However, many men do choose to add some chin hair into the style, and it looks particularly good with either a goatee or a chin puff. And to do so, you must maintain a neat and clean mustache. Let it grow until it becomes long enough to style into the overall shape you’re aiming for. One important thing to point out here is how wide you want to trim this section. Other famous wearers include retired professional baseball pitcher Rollie Fingers, 27th USA president William Howard Taft, contemporary Norwegian ski jumper Robert Johansso, (known as ‘the flying mustache’), and Rich Uncle Pennybags, aka Mr Monopoly of board game fame! You can always shave it off if you don’t like it. Wipe your lips regularly to avoid an ugly food and stain build up and perhaps avoid the sloppier altogether dishes until you’ve mastered the art of bushy-mustache-craft! All Rights Reserved | Disclaimer | Privacy Policy. The Handlebar helps to balance out the proportions of the face. There will definitely be some awkward stages in your handlebar mustache growth but with a little mustache wax, as I mentioned above, you'll get through these weird stages in no time. These facial hairstyles look best when trimmed and shaped for symmetry, especially when looking to grow a longer handlebar while still maintaining a neat, professional look. Use the wax to pull the hairs to the side and it'll stay out of your way for the most part. Subscribe to our newsletter to get helpful beard related articles and special discounts; $5 promo code on subscription. © Copyright 2020 BeardBerry . The wax will dry, leaving your desired style in place. The hairs just outside of that are beard hairs that cause your mustache to blend into your beard. Use your thumb and finger to shape the tips. Then take the mustache comb again & start combing from the center, right out to the ends. 3) COMB: While you’re being patient there are actions you can take to help it along. To boost up the mustache growth, apply oil (we recommend coconut oil) to your mustache daily before bed. It grows pretty gnarly and is the fullest, most badass version in my opinion. Brush out any debris and wax residue with a. to remove grime, making sure you get down to the skin under the hairs. I would recommend using the scissors for this part of your trim. People often mistake Dali mustache with handlebar mustache. It is undeniably iconic, and we cannot imagine a time where this style is out of fashion. Trim the beard hairs just under the ends of your mustache. Let’s check the below list of famous movie characters who donned a handlebar mustache. Therefore, it is worth investing in an excellent razor and high quality shaving foam. For a permanent twist, you need to keep patience & follow the last two steps may be for weeks. This is the basic and most important rule to keep most of the mustaches. You need these hairs to grow and remain long to comb into the overall shape of the mustache. The handlebar mustache gets mixed with the sideburns and the curl gets covered. A handlebar mustache is a mustache style that has long corner edges on both sides which are slightly twisted in a circular shape. Pun intended! You need these hairs to grow and remain long to comb into the overall shape of the mustache. Dig that bow tie, too, boyo. For the mustache, you will need a beard comb, and some beard wax for styling. How Long Does it Take to Grow a Handlebar Mustache? As these ends become longer, you can twist them tightly around your finger or a pen, and experiment with exactly how you want them to look. Growing the right beard is vital for making your handlebar mustache look impressive. Side whiskers, handlebar, zorro and toothbrush mustaches are OK, but other styles such as mutton chops, full beards, long stubble and extended goatees are not recommended. The fuller you want your mustache, the longer you allow those hairs to grow over your lip. Famous Movie Characters with Handlebar Mustache. Check the below list to get some idea. While similar, the truth is your moustache hairs and beard/goatee hairs are different. Often times the hairs don't grow in the same direction on each side, the number of hair follicles can vary dramatically and the mustache hairs can be unruly. While you’re being patient there are actions you can take to help it along. Dali mustache has straight upward edges, on the other hand, handlebar mustache has twisted edges. Because of this, I put together the following steps to show you exactly how to grow a handlebar mustache and trim it to perfection! Whilst there are a great variety of mustaches that come under the Handlebar title, their common attribution is of a mustache of length with curved ends, usually an upward flourish with the help of styling aids such as, . Granted, this looks a bit like a vintage villain’s mo, but sometimes thinner is on point. Our final thoughts on the Handlebar mustache. The beard portion of a Napoleon III Imperial combines the long length of a classic goatee with the fulness of a chin puff, creating a unique and impressive set of facial hair. Combing once a day will go a long way to helping the hairs lay the correct way. Start in the middle (under your nose), dab the wax along the upper edge of the mustache and work along each side. And a handlebar can add manliness to a greater degree. The Handlebar mustache is popular among the more mature man, as well as some millennial hipsters. Apply oil and brush your mustache hairs daily to keep them healthy. In this case, you want your mustache to grow in the way of the unique twist handlebar mustaches have. Let it grow until it becomes long enough to style into the overall shape you’re aiming for. Start shaving where you have excess hair on the cheeks or on the necks or under your leaps using the razor or trimmer you have except your mustache. You'll get our awesome posts as soon as they published! Depending on how fast your hair grows, you can maybe expect half an inch in a month, if you’re lucky. Jan 7, 2020 - Explore Rob's board "Handlebar Mustache", followed by 209 people on Pinterest. Feb 27, 2019 - Explore Chad Perkins's board "Beards - Handlebar Moustache", followed by 3051 people on Pinterest. We also recommend using a great beard oil, which will inject some hydration into the hair. For this part of my mustache, I typically use the clippers. A full beard looks the most masculine if it is taken care of perfectly. Rarely seen worn by the younger generation (why not, unless used as an anarchic statement? "@type" : "Organization", By trimming these hairs down slightly it will give you the defined separation you are looking for, and really showcase your glorious handlebar mustache! When it comes to styling your handlebar mustache it's really pretty simple. So you’ve decided that the ordinary haired lip is not for you, and you want to try something with a little more panache, a bit more ‘wow factor’ and a head-turner to boot. Choose a comb you feel comfortable with, and although we’d recommend our. Use your comb to disperse it down into the hair, checking that it’s evenly spread throughout. Traditionally a Handlebar Mustache is worn without a beard, making a distinctive style statement in every aspect of life, be it at work, leisure or with family. It has a sweet lemon scent to it and a light to medium hold that works wonders. Before trimming your mustache, it is suggested to wash and dry it and then apply some wax to shape it. We help beardsmen look, feel, and be their best! A very unique look. ), it takes a while to grow. The Handlebar mustache is the facial hair style that immediately springs to mind when we think of a mustache. During World War I, men, mostly the soldiers started sculpting their facial hair into mustaches. 4) WAX: Best applied while your hair is still damp after showering, warm a little wax product between your fingers and apply. One thing to be very mindful of is not to play the back and forth game too many times, trying to make it EXACTLY perfect. A handlebar mustache along with two prolonged sideburns looks great. Even those annoying areas at the corners of your mouth should be left intact as every hair will count towards your final appearance. Without this extra shaping your new look will droop and simply become a Walrus Mustache rather than the Handlebar you crave, so it’s worth the effort to create a shape, whether that includes large loops or more refined twists. Earlier I mentioned how you want to trim the hairs at your lip about the width of the tip of your nose and let everything outside of that grow long. You may often see men twisting their mustache edges, even in the public. The last thing you want to do is be in a rush when trying to trim. "datePublished" : "2019-12-27", This will show you what hairs really need to be trimmed. Do not cut the outside hairs as they give the handlebar shape to your mustache. The famous Handlebar Club in London, UK, describes it as "a hirsute appendage of the upper lip and with graspable extremities". Those are the hairs that will form your handlebar mustache. On the other hand, if your mustache is thin, use a softer wax. It can take up to three months to grow something that can be deemed a Handlebar style, which is made up of long hairs trained to head towards your cheeks and beyond, with a thick and bushy countenance. I don't suggest trying to flip up the sides of your handlebar mustache too early, or it'll just look like you're trying a little too hard. RBM’s GUIDE ON HOW TO GROW A HANDLEBAR MUSTACHE, Trimming The Designer Beard: The Long And The Short Of It. Trimming the ends with a straight cut will square the tips more and make your handlebar mustache look fuller. For the ends, I recommend using scissors. Be patient! If the idea of having a handlebar mustache comes into your mind then first you should know what exactly is a handlebar mustache. Safety Razor vs Straight Razor: Which One Should You Pick? Making a decision to go down the lane of this mustache would mean a lot of commitment on your end. While some might prefer unconventional combs, testing out the two types might help. From the ‘stache to the glasses, he’s a vintage player. Get it close and call it good, otherwise, you'll quickly take off too much length (and drive yourself crazy). USA president William Howard Taft, contemporary Norwegian ski jumper Robert Johansso, (known as ‘the flying mustache’), and Rich Uncle Pennybags, aka Mr Monopoly of board game fame! I simply eye the two sides and trim them as close to even as possible. The Handlebar mustache is one of the best facial hair styles available. Shave any excess hair besides your nose & leaps with cautions. This styling needs to be done after shampooing every morning otherwise the handlebar mustache will completely lose its shape. Male Hair Loss - How Long Does it Take to go Bald? Just make sure you clean your mustache every day. As your mustache begins to reach the desired length, use your mustache comb to form a part down the center of the hair, and rub a generous amount of wax through to hold the look in place. To comb, part your mustache down the middle of your lip and comb from your nose outwards.