Most parties will want to use the ship to take to the high seas, where monsters drop tons of gold and experience. Continue south and turn east when you get to the end of the room. Return to the first floor where the submarine is located. Use the inn in the north end of town, then look for a pirate named Bikke to the west. If you have FIR3 you can kill this boss in a single casting if you are lucky. You will also learn of Adamant from the blacksmith. Bucklers offer a modest defense boost for Thieves and Red Mages. Walk south from the teleporter to another intersection and continue going down. I’m not going to provide a detailed analysis of this town yet, but it’s worth visiting before the Castle of Ordeals for items like the ProRing and Gold Bracelet. Exit the room at the bottom of the ladder and walk down to the southern wall. It’s also home to enemies that have potent melee attacks, but you’ll likely find that the Ice Cave and Volcano were far more dangerous than the Sea Shrine. Walk east through the gap and you will see the magic shops after a few steps. There’s also a Heal Potion and Cabin in the northwest chamber. From there you will find the way out of the cave by following the corridor north and using the first set of steps you see. Of course NUKE and FAST are arguably his most lethal spells, but CUR4 will undo all your hard work if he uses it. Go back to Onrac again and use the canoe to travel up the river. Take care when crossing the bridge, because a deadly foe named WarMech has a small chance appearing here. Spells like FOG, INVS, and RUSE are necessary if you want to protect a weaker party member. Make sure everyone is at full HP, then enter the room and talk to the Dracula looking guy blocking the way forward. Next, go east to find another chamber. Inside you will have to fight Gargoyles. Avoid getting the TMPR spell, because it is  bugged. Save your game and stock up on healing items at Coneria City, then look for the bridge directly north of the castle. You’ll have to land in a clearing southwest of the town and use the canoe to reach it. Return to the northeast corner of the chamber to find the exit and look for the large room to the north to find the ladder leading up. Treasures: 3400g, Wooden Staff, 1520g, 1455g, 5450g, Cabin, 1250g, Silver Shield. You should not categorize it in the game's category though, as it will flood that category. The river will turn south and you should take the branch going west when you reach it. SLP2’s usefulness is also questionable, but it is more likely to work than SLEP. HEL2 and HRM3 are good for stable parties, where deaths are rare, but more fragile groups may want to trade HRM3 for LIFE. Go west once inside the room and head through the door south of the three stone tablets in the center. West of Lefein is a massive desert that is home to a tower located near its center. Continue west, then go south when you come to another room, which is empty. Backtrack to the entrance to the cave after you get your prize. If you’ve already gotten the Airship and the class upgrade, as this guide recommends, you can fly over to Gaia, which is almost directly north (or south of you prefer) of Crescent Lake. However, this can be very tedious and it isn’t something I recommend doing if you just want to play through the game. Final Fantasy (NES) Walkthrough ~By tankMage (June 2019) Introduction. A few good hits or castings of FIR3/HRM3 should be enough to defeat these horrors. At the second building, take a moment to make sure the party’s HP is full and go through the door. There are many highly detailed guides for Final Fantasy, so I set out to write one that focused on navigating dungeons. Chaos has high Absorb, so it’s wise to buff your warriors with FAST to get that extra damage in. BRAK also works on this boss and can kill her in a hit, though the odds are roughly 1/5. --Final Fantasy Adventure Walkthrough--By Robert Paulson This walkthrough gives a detailed look into Squaresoft's Gameboy game Final ... Walkthrough-----1. Walk up to the Sage standing in the ring of pillars and he will allow you to enter the castle after you present the Crown you found earlier to him. Astos will give you the Crystal upon defeat, take it to Matoya who is north of Coneria to get the Herb. Recommended Purchases: Gold Bracelet (Wh/Ww/Rm/Rw/Th/Bm/Bw), ProRing (Everyone), Cat Claw (Ni/Th/Bw), Recommended Level 7 Spells: ICE3, BRAK, CUR4, HRM4, Recommended Level 8 Spells: FADE, WALL, ZAP!, XXXX. Take the corridor southeast of the steps. East of the “window” is a room with more treasure for you, just take the lower path to get it. Black Mages will do well to learn QAKE, LIT3, and STUN. B2 is a rather odd collection of chambers carved into the stone, but it’s not as complex as it may seem. Upon visiting the castle, you will learn that the prince has been put under a sleep spell by Astos. Level 4 is a safe level to take Garland and the Shrine on. Fighter, Thief, Red Mage, Black Mage: The Thief will be something of a liability early on, but he will become a fairly sturdy ally that can wear some types of heavy armor and cast black magic spells like FAST once he upgrades to Ninja. The Red and Black Mages will also be able to cast FAST, which means you can massively boost your party’s damage output in a single round. Take the path leading north near the room where you found the Ribbon and turn west at the end of the passage. Walkthrough Sections. The first thing we want to do down here is snag Masamune, the most powerful weapon in Final Fantasy. Ignore the building, because the 20g inside is not worth the effort. Your first order of business after entering the tower should be to investigate the room to the north. Walk west, then north to get around the river. The chest on the left has a Flame Sword. Standard attacks from Knights, Masters, and even Ninja can blow this boss away in a single round. Visit the following sites for detailed information on spells, equipment, and game mechanics. Just follow the long hallway beyond the door to find the Katana’s chest.