It is documented that in Barcelona in 1424 the first gegant, Goliat, took part. La Mercè is getting in on the vintage trend and bringing back an amusement park like those that were around in the 1950s and 1960s. , Tus vacaciones, un 25% mejores. La Mercè 2015: Top things to do Discover the events that make La Mercè, Barcelona’s week-long fiesta, legendary. ¿Conoces @scens, Y tú, ¿te escaparás este fin de semana? In 2017 the first moments were dedicated to the victims of the Barcelona terrorist attack that took place in August that year where 16 people were killed. The gegants festival originated around the first Corpus processions. Will you miss it? 19 September, 2017 This 2018, Lisbon is the guest city, so you can also listen to fados, the Portuguese folk song, on stage. After a plague of locusts had destroyed the fields and the crops in the Catalan countryside the local population asked for the virgin´s assistance in fighting the pestilence. During La Mercè several activities are organized with castells, and I’m sure some of them will fit in your calendar. During the four days of the festival, there are extraordinary audiovisual exhibitions called Video Mapping, projected on emblematic monuments such as the Town Hall or Casa Batlló. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress,,, Barcelona – Nature & Hiking in the Collserola Natural Park, Feel like Gaudí: Tour & Workshop | Our Barcelona adventure and other travel stories, Private Wine Tour | The Barcelona Feeling, Correfoc for adults: Saturday, 21st at 8.30 pm in Via Laietana, Correfoc for children: Saturday, 21st at 6.30 pm in Via Laietana, Piromusical closing act: Tuesday, 24th at 10 pm in Avenida Reina Maria Cristina, Fireworks at the beach: Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd at 10 pm at Barceloneta beach. If you wish to attend the BAM Festival concerts, you can request a reservation starting on 8 September. Every September 24th and during a whole week, Barcelona celebrates its “Festa Major” – Barcelona’s festival of festivals, a celebration which goes back more than two-hundred years. One of the most outstanding events of the program are those having to do with our roots and traditions, which reflect Catalonia’s popular culture as a whole. Origins.   But La Mercè actually took off in 1902, under the impulse of Francesc Cambó. In these rúas, a fifteenth-century tradition, children see the giants Jaume and Violant, the capgrossos, the city’s eagle and the rest of the bestiary parading and dancing. From then, every year in September the celebration bids goodbye to summer and welcomes the cooler months of autumn. The Coordinadora de Geganters de Barcelona is a guarantee that this old tradition has a great future. Descobreix la Llotja de Mar i la seva història en, Les nostres visites guiades en monuments emblemàt, No us sembla que hi ha detalls que es veuen molt d, Creus que coneixes totes les històries, llegendes, ‼ Última passejada per una Barcelona diferent d, ‼ Una altra Passejada per una Barcelona diferent, ‼ Una nova Passejada per una Barcelona diferent, ‼ Us presentem la primera Passejada per una Barc, 6 Roman Heritage Spots in Barcelona Which Will Inspire to Write a Novel, Sustainable Traveling Spots & Tips in Barcelona, Thinking of Popping the Question in Barcelona?