She said running to her bed room and coming back with he machine. "What's wrong?" "Barry this isn't fair, none of it!" He laughed and when they had finally straightened back he looked at her seriously. "Kara you can't just drink your problems away. Kara said. "Thanks Music Meister. "I have food, a lot of food. Probably one of the best things I have ever seen. Okay, I'm pressing play, let's do this and wake the whole city up!" Alex asked looking at the pair of them. "A party?" "We should do karaoke! "He's not here right now, is he? "What the hell, I've been trying to call you for over an hour, I thought something happened!" "Oh, Barry," Kara said pointing at him. She said spinning around before coming to a sudden halt. "Oh thank Rao," Kara said, pulling out the cork with her hands before downing half the bottle and grimacing. Barry then held up the wine bottles. "Are you guys drunk?" "Come on. He said high-fiving Kara once more. Being alone in her apartment still hit her every day with the pain of losing Mon-el and today especially she just needed a friend. With" Kara took a deep breath. [KARA:] Yeah, it's an easy rhyme [BARRY:] I'm your super friend Your super friend I'll be there in the nick of time If you're ever in a spot [KARA:] And if you're not there in time You can just go back in time And give it another shot [BARRY:] I'm actually not supposed to do that anymore [KARA:] Oh, okay [BARRY:] Sing! "An awesome party. "That was amazing!" Whoohooo!" "I'm having the best night ever with my best super friend, Barry Allen!" "Why does he have to die? Set in season 4 of Flash and season 3 of Supergirl. "Wait. "Oh no, this," he said pointedly gesturing to the bottles. And unwillingly, looking very concerned, Alex left. "That doesn't mean I won't drink though," she said. If you're ever in a spot [KARA] And if not there in time. I want to have a party!" "It's only 8:30," Barry said. A knock on the front door made Kara jump in the slightest bit and while keeping her soft blanket wrapped around her she made her way off the sofa. Mon-el wouldn't want you to do that!" The nights not over yet!". After finally connecting the whole thing to the flat screen tv Kara turned towards Barry. "Pick a song". Kara and Barry are just having fun. Barry asked in a drunken worried voice. "That was one of the weirdest magical experiences I have ever had," Said Kara as she and Barry were reviewing what happened in the musical. Long story short: He brings very alcoholic drinks, they get extremely drunk, and have some fun. Wait...we..kinda need food" Barry said dusting himself off. "Don't you mean Kara-oke?" They were both red-faced, sweaty and very unsteady on their feet. "Hey ow!" "The guy isn't so bad." "Hey, are you okay?" Normally because of my fast metabolism alcohol burns right through me but this can get even me drunk" Barry said handing her the bottle. "I want to do something fun and...and not sad. "I need something else to drink," Kara said going over to her cabinets and pulling out a big clear bottle and two small shot glasses. "BUT SINCE YOU BEEN GONE! "Remember I just a few universes away" this made Kara smile. "Alex has Maggie, and you have Iris. The silence was deafening. Why does Jack have to leave her like that?" And Kara had to agree. That..that is...very strong" Kara began to sway and Barry put his hand on her back to steady her. Alex asked and Barry paused the music. "But who the hell cares?! "I brought drinks," he said. And then the music started. Super friend Barry said. Clicking the locks open she found a smiling Barry Allen standing in the door way holding up to glass bottles without labels. Alex asked and Barry paused the music. "I'm having the best night ever with my best super friend, Barry Allen!" [KARA:] I'm your super friend Super friend ", "Really?" This is my first story that is not about Percy Jackson and I'm so glad I finally worked up the courage to do something different. The Flash 3x17 Barry and Kara Singing 'Super Friend' - YouTube "Ok, I go first, oh no. "I know," Barry said putting a comforting hand on her back. Kara said and in her need to hug someone she threw herself on the speedster almost knocking him over. Barry said. Let's do it together!" I have no one" She sobbed into the blanket that covered them both on the sofa. Your super friend. Alex said stepping towards Kara. "Kelly Clarkson: Since you been gone," He said proudly. He asked. "Hey, I'm always there for you when you need me," Barry said leaning his head back along one of the throw pillows while watching the credits on screen. (Song) [KARA] I'm your super friend. Kara said her face now very red. "Something did happen, Alex" Kara slurred. She said recognizing the name. Kara cried, tears heavily poured down her cheeks. I'll be there in the nick of time. "Something did happen, Alex" Kara slurred. The two of them began laughing hysterically as Kara helped him up. "Yeah. I CANT BREATH FOR THE FIRST TIME, IM STILL MOVING ON YEAH YEAH!" The Flash and Supergirl musical was amazing. "Yes! It was almost one in the morning when Barry and Kara were laying on her couch in the darkness of her apartment with only the brightness of the tv screen shining on their faces. "That's very thoughtful of you but being an alien that alcohol won't affect me," Kara said sadly thinking maybe they could go to the alien bar. Kara said as she gave Barry a mic and took one for herself. You can just go back in time. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Oh my God yes!" Your review has been posted. "We'll make it the most...epic party ever! "Let's do something fun!" "Yes! Kara yelled out. Kara nodded straightening her glasses. Barry and Kara sang extremely loudly over the music, having both finished the alcohol left in Kara's bottle they were both very much intoxicated. She said throwing her arms around his tall figure. AKA either the worst or best story EVER, you decide. She said throwing her arms around his tall figure. And suddenly everything was back to normal. Kara and Barry get another try at doing the most fun part of their musical adventure thanks to Music Meister. Barry laughed and Kara playfully hit him on the arm. "But it's just not fair" Kara repeated. [KARA] Yeah, it's an easy rhyme (Song) [BARRY] I'm your super friend. Kara nodded. "Is a Cisco Ramon special. He asked. I love that song. I think...that you...should go, Alex!" She said. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. "Are you guys drunk?" "Anytime," Barry said. "Why did Mon-el have to leave me?" "I'm the Flash!" Yes!" "Barry!" "Got it!" Kara said. He said. Suddenly music started to play through the vents of a familiar song started playing, and they were suddenly in tap shoes. "Well I don't know about you, but that was probably one of the best things to ever happen to me." She said. Yeah, that's exactly what I was gonna say! Who does she call on but Barry Allen? Barry said looking surprised. I'm actually not supposed to do that anymore, For instance, I have to say I'm not impressed, When it comes to buddies, pal, you're the best, I love you more than the lightning bolt I wear on my chest, If you're ever sad, I'll bring you flowers, You can list "soprano" as one of your powers. " had to save him," Barry told her, his voice almost cracking. "Just the two of us" she smiled. NOW I GET, GET WHAT I-" but just then the front door opened and someone walked in. Kara yelled. Barry said putting up his hand for a high five from Kara who accidentally sent him flying back into the wall. After a terrible day without Mon-el Kara finds herself needing a friend to help her out. "My turn" and within seconds his was bottle finished as well. "Kara?" "and I have had to deal with a magical, imp, trying to marry me using magic. And give it another shot (Spoken) [BARRY] I'm actually not supposed to do that anymore [KARA] Oh, okay [BARRY] Sing! Wait! "You sure know how to drink," Barry said. I just had...a really bad day. "Wow. "What the hell, I've been trying to call you for over an hour, I thought something happened!". Because I'm Supergirl!" Yes! After playing Dance Dance Revolution (where Barry won every round) they decided to watch Titanic, a bad choice on their part to watch while drunk and now both of them were in tears. "Ready?" Kara asked. This is before Supergirl and the gang leave for their earth. Barry asked and he too wasn't very steady on his feet. "THANKS TO YOU! "From the other Earth?" "Kara?" ", They both smiled remembering how fun this part of the musical was and remembering everything…, At times like these when life is getting me down, And the world seems like it's gonna end-ship, There's at least one power that we both still have. Thanks for coming" Kara said leading him in and closing the door behind them. Your review has been posted. "Well," Kara said throwing down her glasses in an overly dramatic way. "Goodnight Barry," she said as her eyes slowly closed and Kara fell asleep.