The sides are undercut to connect to and match the length of the beards. But once you’re able to achieve that length, you can always use a styling product to style it this way. With the help of a pair of scissors trim the hair and the moustache evenly. The look is completed with a medium fade haircut that connects to the beard. When you reach the beard on the chin take a pair of scissors and start trimming the beard from the ends. It matches well with short trimmed beards around the chin. Handlebar Mustache Styles. Combine it with a beard and you make for a perfect mustache style. It seems bushy when gets combined with short chinstrap. One of the options is to use some wax to shape the ends upwards and make them as high as you possibly can. With hair on top trimmed to the scalp, this beautiful mustache style is perfect for any middle-aged man. The thin look complements the overall style beautifully. Medium trimmed beards are left to connect with the mustache. You’ll really rock it. It is true that typical handlebars are popular but modern handlebars are also making their way into the hairstyle industry. The less hair you will have around it, the more interesting and impressive the mustache will look. But make sure that you are not trimming the edges where the mustache will curl up to resemble a handlebar. A very special way to create a mustache would be to separate it in the middle. Never miss an opportunity to look stylish and trendy as it’s no less than a blunder to waste your thick and natural facial hair when you can make different styles from them and experience different looks at a time. Combine a handlebar with a beautiful goatee style and the final look is just amazing. You can use some beard oil for taming the moustache. Trim it when it’s clean and doesn’t have any sort of wax or mustache products applied to it. Things You will Need-Hair Brush; A pair of Scissors; Clippers; A hair Gel; A hair Mousse; A Razor; How to Style-You will have to grow your beard out for at least three to four weeks to master this look. Every size and shape can create a new style. There is no need for a handlebar mustache to look exactly like a handlebar. Thin handlebar style mustache combined with a pompadour gives a beautiful and attractive look. More care and waxing are required to style two sides into a 90 degrees angle while it covers a big part of your mouth that makes it annoying at the start. Once you’ve achieved a robust mustache length, comb it once a day with a quality comb. Trim it once a week for a better result. The mustache is grown thin and has a slight curve at the ends. The above ideas are a true testimony to that. Yes, many guys love wearing mustaches in different styles and a popular option is a handlebar mustache. Perfect stubble with a soul patch and an amazingly beautiful handlebar mustache, this look has it all. The neat and solid image of this style is ideal for businessmen and gym owners. The mustache is thick and curves at the ends to a “C” shape. One must always have a balanced diet and lots of water to get the right amount of nutrients into our body and remove toxins from the body. If you make it too messy then the neatness of the mustache will be useless. Well, this type of mustache creates the illusion of a cape buffalo’s head. It maintains zest and elegance simultaneously by keeping both slightly twisted. A beard and handlebar mustache style is at fire these days. Yes, you march to the beat of your own drum. Create a part in the middle of your handlebar by combing the hair immediately under your nose in opposite directions. Beard styles can vary and so do the mustache styles. Anyone wearing this mustache needs to have plenty of beard length at the chin. Although early variations of the handlebar and similar-looking mustaches showed up on depictions of and monuments to the Celts from the Iron Age, the handlebar mustache as we know it today became popularized during the latter half of the 19th century in the United States. It has become a favorite for millions of men across the world. However, always apply wax on clean and showered hair and soften it while heating it slightly above the room temperature to get optimal results. You will have to grow your beard longer to get this look. It provides a black shade that blends in well with a light skin tone. Every size and shape can create a new style. Some people want to trim the mustache frequently, that’s the wrong idea. My mustache is long. It depends on the growth pattern of your mustache, the thickness of your hair, and your own personal style. This mustache is quite unique in the way it curves at the ends to form that “O” shape. Lastly, always style your ‘stache with wax made for facial hair. Your pompadour can’t get any better than this. Overall, it looks cool. The selection of the ends styles absolutely depends on you, i.e. It is dark in color and has dark beards to match. With the help of a clipper start removing the hair on the sides and the lower back of the head. Rather they are first twisted inwards and then the ends are shaped outwards to achieve the final look. You can even consider shaving your beard altogether. Use special mustache wax to twist and shape your new handlebar. Perhaps most well-known as the Handlebar mustache, this style of facial hair involves curling the ends of the mustache upward, usually with some kind of wax. Ever heard of the handlebar mustache or the well-known spaghetti mustache? This is a beautiful look for outgrown mustaches. It is also known as a spaghetti moustache, because of its stereotypical association with Italian men. This is a type of mustache that will earn you compliments if done the proper way. This mustache is an ideal choice for those that love to go dark. The top hair is left long with undercut sides to match. Your email address will not be published. The mustache is less thick and comes in blonde. Nevertheless, there are many who wear it and flaunt their uniqueness. To get this look you will have to grow your hair for one or two months. A pompadour haircut tops up the whole look. So, it’s just spot on. A mustache is said to be a petite handlebar when the length of the mustache equals the width of the nose. The mustache thins out to a single thick strand on either side. The beards below the lower lip and chin are given the same thickness as the mustache. This bushy handlebar is a bit different in the fact that the curls on the ends are not making a perfect handle shape. This style looks really rugged & unkempt. Another important thing is making sure that the mustache is not getting into the mouth. Soldiers preferred this facial hairstyle. No matter where they go or what event they attend, it’s their top priority to look standout and maintain an impressive vibe that brings everyone closer to them. The head is given a slick back haircut at the top with high fade sides that connect with the beards. This look features the same bushy handlebar that was mentioned above and takes the look to the next level with a beautiful chinstrap. The twisted ends are shorter and don’t spread on the major part of your face. Comb the mustache to one way and trim anything that looks like straggling hair. 40 Funky Beard without Mustache Styles – Yay or Nay? So think twice before going for this style. The ends should point toward either cheek. Use some hair gel to tame the loose hair. Bold tone, stylish haircut, and scruff make an amazing combination that you are looking for. Overall, it’s a thin handlebar. Best for: A nicely cowboy-esque square face can help you pull off this most gentlemanly of mustache styles. It maintains its thickness towards the ends and curves to a “C” shape. The mustache is thick and has that blonde tone. The waxed mustache is combined with a thick beard that is trimmed cleanly. Beveled ends to portray the gentleman in you and never disturb you because of the balanced size and shape. Keep your moustache really long for better look. So don’t forget the following tips: Handlebar mustache can be worn in a different styles.