But, so far, she has only used it to manipulate metal. Querl lies to her, in order to prevent her from looking into it. (formerly)Member of the Superfriends (in secret; formerly)New multiverseMember of the Legion (formerly)Vigilante (in secret)Director of the D.E.O.Member of the Superfriends (in secret) Supergirl’s next stop is the Oval Office, where President Baker owns up to Claymore. The team meets again at J'onn J'ozz's new headquarters, The Tower, where Querl saw Nia Nal. learning that multiple doppelgängers of Querl had arrived on Earth-Prime through a wormhole during the Anti-Monitor Crisis. As glimpsed in a handful of scenes, the starburst is enormous, but it will still give a Legion fan a thrill to see the logo given such attention and craft. Afterwards, Winn confronted Brainy about his behavior, and Querl told him the truth, visibly nervous that he was doing the wrong thing and saying that he was afraid he was becoming the bad guy. Alex confronted Querl, who confessed to deleting the spyware but said it was to keep her safe. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. Based on the original depiction of Superman villain Brainiac, his thousand-years-later descendant has always been depicted with the green skin of a Coluan and blonde hair. Mon-El’s story is copied almost entirely from the 1999–2000 Legion of Superheroes tale “Legion of the Damned,” in which an extra-galactic menace known as the Blight took control of key Legion members and used them to conquer whole swathes of the United Planets, including Earth. And as far as their appearances on Supergirl so far, they’re not the team fans love. (It’s the only good choice Baker makes this week.). [14], When the D.E.O arrives to a crime scene where Nia had just taken down a dominator, Querl thanked her and was about to say something but instead just thanked her again. That night, Nia is woken from a nightmare, upon returning home, she finally confronts Brainy about his obsessive affection towards her. Harbinger arrived at the DEO after Argo perished in the rebound wave of antimatter, bringing Superman and Lois from it with Kate Kane, Oliver Queen and Mia Smoak of Earth-1. Supergirl takes off after the satellite. Supergirl arrives to thwart the escape, asking, “Who’s Clockwork Orange?” But Manchester’s also recruited Menagerie and the surviving Morae, so they escape. Species Querl then, bring up a hologram of his doppelgänger and talks to him about how his worries of betraying his friends. (Special shout-out to Menagerie, who helps produce the spot with helpful suggestions such as “Low angle? Matter-Eater Lad — is also aboard the ship. Who’s neutered now, Coop? Not happy? [4] At some point, during Querl's younger years, he visited a planet with his parents, leading to his mother bottling the planet for him to keep. The actor also suggested fans may be experiencing their own version of the “What Color is This Dress?” meme. Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. She tells him it's too much, visibly hurt Brainy leaves.[8]. In fact, Mon-El’s costume will be getting an upgrade soon, as a winter season CW trailer recently unveiled. Before the winter break, Mon-El and Imra eluded to some of the Legion’s expansive history with the most pertinent part of the teams origin: They were inspired by Mon-El’s stories of Supergirl’s strength and bravery. Prior to that, the team used Flying Belts that limited their mobility. Scream Queen Showdown: Who Is the Ultimate Final Girl? He later regained his emotions after seeing Nia in mortal danger. After, a brief skirmish, they got a call from Lex, stating that Supergirl couldn't use her power as they had kryptonite safeguards and no anti-kryptonite protectors. [2] He is implied to have had a strained relationship with his mother. [1], At night, Querl attacked a prison bus and helped a doppelganger of Winn Schott, who had become Toyman, escape. Cosmic Boy, meanwhile, has an innate ability to control metal. Inhibited form Some would even suggest the change is a pointed clue at what may be really happening with Mon-El and his team. Superman introduces himself to the child, whose name is Zyx. They all attend the funeral in Midvale. When Lex returned, he yelled at the Brainy asking him why he didn't wait for Supergirl to die; the latter replied that he underestimated him as he would never let his friends die, to which Lex laughed saying he didn't underestimate anything since he knew since the beginning he would have chosen to shrink the Gods in a bottle instead of kill them but he didn't expect for him to choose suicide in order to do it. He escapes and betrays J'onn and Nia, getting them deported with all the other aliens there. At some point in his life, he joined The Legion,[5] a group of superheroes founded and led by the time-displaced Daxamite Mon-El. The first live-action version of the character appeared as a regular character in the fifth season and a recurring character in the seventh season of Smallville, played by James Marsters. He was surprised to find that everything seemed to be normal to both her confusion and irritation. He informed Lex that they would need something to weaken first. Brainy bottles Rama Khan, Sela and Tezumak. Barney Fife He added that Leviathan was pleased with it and gave him an invite to their ship.[16]. Team Hat! In the end, Supergirl’s unable to stop Claymore’s launch, which is bad news because Manchester’s programmed it to fire on the White House—you know, to hoist the government by its own petard. Brainy succeeds in bottling them but he got injured in the process. Here’s to those two getting mimosa-tipsy on the reg. President Baker, who takes Supergirl to task for destroying his $2 billion satellite array. Under advice from his female doppelgänger, Brainy had begun working with Lex Luthor to take down Leviathan, and cut off all emotional attachment. in their fight against the Children of Liberty led by Ben Lockwood as well as Lex Luthor's plot to discredit Supergirl. Family Legion fans put up with a lot of alterations to their favorite characters. Later, Toyman attacked a toy convention but was interrupted by Earth Prime's Winn Schott who reunited with his friends. Alex tasked Querl with uncovering who Toyman's ally was, not knowing that in reality it was Querl. She surprises her at home and pretends not to have been there before—“Your place is great”—before filling her in on Operation Claymore. In the Pre-52 comics, Brainiac 5 was the longest romantic partner of, Brainy has the most appearances out of all. He brought him to Lex, who had previously said that he wanted knowledge from the future.