Joshua Franco (Amnesty Tech) Joshua Franco is a Senior Research Advisor at Amnesty Tech. Report. Accédez à tous les contenus et au journal numérique en avant-première, Guernica, vie et mort d'une utopie solidaire. In early June—while Amnesty was campaigning for the release of six women’s right activists jailed in Saudi Arabia—a staff member received an anonymous message in Arabic on the smartphone application WhatsApp from someone who claimed their brother was detained in Saudi Arabia and requested that the group “cover” a protest in front of the Saudi embassy in Washington, D.C. He worked as science editor and journalist and co-founded two successful companies, the production company drahtwarenhandlung for scientific films, data journalism and computer animation and the R&D company dwh GmbH for technical solutions and simulation services, dedicated to develop new and innovative pipelines from the basic idea for a data driven analysis up to a ready for market solution. Avec tous ces éléments, l’organisation craint que ces entreprises ne vendent des informations qui faciliteraient la surveillance de masse et les expulsions de millions d’individus. Qui ne concerne pas non plus les détenteurs de la carte verte ou d'un visa. This is what’s about to happen in Russia. Erich Prem is chief RTI strategy advisor and CEO of eutema GmbH. “The PTA is a highly repressive law that contributed to many of the human rights violations that took place during and following Sri Lanka’s conflict. It is a vast human and technological system of Internet censorship without parallel in the world. They’re those things you use to stream movies online in other countries that are annoyingly blocked in yours. These platforms allow people to access them supposedly for free, but instead of charging them a fee they require people to give up their personal data. He has contributed to the establishment of international institutions (including the launch of the World Wide Web consortium in 1993), has received a number of awards and honorary degrees and is a corresponding member of several National Academies. Read Amnesty International's daily press releases and tweets, See our current opportunities to get involved with Amnesty's campaigning and activism, Learn more about leaving a gift in your will, See the latest book, discussion guide and peruse the bookshelf, Canada: Stop investing in environmental and human rights harm, AI Canada feature films on Guatemala and Mining, Corporate accountability civil lawsuit filed in Vancouver, Canadian Extractives As Development Slideshow. S’appuyant sur la Syrie et l’Egypte, le chercheur franco-libanais analyse dans son dernier livre le contrecoup des printemps arabes de 2011, qu’il compare à la Révolution de 1789 : une transition démocratique violente, qui pourrait durer des décennies, mais qui, selon lui, reste possible. Our product is intended to be used exclusively for the investigation and prevention of crime and terrorism. Andrea has authored and co-authored both methodological and applied papers focused on leveraging large scale epidemiological datasets to identify novel socio-demographic, metabolic and genetic markers of common complex diseases. The link, if clicked, would have allowed the Pegasus software to infect the user’s smartphone, tracking keystrokes, taking control of the phone’s cameras and microphone and accessing contact lists. Marketers are presented with all sorts of problems with their work, but being on a platform predicated on human rights abuses isn’t normally one of them. The admitted year is 2009. Mais toutes les entreprises qui collectent et revendent des données ne l’ont pas fait, une situation préoccupante selon Amnesty International. L’étude rappelle que l’entreprise est «soutenue financièrement par le milliardaire Robert Mercer dont la fille a fait partie de l’équipe de transition de Trump», chargée de former son cabinet. Andrea is an EMBL-group leader at FIMM and an instructor at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. His work touches on digital surveillance and censorship, artificial intelligence and violence against women online in countries including Belarus, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and elsewhere. He is currently visiting professor at the University of Southampton, Adjunct Professor at the European University of Cyprus, President of the Digital Enlightenment Forum, and Advisor to several international organizations. been. Dr. Hötzendorfer advises various types of organisations on the implementation of the DSGVO, is a lecturer at universities in Austria and abroad and the author of numerous publications on data protection law, privacy by design, privacy engineering, network and information security (NIS) and related topics. But in 2018 it was revealed that Google was preparing to break its promise.