Address: (“Daegagsa” on GoogleMaps), 6 Sinchangdong 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Busan. A store with over 35 years’ experience that sells Hwanghaedo-style dumplings. Just like the previous entry, the buildings of Taejongsa themselves won’t blow you away, but the serene forest setting makes a visit worthwhile. It’s off limits, but you can sneak a peak at it from the steps of an adjacent shrine. Turn right (north) onto the latter and walk for a few minutes. While the temple itself is nothing terribly special, Daegaksa offers the unique experience of being able to step off the chaotic street in one of Busan’s most popular and touristy neighborhoods, and suddenly find yourself in a serene little Buddhist oasis. From Central Bus Terminal at Nopo station in Busan, take the bus from platform #33-34. From there, you’ll notice a trail going down into the valley along the stream. Nokdujeon Ingredients. Ssamzigil, opened on December 18, 2004, has been called the "Special Insa-dong within Insa-dong." Come here for fresh air and a quick escape from hectic life in the city! Just after passing the large school, turn left and walk until the road dead ends. While many temples in Korea and elsewhere date back to ancient times, oftentimes they have been rebuilt quite recently and don’t actually look that old (a good example are the ancient Kumano Sanzan temples in Japan, which are regularly rebuilt and didn’t seem old at all to me). Visitors can climb to the top of the main hall to enjoy an impressive, close-up view of the statue, and even enter a part of the statue. Region : Jongno-gu Seoul Besides the giant Buddha, the temple grounds also feature beautifully manicured gardens, including cherry blossoms, that make for a relaxing stroll. Busan’s temples are a varied lot, from sea-facing temple complexes to ancient mountain retreats with Buddhas carved into cliff walls, and everything in between. The Most Beautiful Temples in South Korea April 14, 2020 May 20, 2020 South Korea has thousands of temples, so when we set out to pick the Top 3 Most Beautiful temples in South Korea… If you’re planning a trip across the country, here’s a detailed South Korea itinerary! Tongdosa Temple is located in the Tongdosa area of Gajisan Provincial Park in  South Gyeongsang province. The view of Mt. Baekyang (Baekyangsan) in the center of the city. Templestay Information Center offers various information and services regarding templestays and temple meals for domestic and international visitors. Located in Gyeongun-dong, Jongno-gu at the very heart of Seoul, Sieunjae is a hanok with a longstanding tradition. Baekyang (Baekyangsan) from Samgwangsa, but is a little harder to reach. There’s also a statue of Gandhi on site, donated by the government of India. If I had arranged this list in order of importance, then Beomeosa would have been in the #1 spot. It is located is the middle of Gwangbok-dong, a very busy and fashionable neighborhood. I’ve also added a bonus #11 temple at the end of the list, which is the best temple to visit on an easy day trip from Busan. Following the driveway into the main temple area, there isn’t much more than a modern monks’ dorm, a 3-tier stone pagoda, a Main Hall, and a few other shrines. A full circuit on the Danubi Train costs 3000 won. Seongnamsa is a Korean Temple that should be visited and it is regarded a masterpiece. Next visitors pass a huge collection of stone pillars that commemorate deceased monks, a large museum housing incredible scrolls and paintings, two picturesque bridges, and three gates before reaching the sacred courtyard. The most famous menu is rice cake. If you need more tips on where to stay in Busan, check out my detailed guide to Busan’s best neighborhoods and hotels, or browse Airbnbs in Busan here. Alternatively, mini-bus #15 only takes 10-15 minutes. Beomeosa has 11 associated hermitages, although a few of them are off limits to visitors, as they are places where monks study or meditate. – Save money by booking your Korea Rail Pass or KTX High Speed Rail tickets online. It takes 4-5 hours return to get to Seokbulsa, which includes a ride on the Geumgang Cable Car in Geumgang Park and a hike with a few uphill and downhill slogs. For me, it was the amazing coastal views from Taejongdae park that rounded out the experience, especially at the Observation Deck and Yeongdo Lighthouse (the first and second stops on the train). We’re…, South Korea has thousands of temples, so when we set out to pick the Top 3 Most Beautiful temples in South Korea, we had A LOT to choose from. Most people know Samgwangsa as the best place in Busan to experience the annual Lotus Lantern Festival on the Buddha’s birthday, which usually takes place around May. Geumjeong), the highest mountain in Busan, and features awe-inspiring Buddhas and temple guardians carved into the sandstone cliffs. After years of backpacking, I now call two places home: Edmonton, Canada and Taipei, Taiwan. It is the head temple in Busan of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, the most common one. Founded and opened by Monk Jeongsan, Sanchon is a vegan-friendly restaurant that mainly serves temple foods. Like Seokbulsa, Beomeosa occupies the slopes of Mount Geumjeong (Geumjeongsan), the tallest mountain in Busan. Address: 1220-1 Dugu-dong, Geumjeong-gu, Busan, South Korea. Beomeosa is the largest temple in Busan. A store selling Korean beef and pork dishes. Cheongnyeonam was once the headquarters of Sunmudo, a kind of Korean martial arts, and visitors can see images of monks doing Sunmudo moves on the walls of the various buildings. Geumjeong from the second floor of the small Main Hall is impressive, but my favorite part was the small cave temple that was filled with so many candles that it felt like a sauna inside, and had an intoxicating aroma. The temple famously has no Buddha statues, because relics from the historical Buddha himself are preserved within the temple’s shrines, including a bone fragment from his skull, a part of his robe, and his begging bowl. Type : Bars/ Cafes/ Clubs Region : Jongno-gu Seoul These two tasty dishes are enjoyed by the locals and by tourists that visit the country.