Dialogue suggests that they have just had sex. 69.98ft /21.33m The camera tracks down her body, showing her flank, hip, thighs, and panties through the wet sheer dress. Dear Friends: Bond beats up several men in the beginning. 12 Guests Zambora transforming into a 450-pound gorilla. 466 miles (750 km)[1] © 2020 Ian Fleming Publications. One of them straddles his neck with with her thighs in an attempt to kill him. 10 Guests 8 Guests Sean Connery (James Bond) • STABILIZERS Wake Boards Development of the real-life Tiger started during the Cold War, and it was initially intended as an anti-tank helicopter platform to be used against a Soviet ground invasion of Western Europe. Modeler Nigel Blake with Severnaya miniatures during production of GoldenEye. Diamonds Are Forever location: Bond wins: the Riviera Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas. Inflatable trampoline, €25,000/wk 4 Cabins 3 Cabins 70.01ft /21.34m She has a cruising speed of 12 knots, a maximum speed of 16 knots and a range of 4,800nm from 115,912litre fuel tanks. Range • GYM If you're still enjoying this website and would like to help us continue being the BEST site on the Internet for your aviation screenshot needs, please consider donating. To steal it, a team of Janus commandos overtake the vessel and take the crew hostage, intending to blow up the vessel as they flee with their prize. Guests Taglines • SATELLITE TV 8 Guests Model 6 Crew, $77,821/wk Plot Summary A man reaches his hand into Bond's coat, and is hit by some type of metal trap, covering his hand in blood. 6 Cabins Monitoring the scene via satellite surveillance, MI6 lost track of the Tiger in the aftermath of the blast; 007 was sent to track down the Tiger and the GoldenEye before either could be used again. A diamond smuggling investigation leads James Bond to Las Vegas, where he uncovers an evil plot involving a rich business tycoon. 5 Cabins A prototype of the aircraft was being tested off of the French frigate La Fayette, which was in dock in Monte Carlo for a public demonstration when it was stolen by Janus Oper… Allow me to elaborate. 5 Cabins 6 Cabins Cabins Designed and Built by Wolfcub DigitalWolfcub Digital British Hovercraft Corporation SR.N4 Mk I, http://impdb.org/index.php?title=Diamonds_Are_Forever&oldid=117362. ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ is a 196.85ft /60m motor yacht built in 2011 by Benetti. Someone has a scorpion dropped down his shirt, he is stung and dies immediately. Bernard Lee (M) Each cabin is well appointed and offers the ideal place to rest after a long day of exploration. He is kicked free by the other girl and into a pool where they try to drown him but he gains the upper hand. If anything Diamonds Are Forever seems to be trying to take the art of exploding helicopters backwards. • ELEVATOR 120.41ft /36.7m Positives | The Tiger launched a pair of anti-aircraft missiles at itself, and Bond hit the eject button just as the missiles found their target, destroying the Tiger. Characters are killed by explosions and there is lots of brutal hand-to-hand combat. At the end of the scene, the woman is swimming in this same near-nude state, but the churned water surface prevents any details of the woman's body from being visible. Two strong and very flexible female gymnasts engage in a fight with Bond. Campbell Director's Commentary soundtrack Golden Eye Special Edition DVD 2002. https://jamesbond.fandom.com/wiki/Eurocopter_Tiger?oldid=82220. Several shots focus on her rear in bikini bottoms. This a/c is in good nick. Toys onboard include 2 x 2 seat Waverunners, 2 x 3 seat Waverunners, 2 x Paddleboards, Water-Skis, Wake Boards, Snorkelling Equipment, Fishing Equipment, Inflatable Water Toys, and an Inflatable Trampoline, ideal for keeping guests entertained as you sail. 8 Guests 4 Crew, 104.99ft /32m It was sought it out for it's anti-radiation properties, to utilize during their test fire of the electromagnetic super-weapon: GoldenEye. Crew, €36,000/wk Another man is shot and the head with a grappling hook gun. Real-world information 5 Crew, €40,000/wk Could've been embarrassing if got confused about his wardrobe and strolled into M's office with his underpants over his trousers. GoldenEye (film) In the last part of the title sequence, a woman's body is shown in dramatic side light in which shadow obscures all but one side of her body. • PADDLEBOARD The Top 10 Exploding Helicopter Directors, The 10 Strangest Exploding Helicopter Scenes. • WAVERIDER ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ is a 196.85ft /60m motor yacht built in 2011 by Benetti. During its prolonged development period the Soviet Union collapsed, but France and Germany chose to proceed with the Tiger, developing it instead as a multirole attack helicopter. • WI FI, 1 x 24ft /7.32m Novurania Tender Yamaha 260 HP engine and hydrojet propulsion Hughes 500. Designed to resist various forms of electronic warfare, it was undergoing combat trials in the 1990s as it readied for implementation with European defense forces. Diamonds Are Forever’s interior layout sleeps up to 12 guests in 6 rooms, including a master suite, 1 VIP stateroom, 3 double cabins and 1 twin cabin. It first entered service in 2003 and achieved operational readiness in 2008. 9 Guests 4 Crew, €40,000/wk Janus himself, revealed to be Bond's former ally Alec Trevelyan then captured Bond and strapped both him and Severnaya survivor Natalya Simonova in the Tiger, intending to destroy it along with themselves. • WAKEBOARD A man and a woman are in bed together, both partially covered by the top sheet. Bond has an extended fight with another man in an elevator. Inflatable water toys We briefly see her bared breast and nipple. Eurocopter Tiger 87.93ft /26.8m 2 (pilot, gunner)[1] 10 Guests 10 Guests Manufacturer 80.05ft /24.4m 4 Crew, $80,000/wk Role 125ft /38.1m "Diamonds are Forever" was the fourth James Bond novel. 17 Crew, $52,000/wk Plot Keywords. 3 Cabins 12 Guests Several scenes take place in Las Vegas casinos, during which we see brief bits of incidental entertainments featuring scantily-clad female performers. As he flies over the desert, the helicopter explodes, because in the case was a bomb. On the 1999 Special Edition DVD of GoldenEye, the director's commentary notes the aircraft's appearances in the film's Monte Carlo scenes were of a prototype Tiger provided by the French Navy along with its test platform, the FS La Fayette.