I highly recommend the Mercerville Animal Hospital!”, “We switched over to Mercerville a couple of years back after seeing the difference in just an ordinary checkup between here and another vet's office on the other side of town. Doctor Stewart immediately diagnosed a serious condition with my dog on our first visit, without the need for a battery of tests. We are a member of the Embrace preferred practice program; please enjoy your 5% discount! So glad I went there. Mercerville Animal Hospital is family owned and operated and we hope our clinic experience a place that they feel part of the family. If underfed, the dog may not be getting some critical amino acids – methionine and cysteine – from which the dog synthesizes taurine. Keep track of weight. I also appreciated his direct yet compassionate style. They brought my animals through some very difficult times in a highly professional and sensitive manner. Book an appointment online quickly and easily. As veterinarians, the AVMA has advised us to not promote raw foods – based on research provided by the very same vet who wrote this December article. He was so great and answered all my questions. https://www.avma.org/resources-tools/animal-health-and-welfare/covid-19, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qD6tkpjgDOE, and link to ordering supplies for home monitoring of your pet’s blood glucose, https://www.chewy.com/alphatrak-2-blood-glucose-monitoring/dp/173362. The pet food industry, the manufacturers, AAFCO (who requires no feeding trials) even the FDA which is refusing to release critical information about their research. Call us today at (206) 285-0395 for an appointment. We know our clients, (as well as our patients!) Our mission is to provide quality veterinary care at an affordable price in a caring and beautiful environment. DIETS. As part of their animal rescue program, Wings of Aloha and Aloha Escorts, local humane societies in Kauai and Maui transfer pets to the mainland for adoption using Alaska Airlines passenger volunteers! They have seen all 3 Drs. Get to know the doctors and staff at Mercerville Animal Hospital. Mercy Animal Hospital. With much gratitude to everyone.”. Mercer Street Veterinary Hospital is your local Veterinarian in Seattle serving all of your needs. We offer evening and Saturday hours for your convenience. We look forward to seeing you soon. diets (boutique, exotic and grain free) and lack of taurine as most likely culprits. Mercy Animal Hospital Dr. Thomas B. McMillen : 1395 New London Avenue Cranston, Rhode Island 02920 (401) 821-9222 In addition to veterinary care, a pet food bank and other generously donated items are appreciated and taken to locations such as ours to get to those in need. She needed to have a tooth pulled and have her teeth cleaned and they did it right away. Use fresh foods, frozen, freeze dried. If you don't currently go here I strongly recommend that you do!! It's a small office (with low overhead) and more importantly, the vets are VERY COMPETENT. I never feel rushed no matter how busy they are. The only downside is that it seems we've had a different doctor every time I've taken the dogs in for a checkup. With our patient-friendly residential setting, Mercy Animal Hospital combines the most up to date medical care with a commitment to ‘old school’ customer service, maintaining a ‘country store on the corner’ philosophy. Very accommodating when making an appointment too. Such shortcomings doom this report in any professional field. The Doney Clinic has been serving people and pets in need for over 25 years. Last year, cardiologists around the country started observing unexpected cases of Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dog breeds that historically had not been known to develop this serious condition. There have been a couple of times where we've needed to go into PA to the CARES animal hospital for emergencies and specialty care, but for the everyday stuff, we're very happy with Mercerville. Thank you.”, “Love Mercerville Animal Hospital! They care about the pets and their families. - all of whom are very caring. Dr. Carter takes care of my two shih tzu's Dunkin and Chewie. Once the word got out, a team of investigators and the FDA started looking into this issue, and in December, the Journal of American Veterinary Medicine (JAVMA), a highly reputable publication, issued an op-ed implicating B.E.G. The sincere compassion and concern from all the staff was a great assistance to us and the most saddest time.. We highly recommend the entire staff. The most frequent commonality between cases were the presence of legumes in the kibble. https://caninearthritis.org/, MERCYVET’S POSITION ON THE CURRENT CONTROVERSY ABOUT DOG KIBBLES AND B.E.G. Always excellent care for each of our pets. The doctor was amazing! Looking for a gift for you canine friends or for your Fur-Family member? The real lesson we have learned is that we cannot trust anyone! MercyVet, 2707 76th Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island, USA, https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/faq.html#animals, https://www.avma.org/resources-tools/animal-health-and-welfare/covid-19. Need pet supplies? Your local veterinarian in Gardendale, Alabama. Several years ago my Golden became very ill suddenly and even the local emergency/specialty hospital was stumped. However, this Thursday was the hardest day as we had to send Rylie over Rainbow Bridge as her health took a turn. Carter and Dr. Stewart (sp?) Call us today at (205) 631-4432 to schedule your pet’s appointment! The staff is so friendly, and they squeezed me in since I was there last month for a different issue with my cat and am moving out of state in a few days. We truly want the best for our patients and love what we do. Our History In 2002 Doctors Charles Jones and Dawn Jones wanted to practice veterinary medicine in a loving, family based environment that focused on … Call us today at (206) 285-0395 for an appointment. I'd like to have a little more consistency in our doctor, so that they can build a history with our dogs and us.”, “I love this animal hospital! We have a dedicated team of professionals who take the care of your furry family member seriously. Mercerville Animal hospital has been operated by the Carter family since 1957, his father Dr Carter Senior started the practice. All of the Doctors and staff have treated my dog with loving care and respect. always remember me and my dogs, and I love that they take the time to give my furbabies a thorough exam and to educate me. We remain dedicated to providing our community with the best veterinary care and services. Very reasonable prices.”, “Kind, caring staff. I knew she needed to have them cleaned. MercyVet, 2707 76th Avenue Southeast, Mercer Island, USA 206 232 7667 info@mercyvet.com Often the knee jerk response is to go back to poor quality, grain laden kibbles. Mercerville Animal Hospital is family owned and operated and we hope our clinic experience a place that they feel part of the family. - This was our first time at Mercerville Animal Hospital.) They explained everything to me were gentle, caring and very understanding. (This issue had been misdiagnosed by a vet I had visited while vacationing in Miami three weeks prior.) Welcome to Mercy Animal Hospital! The last 8 months it was awesome she was improving. Always explains, takes his time. We truly want the best for our patients and love what we do. The last 4 years our dog Rylie that we rescued had severe allergies in her body that affected her neurologically . My family has come here for years....so many stories of excellent care and kindness we could tell.”, “My family has taken all our dogs and cat to The Carter Family since 1966. We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets! Mercerville Animal hospital has been operated by the Carter family since 1957, his father Dr Carter Senior started the practice. : )”, “I moved to Hamilton Township 12 years ago and Mercer Animal Hospital became my Veterinary Hospital. They only billed me $32 which included a courtesy nail trim (it is usually $15). Here at MercyVet, we have looked for answers and spoken to our cardiologists to try to come up with a commonsense response. Supplement your dog’s diet with fresh ingredients; discuss specific supplements with your vet as dogs are individuals and certain disease patterns affect their needs. When I had to put my pug down I was a mess. Great news: Dr Kirkby Shaw has founded a OA care website with tips for vets and clients! They have seen my dog on an emergency basis several times. Mercy Animal Hospital provides a full range of medical services from medicine, surgery and dentistry to radiology and laboratory. She is doing fine tonight. Provided by ePet Websites | Powered by LifeLearn WebDVM, We’re pleased to provide a wide variety of, Mercerville Animal Hospital offers a wide range. The article has been downloaded thousands of times, and many worried pet owners and veterinarians are struggling to choose and recommend safe formulations. Dr. Carter your the best! I would NEVER go anywhere else. Dr. Carter came out and greeted me immediately and took us back in the exam room. Great office, thank you everyone for taking such wonderful care of us and being so efficient. Take the time to talk to you and help you understand what is going on with your furry friends. (P.S. One of my friends, whose Veterinarian was out of town, raced their dog who was not breathing to Dr. Carter's office and he saved her dog. Mercy Animal Hospital has been serving the needs of pet owners in Cranston, Warwick and the neighboring towns of Rhode Island since 1951, making it one of the longest serving small businesses in the area. “This practice was originally recommended to me by a friend, and my two rescue dogs have been going here for almost 8 years. The Doctors and entire Staff show genuine concern for my Dogs and Cats and are truly passionate about animals. Mercerville Animal Hospital offers a wide rangeof veterinary services for your pet(s). The location itself is slightly ragged around the edges, but for regular services the doctors there seem to put more effort and care into their examinations and diagnosis. The Drs. A brand new medicine came out and Dr. Colleen called me as she was excited it would help Rylie. MercyVet has been hit by a dramatic rent increase, forcing us to raise our rate as of August 1st . Anybody traveling to the islands can email them with their date of departure and flight info, and they will contact you during your trip if they have pets to transfer! Not all cases were alike, but most dogs improved upon dietary change and taurine supplementation. Mercer Street Veterinary Hospital is your local Veterinarian in Seattle serving all of your needs. Check out our brandnew online store! Thank you for your understanding and support. I was so happy and they took such great care of her. Visit your vet annually, or if there are signs of illness or changes in energy level, appetite, or engagement. I wish I had discovered Mercerville earlier. It was Dr. Carter Jr. who saved his life. At Mercerville, it is clear that the Vets there are in charge, they can stay true to the ideals which drove them to become Vets, and they truly care about your pet.”, 720 Edinburg Road Mercerville, New Jersey, 08619 Phone: 609-587-5863, Monday 7:30am – 8:00pm Tuesday 7:30am – 8:00pm Wednesday 7:30am – 8:00pm Thursday 7:30am – 7:00pm Friday 7:30am – 7:00pm Saturday 7:30am – 1:00pm Sunday Closed, © 2020 Mercerville Animal Hospital. Learn More I find that too many larger clinics are going the way of human hospitals, with a business focus on maximizing revenue.