He says the first “documented” chief was Gregor of the Golden Bridles. I would love to hear from her or anyone else with the surname GREGSON [email protected]. After the name was banned the split up into their own clans: The Blacks (me), The Greens and a lot more. Despite clan territorial considerations, the king’s feudal power allowed him to take back lands and give them to whom he pleased. Back in 1592, a MacGregor arrow had accidentally killed a member of Clan Colquhoun (pronounced ‘ca-hoon’) during a cattle raid. I am a direct descendant of him. It is fun to see all the information about Scotland. It is really exciting to be able to trace my family history all the way back to Scotland. This name means inhabitant of Flanders, many of whom emigrated from Flanders to Britain, settling on the Scottish borders, around the year 1200 . It’s always how i’ve prounced my name. I would love to get a ring for myself and all my kids with the MacGregor crest on it! We have traced Menzies ancestors back to 1749 but YDNA reveals a possible “adoptive surname” by MacGregors in 1660-1700. There were three Irish clans of the name located in Ulster, in the area on the borders of the modern counties of Donegal and Tyrone, around Islandmagee in Co. Antrim and in Co. Fermanagh. It was Olav who was beheaded – and not for the reason Chris claims. Both the Clan Donald and the Clan Mackay claim it as a sept. My grandfather Thomas Mcgregor arrived in Toronto, Canada right after the second world war. The name can be either of Scottish or Irish origin. Does anyone know where his parents are from or anything earlier? Boy ol Rob Roy sure does have a lot of grandkids here.. LOL. The detailed story of the origins of the MacGregors – and the nature of the relationship they have with the other Siol Alpin Clans – is now told in my 2-Volume book “Scottish Clans: Legend, Logic & Evidence”. The King family relocated to America in 1715 via Thomas King and Jane Sharp. 1540-1604 Malcolm MacCulchere McGregor married Flinlay Glas (McEantyre) Alike historical clans, our community also share the investment and attachment to the land, our Nature Reserves, and we even have our own tartan and crest. I’m struggling to find information at the moment. But here i am a Brown on my fathers side and McCoullough on my mothers. I have been trying to connect him to a ‘Rob Roy’ descendant viz. My relative recently took a dna test which showed that he belonged to the Mc Gregor line but our last name is Brown but seems to disappear in our genealogy, do you know if this last name was used in the name changes from McGregor? [email protected]. There were three Irish clans of the name located in Ulster, in the area on the borders of the modern counties of Donegal and Tyrone, around Islandmagee in Co. Antrim and in Co. Fermanagh. 1. (Note for Kirk Greer: I noticed you said you have done your tree and now are working on filling in with a paper trail. Would love any leads to meet our clan, we live on a Mac Gregor is a strong soul, the Highlands have been calling us for decades ‍‍‍‍, My great grandmother was a MacGregor and very proud to be. On the following page it lists the 8 children born to Alexander & Ann, with one notable “Rob Roy”, who was born 12th Dec 1865. I cannot trace family tree back into Germany. Ann Gordon John Blacklow was a descendant of Blacklaws from the Blacklow Hills in the Scottish Border country. Best Range, Every Tartan! 1731-1750 William Mcgregor (the Preacher) married Sarah Molly Flowers Esther was sister to Patrick Magee who married Rosanna McCullar, sister to Alexander M. McCullar. My mother was born a Taylor and her mother was a McGregor, the daughter of Teone McGregor. I am the direct descendant of Rob Roy McGregor through my maternal line. His daughter, Sandra, my mother moved to Grey County close to a hamlet named Rob Roy. What I have struggled to understand is our connection to Clan Gregor. Thank you!! Came to America abt 1820. 1310-1330 Donnchadh (Beg) Macgregor married UNK However it was probably necessary for Gregor of the Golden Bridles to assert this as he was not himself in the direct male line of the previous chiefs (it is hard to say just when this motto was adopted – though the original coat of arms (with a pine rather than an oak tree) was adopted c1085). He was buried in 1735 at Balquhidder, where later his wife and two of his sons were interred. If there is any problemen going on, summon me! We were born there but Immigrated to Australia in the 1960’s Gregg County! One time it was the prison guards themselves who let him go. Lanrick Castle, official clan seat of the MacGregors until the 1830s. Most of the Irish Gormans today are descended from the Mac Gormáin sept, whose territory was Slivemargy in Co... Mac Aodh, Mac Gee, Mac Kee, Mc Gee, Mc Kee. Ewan McGregor in Cannes, 2012. For nearly two centuries Clan MacGregor was a victim of Proscription. The MacGregor story is one of dogged survival and endurance in appalling conditions. Happy to share info and photos if anyone would like to do the same. Magee Clan Scarf  The Magee Clan Aran Scarf is a wonderful item of Magee heritage which will be cherished by the wearer for generations to come. I also, am a McGregor and am from Toronto, Canada. Funny how a person can know nothing about a part of their culture, but feel it in their soul their whole life. 1405-1460 Dougal Clar (the Dusky) MacGregor I of Glenayle married UNK First off great article. Iam Looking For Information on My 6 generations Great Great Great Great Grandfather and Grandmother Walter Mc Gregor and Margaret McGregor (Martin) And There Daughter Mary Stevenson (McGregor)My Great Great Great Grandmother Died Mar 26 1894 Menstrie Clackmannannshire Married John Stevenson Had A Son Robert Stevenson 1843-1908, Frederick Ludwig Stettner Jr10/01/19 - 05:44. He married and had 2 daughters . [email protected], My Family name is Whyte. Nowadays, under Scots law, anyone who shares the clan surname is automatically considered part of that clan. My family line changed the name to MacAra (Son of the King) at the beginning of The Proscription and Anglicized it to King two generations later. Click For Details. This is my first chance to see their land. I’m French but my grand dad was Scottish and a true Mcgregor. Ann Marie Heuser-Barnes (mother maiden name McGregor)01/09/17 - 04:41. 1700-1786 William McGrigor I married Annabell Huten (may have had another wife Molly) It was so hard to catch him that even Montrose eventually gave up. A lot of the McGhees in Ulster are of Scottish origin. I was wondering has anyone changed their name ba. Photo by Celtus / CC BY-SA 3.0. 810 AD – 892 King of Dalridada, I did a genealogy with two different companies and both are telling me I am related to Rob Roy MacGregor and James Vi and Mary Stuart. There are so many that emerge from the clans of Scotland and, occasionally,the good guy(s)win! 1550-1586 Gregor Dubh MacGregor married Janet Buchanan Maybe that’s where your error came about. This database makes extensive use of Kith and Kin to check and confirm the accuracy of the information supplied, but … Early Origins of the Magee family The surname Magee was first found in along the border of counties Donegal and Tyrone (Irish:Tír Eoghain), the ancient territory of the O'Neills, now in the Province of Ulster, central Northern Ireland, where they are thought to be descended from the Colla Uais. They had son Alexander McCullar born 1811 Missouri Territory who married Jane”Jensie” Wilson. If so any documents at all? This far I have the McLeish’s (also McLish), MacPherson’s and Straughan’s (also Strawn), nailed down and continue to search for the link to Rob Roy MacGrwgor. Finlarig Castle, a Campbell stronghold in old MacGregor lands. slans. . Greets Robbin. Next year, I hope to visit again with my wife. The Blacklaws were descendants of MacGregor Clan.