Please, let us fill our faces. It's too fast! "Why is Eddy wearing a bell like a cow?" Food is good!" [Eddy rings his bell. ]Edd: "Hm. ]Rolf: "Eddy says, he is too hot and sweaty and must cool off for a moment." I got him! ]Edd: [with a drink in his hand] "Phew! Come, you are invited to Rolf's for food and merriment. This guy's quick!" "[Eddy heads back the way he came only to encounter Rolf. ]Eddy: [entering through the screen door] "I smell breakfast." ]Rolf: "Yes, Eddy, what is it? "[Eddy rings the bell. Eddy rings his bell. ", [Eddy is in his room, recuperating. ", [Ed and Edd are sitting on a doorstep. Eddy writes with it for a few seconds before realizing it's not what he wanted. The actual appearance of Evil Tim is unknown. A fridge suddenly knocks his door off its hinges. "Rolf: "Eddy is hungry! A moo comes from outside. ]Edd: "Translation, Rolf? Edd and Eddy lean on each other to look. "Rolf: [pulling a piece of paper out of his trousers] "Paper for Eddy? [Edd approaches a grapefruit. He starts to shiver and attempts to push the fridge out. [Ed throws Eddy back into the ring.] Eddy then rings the bell again. "You almost fell out, Eddy." "Rolf: "Eddy is prepared to face the beast." "[The Eds go into three poses. ]Ed: "Hello!" "Tinkle tinkle tinkle tinkle tinkle tinkle!". It then rushes Eddy. We've rescued another one!" [Ed pulls one of Eddy's hairs out, causing him to cry voicelessly. The resulting rebound flings him off into the distance past the park. He screams in pain. This apparently culminates in the summoner killing a sacrificial animal with their teeth (in Ed's case, he simply tore apart Jimmy's stuffed bunny, Mr. Yum Yum). The rooster readies itself like a bull about to charge. [Edd turns the temperature-regulating knob to the coldest setting. ]Eddy: [slapping Edd on the back] "Bingo! "Eddy: [bringing the flyswatter down on Ed's head] "There it is! Ed is holding him back. There it goes! "An atlas? "Ed: "Get it off, Eddy, get it!" Cartoon, initialement diffusée entre le 4 janvier 1999 et le 8 novembre 2009 sur la chaîne de télévision Cartoon Network aux États-Unis. Eddy looks at it and laughs. It is unknown what the curse of Evil Tim causes besides a massive gathering of crows, as said crows blacked out the view at the end. Holding his foot, he hops forwards. [He lets the door swing shut. He then digs his spoon in. "[The fly zooms into Eddy's mouth. Stop where you stand! "[Eddy continues to mock it. "Ed: "Eddy needs to water...the Christmas tree because it's dry! ", [The Eds are swimming in the creek. "You almost fell out, Eddy." I'll do it!" Ed, Edd et Eddy (version originale : Ed, Edd n Eddy) est une série d'animation américano-canadienne, créée par Antonucci et produite aux studios a.k.a. "Okay. ], [Eddy is in the middle of a wooden ring with a red towel. ]Ed, Edd, and Rolf: "Huh? He points to the invisible sheet. "Edd: "What is it, Eddy? "[Edd has a plate of fish on sticks in front of him. [Eddy holds the cape out like a matador. "Edd: [as Eddy excitedly takes the paper] "Just as I thought. [He grabs Eddy.] His statement may imply that Evil Tim, or a monster that Evil Tim summons, has this appearance; however, given that this occurred shortly after he had been interrupted while reading the comic by Eddy, it may have been his overactive imagination at work.