But I was wrong. The city area is explorable. feel free to comment on the original workshop item. Hopeless (Version 2) © 2014 - 2020 Play-Games.com. In this game you have to repair train tracks before the trains crash! The drawback here is probably the glow on the alarm switch. Map 2 is about cave & factory. All Rights Reserved. Diversifiers: !Coding. Specials are still a challenge. Once players are successful to go behind the fence, they get benefits over special infected, as there are some mounted guns there. Yep, jus... A brand new 4 level campaign for Autumn 2020. I got killed at the last minute by the tank. Left 4 Dead 2 is a single-player and multiplayer co-operative survival horror FPS game. The supplies are enough & some are scattered in explorable areas. Game Home Watch Trailer Upload Content ... A challenging campaign, totally different campaign from the old Derailed. It only glows after survivors get close enough in the same room where the alarm switch is. Make sure cookies for this site are not blocked by your browser or a firewall. Well in short, it's a good campaign to play, & more challenging than usual because of most of special infected respawn time is faster during panic & alarm events. With Clive Owen, Jennifer Aniston, Vincent Cassel, Addison Timlin. i am just simply offering an alternative mirror here for those who don't use the workshop. The entire party was red lined. The alarm event near the end of the map is quite challenging, as somehow the special infected respawn interval gets faster than usual. In this game you have to repair train tracks before the trains crash! I just finished the last 2 maps. There is quite a bit of area to explore. Two purple boxes are there an nothing else except 2 undead. 9 Hearts. . Give of your best to reach the top of the best players because the only way you show everyone that you are able. If I hadn't gotten hit by a special and that tank right at the open gate I probably would have escaped with the 3 bots who had just boarded the train (I was the "In Memory of player . If the game is not working for you, try to refresh the page with CTRL+SHIFT+R. http://soundbible.com/2177-Steam-Train-Whistle.html, http://soundbible.com/26-Bell-Sound-Ring.html, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYyOYPYVheM&feature=youtu.be. On my first run through this campaign, I was challenged by the brutal number of special infected and at some of the layout choices, but it was overall good enough to make me come back and try to get through it without dying and restarting. Probably the author would need to make the campaign name a little different, because the name would confuse players as they'll think that this is the campaign from the old time (but in fact, it's a totally new one). For example we’ve got girl games like dress up games, animal games, make up games and adventure games.As boy games we’ve got really cool race games, action games and sport games.We also have a lot of puzzle games, like Bubble Shooter, Mahjong and Sudoku. So an ammo stash would have kept the four survivors from going "Winchester" (no ammo) on our main weapons. Bobs your fathers brother! There is only one! They followed closely except apparently when they knew I was going into a room with no exits so they decided to stay outside and guard the door. Luke Maloney- ProducerJacob Chell- Design/ProgrammingGreg Alderton- Designer- @gregoryaldertonOwain Bramwell- Art/AnimationPatrick Bowen- TechSpecial thanks to Ben Smith for some sound effectsBoogie Woogie Bed by Jason Shaw/AudionautiX (http://audionautix.com/)Jumpin Boogie Woogie by Jason Shaw/AudionautiX (http://audionautix.com/)Steam Train Whistle by Daniel Simion (http://soundbible.com/2177-Steam-Train-Whistle.html), Bell Sound Ring Sounds by Mike Koenig (http://soundbible.com/26-Bell-Sound-Ring.html), Drop Fork Sounds by Caroline Ford (http://soundbible.com/960-Drop-Fork.html).