When she joins up with the Eleventh Doctor in the Short Trip "The Infinite Today", the narration strongly implies that this is not her first meeting with him since "Death of the Doctor". A soldier from 2020s, Sally met the Doctor during a scientific study to remove fear from the human mind. References to dates that the story does not take place in are to be excluded. This timeline is based upon observations of the Doctor Who universe and the events that occur during each of these stories. Big Finish Audio Adventures - Season 14 Big Finish Audio Adventures - Season 1 An Irish medical volunteer, working in France during World War I. The titles for the Seventh Doctor's Lost Stories weren't Andrew Cartmel's preferred ones, but since they'd become established in fanon courtesy of a speculative, Robert Shearman loves to combine imaginary, Nev Fountain, who's dating Peri's actress Nicola Bryant, is generally considered the best Peri writer in any medium. It turns out that the Doctor. You have additional items in your basket, A second trailer for this epic 40th anniversary celebration, Doctor Who - The Fourth Doctor Adventures, Doctor Who - The Seventh Doctor Adventures, Doctor Who - The Eighth Doctor Adventures, Doctor Who - Classic Series - Special Releases, Doctor Who - The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield, The Worlds of Doctor Who - Special Releases, The Extraordinary Adventures of Iris Wildthyme, Important Information For Our Customers Overseas, Tom Baker letter-writing competition Ts and Cs, Christopher Eccleston returns to Doctor Who, News updates - week commencing 02 November 2020, FREE DOWNLOAD! Member of Women's Royal Naval Service from World War II. The layout of this timeline is in part based on the observations on Doctor Who - The Complete Adventures, as well as Lance Parkin's AHistory and other sources that allow us to make observations, such as Doctor Who Reviews, Clive Banks databanks, and LegoK9's timeline. Bernice Summerfield takes on the Cybermen. C'rizz is a chameleonic monk from the Divergent universe who got kidnapped during his wedding, used as a guinea pig, and subsequently broken over and over and over again by everything that crosses his path. Big Finish Audio Adventures - Season 6 Characters whose actors are unavailable (or dead) appear in prose stories told by their friends, or at times voiced by other actors. I’m not going to change my system to match Big Finish’s, because there’s on way my spreadsheet’s gonna figure out what to do with all those slashes. Classic companions aren't immune either - Ace in particular has had some whoppers in her run, as have Peri, Nyssa, Romana and even Susan. Rescued by the Fifth Doctor and Peri from Ancient Egypt 1400 B.C. None of these sources should be used solely as a source or considered a "true" timeline for stories. His church's credo revolves almost entirely around killing, and he was one of their most adept assassins. Prior to its license being extended in 2015. (Quotes sourced from another story should indicate the story it is from. they're all zombies, their withered bodies still connected to a computer. "Hexagora" introduces Mike Bretherton, Tegan's high school boyfriend from Brisbane. [Contact Me], Legal Bit: 'Doctor Who' is a registered trademark of BBC Worldwide. each person that he's killed is also one that he's "saved". [What's New] Frobisher and Alicia. Sick of the constant manipulations, and having lost yet. All specially created images and text are copyright © Clive Banks; please do not use these without my permission. The Eighth Doctor - Audio Adventures Seasons 1-26 In a more understated one, Ace learning how to pilot the TARDIS without training, culminating in her actually being able to roughly pilot it in "Afterlife". For the other cast pages relating to Big Finish Doctor Who, see: The vast majority of the companions who showed up in the Doctor Who TV series have returned for the Big Finish audio adventures, played by the original actors (With the notable exception of Dodo, who has not appeared at all, and Barbara Wright, Ben Jackson and Harry Sullivan, whose actors died before Big Finish started making these audios). since he picked up moderate telepathy from someone he murdered, is able to confuse it into a neutral state by letting it into his mind, since he has no clear-cut personality, his natural ability to copy people's moods and personalities, is horrendously mutated before his eyes, forcing C'rizz to kill her off out of mercy. Although they usually travel with the Doctor, some just appear together in Companion Chronicles for their own adventures, or in their own separate series. (Although she's already going by her fiancé's name most of the time) She's having difficulties in her relationship with Percy and his friends and jumps at the chance to escape it all for a bit. History wrote that Charley was supposed to go down with the ship, but because of her survival, the ripple lead to all sorts of paradoxes and tons of "things-that-shouldn't-have-happened", The Doctor fixes this in a rather creative way. The canonicity of the audio dramas, as with other Doctor Who spin-off media, is unclear. she puts the Doctor out of his misery after he begs her to run him through with her sword. Her return had the benefit of expanding the types of Fifth Doctor stories that Big Finish could make as well as the time period in which they were set, as Tegan traveled with the Fifth Doctor for longer (at least on screen) than any of his other companions, and her absence meant that a lot of stories with either Nyssa or Turlough had to be squeezed into ambiguous gaps between certain episodes to justify Tegan not being there. Now much older, he fondly looks back on his adventures. And getting into villains' secret lairs simply by politely knocking on the front door. An adventuress from the early 20th century who has an interest in the occult, Hannah meets the Doctor and Nyssa at a private hunt in Suffolk before an alien sentience starts possessing people and animals. Merry Christmas from Bernice Summerfield. nobody could have foreseen that Ace would give Hector a trip in the TARDIS... Jo and the Third Doctor like to go out ballroom dancing on Saturday nights with Benton. Though interestingly enough a villain from Big Finish, the Dalek Time Controller, appeared in an 11th Doctor novel, The Dalek Generation. By the end of Lucie Miller's run, he's slowly but steadily become the person who will eventually fight in the Last Great Time War. The Eighth Doctor, to the extent they should rename it. (Consequently, we don't know what actor would have played her.) The 'Doctor Who' logo and all images from the television series are copyright BBC unless otherwise stated; no copyright infringement is intended. While it works for the Eleven, the Master is very surprised when she shoots him anyway (albeit non-lethally). [Gallery] a companion to the Sixth Doctor. telling him enough of the truth about how his mother died to make him distrust the Doctor and then tricking him into resurrecting her as a mindless vampire monster. Check here for this week's latest news from Big Finish Productions. Big Finish/AudioGO Audiobook (Eleventh Doctor cameo) The Light at the End: 2 Parts 'Big Finish 50th Anniversary Special' (2 hour special) Foreshadowing: 1 Part: Big Finish 'Short Trips' Audio-The Man Who Wasn't There: 1 Part: Big Finish 'Short Trips' Audio-Hall of the Ten Thousand: 1 Part: Big Finish … Watch Out – Dragon's Claws Here's Death's Head! Keep up to date with the latest Big Finish news and releases by following us on It’s time to get into the Christmas spirit! Averted in her debut episode. She raised a half-human son, Alex, and rose high in Earth's fledgling government. The Big Finish Doctor Who continuity also currently includes (but is not limited to): And thanks to one big-ass crossover, we've also got (if somewhat tangentially): Thanks to a smaller crossover in ''Tartarus'', there is also: Additionally, The Lost Stories are episodes that were intended for the TV series, but never made (the stories in this range vary from scripts that were completely written before being abandoned, to plot outlines that have been adapted into complete stories). The War Doctor - The Time War Not bad for someone without Nitro-9. Ruth was so busy during the production of "Dark Eyes 4", they decided that Eight should meet here forty years after they parted ways and cast a new older actress. The Second Doctor - Seasons 4-6a Manages to escape Dalek notice by simply changing her name and staying out of trouble. Pretty much every single companion and villain from the TV series shows up in the episodes, (almost) always played by the original actors, in addition to many new characters. I’d really like to know. And the Destiny of the Doctor arc has Big Finish continuity with New Who. She was recruited by the Doctor to the Black TARDIS to battle the Elder Gods. thing quite well after the initial shock, considering Earth was pretty xenophobic while he was growing up. Heartland. They hook up and have a couple of kids, satisfied with their lives together. Whether this is taking the wonderfully convoluted. Some stories are presented as special releases or in separate box sets. having the Eighth Doctor reference multiple Big Finish companions by name before he regenerates. Only list stories. Several characters from other Doctor Who media also appear in Big Finish, or appear most prominently in Big Finish ranges with their own Tropes pages. 6Q/AA, meaning it’s after Red Dawn and before Eye of the Scorpion. Plenty of it with Ace. I wanted to be able to sort my Big Finish library according to the Doctor’s timeline. "Doctor Who and the Pirates, or The Lass That Lost a Sailor"; episode 3 is 20 minutes of Colin Baker, "The Rapture" is a variation, since most of the story takes place in a night club. Raine was created for Season 27 of Doctor Who before the series' cancellation. Want to support this site? Big Finish Doctor Who is a long-running and ongoing audio series by Big Finish, with Nicholas Briggs as the current Show Runner. the pointless deaths of Marcus and Krisztina, two young lovebirds he'd been befriending the past few months, before they learned that Kylo's fiancé was a psychopath who'd been manipulating him as part of her plans for revenge against his family. Big Finish Audio Adventures - Season 21 Big Finish Doctor Who is a long-running and ongoing audio series by Big Finish, with Nicholas Briggs as the current Show Runner.The series is written and produced by much of the regular Doctor Who crew. And no, she's not a secret agent nor alien hunter - she's just a television host, the copy of Peri who was returned to Earth became infertile due to severe. Big Finish has introduced many new companions, who travel with the Doctor and sometimes afterwards have adventures without him . Orphaned, abandoned and raised in a workhouse, he never had a chance to get a proper education (let alone love and care from anyone), and inevitably got stuck on the path of villainy. [Nothing] Which ends up just one more thing that makes her first meeting with the Sixth Doctor so traumatic. Just when it looks like the Daleks are about to win, here comes Lucie with a spaceship and a really handy, Subverted. The majority of his adventures take place on Earth, his absolute least favourite planet in the galaxy. 'Thingamydooda' would suit a space spanner, for example. They also encounter the Doctor again on occasion. All rights reserved.