Oceanbird (Mother), Windbear (Father), Olga (Sister), Science, Blossom, destroying Dexter, creating chaos, being evil, Dexter, Brick, Berserk, Boomer, Butch, Bubbles, Buttercup, being second best. Like her brother, she is voiced by Eddie Deezen. Activity after activity and he didn't like any of them and always tried to be evil. The surname Astronomonov would imply that he is Russian. He said he was done with this. Mandark even went out and did so after he told the story but when Mandark was about to get to the door, Oceanbird and Windbear stopped him so he could put down the weaponry and do hippie rituals with them. However, his plans for said thing would have to wait, because Oceanbird and Windbear had a different idea for his development. He was voiced by Eddie Deezen. He turned it on and it was a light bulb. The Cluster grabbed Dexter who became unconscious. Although he is evil most of the times, he holds a soft side for Blossom and his sister Olga. With Oceanbird's last breath of maternal exhalation, she had finally brought her new born lovechild into the world. He is shown to summon a metal rope, katana, spike cudgel, wolverine claws, axe, feather, pencil 2, corkscrew, fork, pocket knife and sink out of it. Oceanbird and Windbear came to the realization that they were neglecion their sons needs and then had the idea to drop out. Dexter saw that Mandark had locked Blossom in a water capsule, that almost would drown her. Dexter is his worst enemy. He later drops the obsession for her in order to obsess over Blossom, much to everyone's annoyance. He is Dexter's arch-nemesis. The bombs were about to explode and he began to cry. She seems to have total control over him because she is stronger and scarier than him. He is a tall boy who has a black bowl-cut hairstyle that lays around the top of his head like a helmet. He frequently attempts to destroy his nemesis Dexter. They tried traveling the world to try and cure his craving for evil and technology and Susan went along with this and did not deny it. Olga is his little sister. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. His body explodes and his disembodied brain was then placed in a confined jar with a communicator by Action Dexter. Years after, on Susan's 8th birthday whcih they ironically adresses to as his annual name day, Susan finally snapped because he could'nt take anymore of this. Journal 1 I grow tired of my arcane school, of my fellow small mined collages and their mocks. Windbear is always trying to quench his craving for fighting and evil. Their full intent was for him to be a good and pure flowerchild and for him to believe in peace just like them. The Grim Reaper later appeared seconds before the explosion to take him with him, the lab exploded and killed him. After Dexter found out what happened he went to his lab and broke in. He has a dark red, evil-looking lab where he makes diabolical machines for power. Mandark said that even though he was here with Oceanbird and Windbear now, he would get his revenge on Dexter someday. Mandark's voice actor is Eddie Deezen in the series, but in Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion, it is Keith Ferguson, who did the voice of Danny Phantom in Nicktoons MLB. He saw no other option except to blow up his laboratory and kill Dexter along with himself. She only appeared in the episode Dee Dee's Rival. He wants to be a much smarter genius that him but every time he tries to he always ends up horribly failing. Contents . The moment the two of them named him Susan, he started crying. Susan "Mandark" Astronomonov is the main antagonist of Dexter's Laboratory. He is a tall boy who has a black bowl-cut hairstyle that lays around the top of his head like a helmet. He is in many ways the Anti-Dexter: while Dexter is an incredibly knowledgeable knowledge with an otherwise ordinary life.