The Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival (隅田川花火大会, Sumidagawa Hanabi Taikai) is an annual fireworks festival held on the last Saturday in July, over the Sumidagawa near Asakusa. Since only 15,000 residents live in Ichikawamisato, more fireworks are exploded during the festival than there are residents. Hanabi 花火 means “fireworks” in english and it is usually celebrated in summer from July to August. You can get a free program during the festival that explains all the themes of the show. 【autumn】 I must say, I sympathized. Festivals and watching fireworks are the two most popular things to enjoy in Japan during the summer. And according to a Japanese tradition, fireworks are always synchronized to music. It's also possible to reserve seats, but they are rather limited. Over 200,000 tourists come to watch the fireworks along the banks of the Fuefuki River. 7/26 (Fri), 7/30 (Tue) The fireworks seen from the sea are usually different from the sky, the surface of the water, and the fireworks moved to the hotel were fantastic. The main type of fireworks used in the Shinmei festival are the nishakudama, which reach about 60 cm in diameter. The Kazahaya Umi Matsuri (Kazayaha Sea Festival) is typical of these events. Besides the fireworks, the stalls that line the streets and port are fun too. The group, whose name roughly translates as “the group that loves … With its beautiful colours and stunning displays, the Shinmei fireworks festival will not leave you disappointed! Find and book expeirences, amusements, leisure, sightseeing tours and fun activities from around Japan. National Simultaneous fireworks shows to be launched across Japan ... sometime So far, 77 fireworks businesses from 28 prefectures have said they are willing to take part Akita prefecture – Omagari National Fireworks Competition. It is very nice to be anchored at a position where the ship is clearly visible unlike the ground. The crowds themselves are a fine sight too. Over 200,000 tourists come to watch the fireworks along the banks of the Fuefuki River. Similar events are held at the same time of year at many other sites throughout Japan. Organized by sundry Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs and Chambers of Commerce, they are typically quite spectacular, reflecting the pride of the local area, and they draw crowds in the hundreds and thousands. 6/16 (Sun), 6/29 (Sat) *Will run in … In the summer months, local fireworks events are held all over rural Japan. The event features a good selection of whizzers, fizzers, squeakers, bangers and thumpers, with stars, planets, flowers, hearts, palm trees and other fantastic shapes of momentary duration. Summer Firework Festival in Tokyo 2019 starts in July until August. It was a good memory. In this article, we tell you why hanabi, Japanese fireworks, are so special, and festivals and events where you can enjoy them to the fullest. Only in Japan Fireworks is raising funds for ONLY in JAPAN Fireworks Festival October 2020 on Kickstarter! 12/8 (Sun), 12/15 (Sun). The culmination of the event is a flowery firework display that reaches up to 500 meters in diameter. The fireworks and smoke, the shape of Kashima looming in the dark, and the lights of the port and boats churning back and forth present a very compelling spectacle. ★ 2019 Degree holding schedule ★ Your feedback is confidential and will be used to help improve this page. There is much clacking of wooden sandals. The Kazahaya area, otherwise known as Hojo, outside Matsuyama is dominated by Kashima Island, a single blob of mountain deposited just offshore. 【spring】 The fireworks can be seen for several kilometres, so it's possible to find a quiet location. People in Ehime like to put on traditional clothing for festivals. Japanese Fireworks Event created by professionals, backed by YOU! 8/5 (Mon), 8/8 (Thu), 8/18 (Sun), 8/23 (Fri), 8/30 (Fri) The women appear dressed in bright, flowery yukata belted high below the bust, while the men wear darker colors belted low above the hips. The fireworks are launched from the long piers jutting out northwards from Kashima, and the festival goers gather on the quayside and in the port that serves Kashima just across the water. They sell an amazing array of generally unhealthy but satisfying snacks, cold drinks of every variety, toys that flash and whir, and goldfish. The fireworks are designed in a particular way to tell a story. Travel Pro - Domestic Hotels Best Price Reservation -, About travel agency registration, various terms and conditions. That city is well-known for holding the annual Omagari fireworks festival. It is a revival of celebrations held in the Edo period, and annually attracts close to a million celebrants. It’s best to go by train or bicycle if possible so that you can enjoy the cold beer on tap, and avoid the jam of cars that appears almost as soon as the gunpowder smoke has cleared. This was the time when gun powder was brought to Japan by foreign traders. The Nagaoka Festival Fireworks is one of the three largest fireworks festivals in Japan. I might even have said “Do-on!” myself once or twice. The Nagaoka Festival began in 1946 as a war-damage reconstruction festival. Japan’s fireworks playoffs. There's a lot of fun to be had at these festivals. Kazahaya Fireworks Festival 4000 fireworks are launched on the festival's second night (July 25) while a procession of flaming ships bearing portable shrines and people dressed in period costume travels along the Ogawa River. 弊社では、日本全国の様々なアクティビティを多くのお客様に安全・安心にお楽しみいただけるために、厚生労働省の「新型コロナウイルス感染症対策の基本的対処方針」・「3つの密を避けましょう」・「新しい生活様式」に基づき、催行事業者に対し下記のような感染症対策を推奨しております。, 催行会社の感染予防対策については、プラン予約ページ下部にある各催行会社情報の【安全面に対するアピールポイント】または【コース参加にあたってのご注意】をご参照いただき、詳細につきましては各催行会社へ直接お問合せください。, 各地のアクティビティ事業者のお取り組みについての情報は、下記ページでもご確認いただけます!, お客様におかれましても、引続きお出かけの際には、いわゆる【三密】の回避、咳エチケット、手洗いやアルコール消毒の徹底等に加え、2020年6月19日(金)に国土交通省・観光庁が発表した【新しい旅のエチケット】を意識し、感染症リスクを避ける行動を取り、安全にアクティビティ、レジャーをお楽しみいただきますよう心がけてください。, 現在も営業時間や催行日が変更されている観光施設、アクティビティ事業者がございます。お申込み時にカレンダーの状況をご確認いただくと共に、ご予約完了後におかれましても各催行事業者に最新情報をご確認いただきますようお願いいたします。急な施設の閉館、アクティビティ体験の催行中止等に伴うキャンセル料の有無につきましても、各催行事業者にご確認ください。, また、アクティビティジャパンでは、様々なアクティビティを楽しめる「オンライン体験」サービスも提供しております!, 「オンライン体験」サービスは、地域・観光事業者とお客様を日常的に繋げ、新たなコミュニティの創出が期待できるデジタルコンテンツです。事情があり外に出ることが困難な方や、やってみたいけどいきなりリアルな体験をすることに不安な方、今後の旅行や滞在プランを計画する為に現地の情報取集をしたい方など、オンライン上で気軽に現地のインストラクターやガイドの方と顔を合わせ、会話を楽しみながら疑似体験が可能です!, Search areas to experience Fireworks festival, [Shizuoka ・ Atami]Atami Sea Fireworks festival Appreciation Cruising, Japanese culture experience, overseas culture experience, #Over 10 people group members - Number of adults OK, Actim - Booking & Stock centralized management system, H.I.S. The Shinmei festival takes place in the town of Ichikawamisato in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan in early August. The area closest to Kashima on the mainland is cordoned off for those who wish to pay 5,000 yen for a camping table that seats four, with use of temporary toilets and hand washing facilities. The fireworks, boat procession and illuminated bridges are best seen from the … The biggest fireworks are loud enough to make your chest thump and fill up your whole field of view. 9/16 (Mon, Holiday) Register now and start earning Japan Travel Points. The fireworks are launched from the long piers jutting out northwards from Kashima, and the festival goers gather on the quayside and in the port that serves Kashima just across the water. But if you go in winter you have to do well against cold weather! Most people watch the Shinmei Festival from the Fuefuki River banks, so if you want to find a less crowded spot you can watch it from the banks of the parallel Kamanashi river. There are many discounted prices on Activity Japan. Otherwise, entry is free, and unreserved seating is available. 世界中の人々と心を一つに。ウィルス退散を願って、日本の夜空にONLY in JAPANの花火をあげよう! Gaudily painted and illuminated from within, the stalls suck in the crowds. In Japan, the firework season kicks off towards the end of July and lasts until the end of August. The main type of fireworks used in the Shinmei festival are the nishakudama, which reach about 60 cm in diameter. We welcome any suggestions regarding this content. Those with connections and time to organize procure themselves a fishing boat, load it up with necessities such as cold beer, and bob about in the channel, craning their necks to see the fireworks almost directly above their heads. Still I said it was good! Japan Travel is the leading resource for Japan travel information and the primary destination for visitors planning and traveling to Japan. The popularity of fireworks is by no means a recent phenomenon, and some events such as the Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival have a history dating back hundreds of years. When spring ends and summer starts in Japan, one festival that stands out is the Hanabi Festival translated in English, Fireworks Festival. It consists of events such as festival eve programs, daytime programs, the fireworks show and toro nagashi (paper lantern floating). Explore Japan's cities with Japan Travel Bike. The sky was clear and beautiful because it was winter when I went, but it was quite cold. It is said that the first Japanese fireworks started in 16th century. Osaka's Tenjin Festival is ranked among Japan's Three Great Festivals, together with Kyoto's Gion and Tokyo's Kanda Festivals. The Sumidagawa Hanabi Taikai follows the Japanese tradition of being a competition between rival pyrotechnic groups. Compare Fireworks festival around Japan by price, popularity and evaluation. Book Fireworks festival on Activity Japan. Japanese Firework Festivals Firework festivals are called Hanabi Taikai (花火大会) in Japanese and they already have a long history. (風早 まつり), Hojo Port, Matsuyama, Ehime (Map) With more than 20,000 firework displays lasting for about 2 hours, the Shinmei festival is one of the most recognizable in Japan. The nearest station is Iyo-Hojo on the JR line. The Shinmei festival takes place in the town of Ichikawamisato in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan in early August. A real explosion of colours that will be remembered for a long time. Art en Ciel: International Fireworks Competition, The Malta International Fireworks Festival. 【summer】 Thank you very much. Riwamoto Year ☆ Now Year Also held! 【winter】 Atami Sea Fireworks festival Do you not carefully view from the top of the ship? (Directions). I was sitting next to a gentleman who couldn’t help exclaiming “Do-on!” every time a big one went off.