Johns Hopkins University has a long history with the color blue. Deutsch: Logo des Peabody Institute der Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA. The university color system offers options that allow for creative expression. The logo cannot be accurately reproduced with any typeface and should not be modified in any way. The Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children’s Center is the building name and a location, and does not replace the name of the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. These colors are complementary to the primary blues and were chosen to add warmth and energy to your design. Our university color palette is broad to allow for the appropriate expression of our brand. Johns Hopkins scholars examine the past, present, and future of American democracy, looking for clear signs of peril, threads of hope, and perhaps a shared vision for a better, more inclusive republic. 10 in global rankings Published Oct 20, 2020 'U.S. In fact, such usage is not recommended. You may choose either color as the signature color in your design. Although there is no requirement that it be the dominant color in your palette, one of these blues should be used in significant and meaningful ways throughout your design to act as the identifying colors of the university. Hopkins No. The secondary color palette is designed to provide creative flexibility. If you are not satisfied with the result, you may modify it further with our image tools. Johns Hopkins Children’s Center is located in The Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children’s Center building. A Increase font size. Your project’s color palette will help establish the tone and express the personality traits of the university. For the sake of visualization, the signature blues are the dominant color in each example. Shopkins was designed and developed by Moose Toys in Melbourne, Australia. digital artwork provided on this website. Treat all Johns Hopkins logo formats as artwork, not typography. Johns Hopkins Children’s Center serves a pediatric patient population, and its logo uses a distinct symbol meant to evoke a childlike drawing of the dome as a welcoming beacon. Johns Hopkins Medicine. This site is designed to convey the principles and standards that govern the use of the Johns Hopkins Medicine marks and provide guidance for making decisions about their appropriate use. Johns Hopkins University has a long history with the color blue. It is not required to use a color from the secondary palette. If you do not want to download and install the font but just like to create simple text logos using Shopkins Font, just use the text generator below. Do not redraw or alter the logo. Use good design sense and consider the tone of the message in whatever communication you are creating. The grayscale palette includes any tint of PMS Black 4C between 100% and 0% (white). It embodies the stature of a leading academic medicine brand with the cheerful and colorful approachability of a children’s hospital. For the font used for “Kinstructions”, it is Komika Title Caps designed by Vigilante Typeface Corporation. Shopkins is a range of small, collectable toys, manufactured by Moose Toys. While the background for the white version can be any color, pattern, or image, the color for the logo itself must remain white. Color palettes can be as simple as a signature blue paired with sable and white, or as complex as the project or campaign determines is appropriate. They should be used sparingly relative to the primary and secondary colors. Marketing of JH Clinical Services and Research, Johns Hopkins Government and Community Affairs, Safety Precautions Graphic - Email Signature, Copyright © 2020. Credit: Will Kirk / Johns Hopkins University. Be mindful of the clear space when placing the logo on a photograph, in a field of color, or near other typography.