Muriel: This is our lovely dessert for tomorrow. Bone about your wife and six kids that don't have a trophy. Bone opens the locker, but the trophy isn't there anymore. ), Muriel: (Clears throat and Courage gasps). Mr. ", (The scene transitions to Doug and Skeeter walking down the hallways. You -- you can't prove a thing, Funnie! I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line.You won't hurt my feelings. Doug: But...I was framed! Doug: No. (The scene goes back to reality. We ought to let the jury decide the defendant's guilt or innocence. (The scene transitions to the school at night. Mr. Roger is shocked when he sees just how big it really is. (The cover slides off, revealing the file containing Doug's permanent record. Doug: (voice-over) Dear Journal, Hi. Doug: N-no, Mr. Mr. Typical Weights and Percent of a Chilled Carcass for the Various Primal Cuts of Beef … *snickers*. Doug is as silent as stars.). I was framed. No problem, Mr. Doug puts the trophy in his locker.). *snickers*, (Roger then turns to one side. Mr. I sentence you to six months of hard labor in Lamar Bone's School of Yodeling. Mayor White: We are proud of our Bluffington youth. Roger has been hiding inside, and now he's heard everything. ), (They hear someone coming, and Doug puts the trophy back in the bag. *snickers*, (Mr. I've been framed! Roger: Your's obvious he's guilty! Bone puts on the record player and starts yodeling and clicking his heels as the song plays. ), (Mr. Muriel: It's all right Courage, I'll make another pie in the morning. He then walks out of his office. Mr. Bone finishes inspecting the locker next to them. Doug puts the bag with the trophy back on top of the filing cabinet in Mr. Courage is looking out the window, then he grabs a pair of binoculars, seeing something. Mr. Skeeter: Wow! Skunky Beaumont tried that last year, and now he has to see the guidance counselor every day. See ya. Mr. *laughs*. (Cuts to the bedroom with Muriel and Eustace sleeping. *mock sobbing*. Come on, Skeeter. I didn't steal your trophy. I guess the only thing worse than being the butt of a practical joke is being the butt -- is being the person who actually did it. Different Types of Beef Cuts You can enjoy beef roasts, steaks, and ground beef but you will get the real taste only when you cook the right part the right way. Muriel: Oh, it's just the raccoons. Honest. (Episode starts at the house, then cuts inside with Muriel and Eustace watching a movie, following another cut to the kitchen with Courage getting milk with a slice of a pie and putting the milk back in the fridge, where he drinks his milk. Doug: Why am I doing this? He lives in a farmhouse with a connected garage near the fictional town of Nowhere, Kansas with an elderly couple: Muriel Bagge, a friendly, sweet-natured Scottish woman; and Eustace Bagge, a grumpy, greedy farmer who regularly mistreats Courage and often refers to him as “stupid dog”. Secretary: I found this note taped to your door. Courage sees the pie moving weirdly. *gives "come hither"* Follow me, Funnie! *nervous chuckle*. You stole my Der Grosser Yodelmeister trophy! Bone: Your Honor, we found the trophy in his locker; therefore, he is guilty! The only source of light is the desk lamp. Bone: I practiced for years to win that trophy, and now it's missing. ), Roger: Poor Dougie! Bone. When he glances around, he notices that everyone has gone. Porkchop is wearing shoes and dancing and singing along to the music he's listening to on his headphones.). (So many gasps of shock are heard. Robert White is playing the role of the judge.). Mr. Bone. Doug: See ya. I rest my case. Bone's office.). He starts to climb down the ladder. Did somebody play a trick on you? Mr. Doug beckons for his friend to look inside his locker. Bone found it inside a meatloaf in the cafeteria. Someone planted it in my locker. He dashes out suddenly.). Mr. Doug: *scratches head* Tell the truth... yeah. I mean, order, order! Not if I have anything to do with it! (Roger and his cohorts walk away laughing. *quietly* What am I gonna do? Bone's office. But I'll find it. I was in big trouble. All the students rush past Mr. Give it here! I'll find it! Reporter: Judge White, you have anything to say to the people? *opens locker* Ah-ha! Doug: He'll never believe me. Who's gonna believe me, anyway? ), Mr. Bone's Der Grosser Yodelmeister trophy, when a mysterious hand removes it from the top of the file cabinet. Bone: The criminal mind always sets its own trap. They must hungry. The camera then shows the whole of Judy's bedroom. (Mr. Bone is talking inside his office. ), Roger: What's the matter, Funnie? ), Courage: There was something on the other end of this pie, or my name is Aloysius, and that's not. Beebe: Why would anyone wanna steal that dumb trophy? Bone got his yodeling trophy stolen again. (A hush falls over the class as everyone stares at Doug.). Heart pulses are heard in the background.). Roger: Mr. Bone runs toward his office and opens the door to find Roger with his feet upon the desk. Judy is sitting in her director's chair, while Doug is sitting on top of the trunk.). ), Roger: Just a final warning, Doug. Before Courage 2020,, American children's animated comic science fiction TV shows, American children's animated horror TV shows, American children's animated science fantasy TV shows, American children's animated supernatural TV shows, Animated TV shows about dysfunctional families, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. (Mr. It then cuts to the inside of Mr. You must be smelling somebody else. I wonder how Roger's doing, anyway. He lives in a farmhouse with a connected garage near the fictional town of Nowhere, Kansas with an elderly couple: Muriel Bagge, a friendly, sweet-natured Scottish … (Roger opens the locker again and is not happy about what he finds. Doug: I won't tell, Roger. I always do! You know what I hate? The scene changes to the trophy lying on top of Judy's bed. (The scene changes to Doug's inner thoughts. Mr. Skeeter said the guy who stole the trophy two years ago tried begging for mercy, and he's still doing time in detention. That's what the guilty party's gonna be. Remember, the trophy was in your bag! News reporter: Bigfoot is on the loose Reward!!! Roger: He'll lock him up in detention and throw away the key! Doug: Huh. I'll be right back with more polish. Mr. It's me, Doug. Roger: I sure pity the fool who gets caught with Bone's trophy in his locker. He grabs the pie to prevent it from going away.). Muriel opens the door and Courage and Muriel looks at the garbage scattered across the ground). Bone opens the bottom drawer of his filing cabinet and begins romping through it before handing Doug a bucket of towels.). Bone standing over him, looking none too pleased.). Doug: Boy, would I like to see the look on the face of the poor sap who gets caught with that -- *gasps*, (The camera moves up to show that the yodeling trophy has somehow ended up in Doug's locker. Mr. The crowd continues cheering as the scene cuts back to reality at school. (The scene transitions to the school at night. Bone has arrived at Doug's locker, not noticing Roger is standing close by. You're gonna need the jumbo-size bottle. The camera moves up to Mr. Bone pulls the red curtain aside to reveal the last trophy. Doug: I didn't know Mr. Washed up! The scene transitions back to Doug writing in his journal. It's over! All the evidence was pointing right at me. Doug: *quietly* No, Skeeter. *whispers* Vote for me. The scene transitions to the other students leaving for the day, while Roger is sitting on a stepladder putting away a trophy he's just finished polishing. (A small group of press members gather at the foot of the pedestal.). Bone's office. (Doug feels so proud. Is it coming from you? Correction: it was your permanent record! Bone's office. Eh. Heh. Mr. Cool, man. ), (She slides onto the floor and gets into a kneeling position while Porkchop plays a violin. Bone: *shouting* You boys are playing a game of "Monkey in the Middle". Bone: Mr. Funnie, I smell some funny business. Roger: That doesn't make any difference, Funnie. Tell the truth. The series originally ran for four seasons from November 12, 1999 to November 22, 2002. The boys dash out of the bathroom just as the school bell rings. The monster lets go of the pie throwing Courage into the wall splating himself and the wall with the pie. Bone stands up and walks over to the podium.). Skeeter: Yeah, Mr. ), Roger: Looks like Mr. Bone-head's gonna need a little help from me finding his trophy -- in locker #47. Mr. Courage the Cowardly Dog is a FANDOM TV Community. You look as goofy as Mr. Bone-head! Courage: Raccoon or not, you're not getting this pie. He and Skeeter toss it between each other. Bone: No! Judy: You said it. Bone shows up wearing lederhosen.). Cattle Theft: An Old Crime On The Rise : The Salt Cattle rustling is a growing problem in Oklahoma, Texas and other beef-producing states. I waited for Mr. Bone-head to leave his office, snuck in and stole his stupid trophy, and stuffed the goofy-looking thing in your locker! ), Judy: *mock sobbing* Beg for mercy, and tell Mr. Mr. The secretary approaches him, holding a note.). Yodel-lay-hee-hoo! so you're the one. (Mr. It's me, Doug. Bone will never believe me. He goes down the stairs with the binoculars on and falls down the stairs. He carefully opens it, and the camera moves to show the trophy on the top shelf.). Roger: One more trophy? (The camera moves up to show Roger's cohorts standing along with him.). Roger: Shut up, Funnie! Please report to your lockers immediately -- for a surprise inspection! A noise is heard outside; Courage looks out the window to investigate and find out the noise, where he sees a monster eating things with its shadow being seen. Courage: I hope we make it until tomorrow. You're through, Funnie! Doug: (voice-over) Dear Journal, Hi. Mr. Roger: Hey, wait a minute! (Courage takes a pie blueberry and eats it for pie). I hate practical jokes, especially when I wind up on the wrong side of one. (The two rush into the boys' bathroom and attempt to flush the trophy down the toilet, but to no avail. Mr. Skeeter: What are you doing with the evidence, Doug? Judge White: *sighs* I grieve when I think of how this young person's permanent record will be soiled by such a senseless crime. Washed up! In the living room, Eustace and Muriel are sleeping, when Courage enters causing the two to wake up. Bone approaches them both.). (He holds the bag for Doug to see. The scene changes to Mr. A ceremony for the "Most Honest Kid Award" is being held. Ms. Wingo: Boys and girls, please take out your pencils and open your books to page 10 to the second power. Mayor White walks up to the podium as the fanfare plays in the background.). The Precious, Wonderful, Adorable, Lovable Duckling, The Revenge of the Chicken from Outer Space, The other primals are referred to as the “thin” cuts. I got it. You plead insanity? comes up.). Bone. And it goes a little something like this: *ahem*, (Mr.