I love seeing him kicking ass. Two plotlines are still too few for a Legion title and having to wait until the very end of the third issue is too late in the game for a properly plotted and paced title. Bendis’ Legion is the Keystone Cops of super-teams. Writing the Legion of Super-Heroes is probably one of the hardest tasks in mainstream comics. Welcome to the 31st century!You knew there was no way Jon Kent was going to leave his best friend behind, so in In Legion Of Super-Heroes #3 it’s welcome to the future, Damian Wayne! The art of Legion of Super-Heroes #3 continues to provide a great visual for its story. Competency issues aside, the Legion offers an interesting blend of personalities. Obviously, Damien must have done something terrible at some point and it is up to the Legion to make sure that the timeline is managed so that Damien either is redeemed or that Damien is prevented from going down the wrong path in the first place. It is just more stupid piled on top of more stupid. Superboy is completely lacking in anything that would resemble an actual personality. Seriously? Either way, why should the reader care? Legion of Super-Heroes #3 is published by DC Comics, written by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Ryan Sook and Travis Moore, inks by Wade Von Grawbadger and Travis Moore, colors by Jordie Bellaire, and letters by Troy Peteri. The lines are clean and the art looks smooth. Bendis just recycles the same dialogue and information that we have gotten over and over in the first two issues. Imra says that they have to put Damien back into the past. We see Saturn Girl’s team teleporting back into the headquarters. Inks: Wade Von Grawbadger and Travis Moore. A Geek Community on WordPress.com. His take on the Legion so far has been intriguing and added some unique flourishes to the 31st century, but with Legion of Super-Heroes #3, it seems like the scope of the story might be getting away from him. The colorwork here is also expertly realized. Tortor suddenly appears and says that he is here to rescue Mordru. Bendis has also failed to generate any chemistry at all between any of the Legionnaires. That is utterly and stunningly lacking in Bendis’ Legion of Super-Heroes. Having said that, there were a couple of bright spots to this issue. Everyone wants the trident. Let’s start with Superboy. That is why Bendis has always shined on solo titles like Daredevil and Ultimate Spider-Man, but struggled and collapsed on team titles or big events. While the lack of story progression disappointed me, I continue to greatly enjoy the individuals within this story. There has been zero plot progression with this plotline. Sook, Moore, and Von Grawbadger do an excellent job drawling all of the Legionnaires. Fantastic plotting. The only other use of Interlac was near the end of Legion of Super-Heroes when we see the word “Sleep” in English and in Interlac as the sound effect for Saturn Girl’s attack on Crav. Just get it over with already. He mostly wanders around seeming confused before being abruptly sent back to the present because his presence in the future could unbalance the timeline. Legion of Super-Heroes #3 variant cover, via DC Comics. Mon-El then punches Crav and knocks him out. Just gross. Lightning Lad says that the psychic interrogation did not work so they need a new plan. This helps to charge Bendis’ story full of emotion and helps pull the reader into the story. It is stunning how Bendis cannot write these characters as anything other than a complete blithering moron. Mordru then realizes that Tortor is not real. Again, Bendis never wastes an opportunity to make a Legionnaire look like a bubble-headed idiot. Lifelong geek who enjoys comics, video games, movies, reading and board games . Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. When all is said and done, Legion of Super-Heroes #3 is a solid story with some elements landing better than others. He plays like some sort of C-list Conan villain willing to beat up his own son to prove a point. Required fields are marked *. Crav asks where is his trident. I look forward to growing as a writer and bettering my craft in my time here! Legion of Super-Heroes #3 is available January 15th wherever comics are sold. Superboy comments that he did notice a lack of Bat-themed people anywhere. Next is the five-page scene on Planet Gotham. In this prison scene, Bendis finally begins to build up Mordru’s character. In fact, I’d have to say no forward progress is achieved. Readers are much better off spending their money on the numerous other superhero team titles that are currently on the market. I am also less than thrilled with this Damien Wayne plotline because it continues to bind and restrict the Legion to the 21st century DCU. (Yeah, nothing like waiting until the FOURTH issue of the new title to properly introduce Jon to the Legion. Further, Bendis absolutely has to start performing real character work on the various Legionnaires and give them distinct and unique personalities outside of the bland and generic Bendis speak that we have gotten in the first two issues. The story appears to have little to no direction or purpose as the first two issues have been lazily paced. Bendis has failed to tell the reader why they need to add this title to their pull list. That their entire existence is dedicated to rooting for Damien’s success. This is hard for me to accept, as this is supposed to be the premier superhero team of their age. Bendis has failed to tell the reader the various roles that each Legionnaire plays within the Legion of Super-Heroes. While Jon and Damian are trying to find there way in the future, the Legion is dealing with other crises. Bendis should have fully embraced the Legion’s roster and their rich setting of the 31st century and worked hard to show the reader how special and unique the Legion is and why this franchise is so damn cool. Legion of Super-Heroes #3. This scene is easily the best part of Legion of Super-Heroes #3. Stupid. I dig his brusque demeanor and his bravado. Again, the Legion’s strength has always been its diverse roster of incredible characters and the strong and engaging chemistry that exists between them. It is touches like this that makes the story more immersive. Everyone else gets little to no panel time. I am amazed that Jon can breathe and walk at the same time given how idiotic Bendis writes Jon’s character. Now, by adding Damien Wayne into the mix, Bendis is making the Legion even more ridiculously dependent upon the present-day DCU. In present-day America, people would barely be able to name a single historical figure from the 9th century let alone an alien from another planet being able to do so.