The Joker refuses to give a straight answer, telling Batman he already knows what's going on, but simply refuses to accept it. Clark is quick to begin making plans for their unborn child's future and well-being, ignoring Lois's calls to him, forcing her to throw a book at his head to get his attention. Clark suddenly gazes out into the city and Lois asks if there is trouble. Batman next contacts the Flash, who is instantly in Metropolis and searches the entire city at super-speed at Batman's request. Injustice: Gods Among Us Comics. But tragic times are just around the corner, as one of Batman's deadliest foes is in Metropolis on a surprise visit! Enjoy reading Injustice Gods Among Us … All Comics, Character Designs and Logos are © to their respective copyright holders. Labs, looking over the damaged labs and questioning a scientist if anything else was stolen. Enjoy reading Injustice Gods Among Us (2013) 001 in the best quality scans available on the internet. Read Injustice Gods Among Us (2013) Comics Online. Tom Taylor Batman points out they were experimenting with kryptonite. When someone close to Superman disappears--appearently a kidnapping victim--the Man of Steel summons his fellow Justice League members to help him search. Deep in the night, Batman overlooks the streets of Gotham from a rooftop, noting how quiet the city has become, calling it the Gotham he has always dreamed of. Meanwhile, Batman is at S.T.A.R. A moment later, Barry comes back and takes Batman to see what he has found- the body of the Scarecrow in S.T.A.R. Batman tries to calmly remind him they're in public but when the Man of Steel holds up the Joker's bloody playing card, and pleads with his friend to help him. Just then, the nuclear bomb from the sub goes off in the heart of Metropolis, destroying the city in a single blast before the horrified eyes of the Justice League. The next morning, Superman is horrified to discover Jimmy's body at the to a bloody Joker card. But why can't Superman find this person himslf? The series acts as a prequel, taking place during the five years before the main events of the game's storymode. Colors: Meanwhile, Lois meets up with Jimmy at the docks, with the younger man complaining of the cold and how the senator is late. It all kicks into high gear here! Injustice:Gods Among Us Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Labs and he's on his way to investigate. Desperately attempting to contact the Man of Steel, who has flown 'Doomsday' all the way into the outer atmosphere when Superman suddenly clutches his head in a daze. Injustice: Gods Among Us, Chapter 2 (Digital Release Jan. 22, 2013) 1. You can curently reading Injustice Gods Among Us (2013) 001 online with Free Online Comicbook Reader! Confused, Batman suddenly puts it all together, realizing that the kryptonite stolen from S.T.A.R. Superman flies towards a rooftop, telling him to meet up with him when he's done with the thugs.