim Newman is another author who frequently uses this device, as does Stephen King. An example might be a crossover between Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and the Temeraire novels, since both are set in the Napoleonic wars. A two-part crossover episode between CSI: Crime Scene Investigation with Without a Trace aired on November 8, 2007. and Chicago Fire, as well as sharing a common character with Homicide: Life on the Street. Another Klingon, Arne Darvin, appeared as a secondary character in "The Trouble with Tribbles", but was the principal villain of DS9's "Trials and Tribble-ations". But. A proposed crossover with The West Wing was planned, but was never produced. Later in the movie, Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny were shown parachuting together (to keep things from getting too iffy legally, Mickey and Bugs' lines were written so that each of them said exactly the same number of words in the movie). Two of the most notable cartoon crossovers consisted of characters from different companies. They may take the form of double episodes or just run in one of the shows. The first major crossover event was spearheaded by the Marvel Editor-in-Chief at the time, Jim Shooter. One interpretation of the ending scene of the final episode has been that the entire run of the program was a figment of autistic character Tommy Westphall's imagination. [10], In 2013, the Canadian crime drama series Republic of Doyle and Murdoch Mysteries produced a crossover,[11] which was complicated by the shows' incompatible historical settings; Murdoch Mysteries is a historical series set in the 1890s, while Republic of Doyle is set in the present day. Doctor Who introduced the "chameleon arch" which turns Time Lords into normal humans with false memories, revealed only when they open a device that contains their memories; this is often used in fanfic to turn characters from other fandoms into Time Lords. The Law and Order series, for example, afford a commonality of setting and profession which lends itself to crossovers, both within the franchise and in a wider universe. In 2013, Archie Comics released a 12-part crossover of Capcom character Mega Man and Sega character Sonic the Hedgehog called "Worlds Collide". Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, released in Japan two months before Super Smash Bros. Brawl, was the first time that Mario and Sonic (as well as their associated characters) appeared in a game together. Usually the explanation involves Alternate Universes. Add new content to your site from Sensagent by XML. This month, I’d like to talk about the phenomenon of ‘crossover’ novels. I have really complicated feelings about this topic. Otherwise the market for Silence of the Lambs would be entirely comprised of serial killers. Fusion: Ähnlich wie beim Crossover ist dieses Genre ein Mix aus zwei oder mehreren Serien. When NBC cancelled Constantine, it allowed the CW to have an official crossover between the two and thus the others.