Former State's Attorney with 30 Years Experience, For injury cases there is no fee until you win. Michael Brennan has been a family law attorney for 30 years. As chair of Governor Scott Walker’s state judicial selection commission, Brennan was responsible for selecting Supreme Court justices who referred to LGBTQ persons as “degenerates”; said that gay people who died of AIDS “deservedly receive none of my sympathy”; mocked the rights of women; and compared affirmative action to slavery. My expectation is to be there for your family or your business as life happens, so that you can confidently rely on my to ensure your interests are always protected no matter what life throws your way. Whether 7:00 AM or 10:00 PM, whether you're working from your office during lunch or your couch at home after putting the kids to bed, we're here. rather than requiring you to schedule time to come meet with your attorney physically in person, Prior to establishing The Michael J. Brennan Injury and Accident Lawyer offices, Michael worked as Assistant State Attorney with the Cook County State Attorney’s Office. Attorneys from my generation are so adept at high tech office management techniques, such as cloud file storage, online research, and wireless business phone systems – that the need for secretaries and receptionists has all but vanished for many young solo attorneys and small firms, keeping our overhead much lower than that of our more established colleagues. In Greenfield Senior Hous. We get the job done right in a professional, efficient, and cost effective manner due to our experience and proven track record of success in virtually every aspect of landlord-tenant litigation. We are the Brennan Law Firm. He has extensive trial experience dealing with divorce, custody, paternity and related matters. company placeholder image. v. Tannehill, 2007 Wisc. ", "We use Mike for all our business needs. In reversing, the appeals court found that Brennan ignored basic legal principles. Alliance for Justice opposes his confirmation on grounds related both to the process that led to his nomination, and to the merits of his record. Creating a just, free, and equitable society for all. No area of family law brings to the courtroom the tension, anxiety, hostility, volatility and raw emotion as child custody and visitation. As the Court of Appeals noted, Brennan “cited no case law to support [his] conclusions. Michael E. Brennan; Download PDF. LEXIS 564 (Wis. Ct. App. Furthermore, after the commission considered his potential nomination, Brennan failed to meet commission standards, that a candidate receive the support of five out of six commissioners, which Senator Ron Johnson himself had insisted on under President Obama and reaffirmed under President Trump. He has called for unchecked executive power and sought to weaken rights of criminal defendants. Attorney Michael Brennan As a licensed attorney in Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota I provide that help and do so in a way that works on your time. Brennan Law Firm (626) 294-0500 - Direct (626) 294-0505 - Fax (855) 285-2230 – Toll Free to make sure that your workers' compensation case is in the best hands. Additionally, we provide outstanding customer service and attention to detail often lacking in other firms. rather than requiring you to schedule time to come meet with your attorney physically in person. He graduated from John Marshall Law School with his Juris Doctorate and was an assistant state’s attorney on behalf of the People of the State of Illinois at the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office. Q. United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. Brennan emphasized that Senators Herb Kohl and Russ Feingold “had their say in Nourse’s first nomination” and “Johnson should have his say.” Moreover, Brennan wrote, “[t]here are now two senators from Wisconsin from different political parties, so to exclude Johnson and those citizens who voted for him would be a purely partisan move.”. There's no commute, and you don't have to take time off of work. Michael Brennan, custody attorney & fathers rights attorney is a family law attorney and author. My goal is to develop a lifelong relationship with you as a client. Ensured compliance with laws, regulations, and internal company policies developed to reduce exposure to risk and ensure contractual commitments can be met. In nominating Brennan, the White House ignored the […] On August 3, 2017, President Trump nominated Milwaukee attorney Michael Brennan to the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. Michael J. Brennan Lawyer Overview. ]” Id. This allows me to think outside the box, and keeping an open mind ensures that I’m learning every detail about your estate, your family, your business and your goals ensuring that I understand you personally and what's important to you. Mr. Brennan is a member of the Chicago Bar Association and Workers’ Compensation Lawyers' Association. He has been accepted as a Member of the Gerson Lehrman Group Law … Brennan’s record and writings indicate that he holds a singularly troubling belief: that conservative judges should not follow precedents they disagree with. Michael J. Brennan has been a practicing attorney since 1985, establishing the Michael J. Brennan Injury and Accident Lawyer offices in 1995. Both you and your case are handled in a positive, professional manner and we keep you informed with updates on every major occurrence in your case. Simply stated, we know how to foresee the potential pitfalls in landlord tenant situations and develop a plan to avoid them. Finding The Right Attorney, Home  /  Attorney Bio  /  Client Testimonials  /  Area's of Practice  /  Blog  /  Contact Us  /  Disclaimer, Fathers' Rights  /  Divorce  /  Paternity  /  Domestic Violence  /  Custody & Visitation  /  Parental Alienation  /  Child & Spousal Support  /  Property Division  /  Guardships  /  Modification of: Existing Court Orders &  Judgments, Modification of: Existing Court Orders &  Judgment. We recommend using Google Chrome , Firefox , or Microsoft Edge . Michael Brennan is Orange Counties best divorce & father's rights attorney. Not only that, Brennan has advocated for conservative judges to go farther and to take an active role in invalidating congressional actions with which they disagree, such as those that protect civil rights. © 2020 Brennan Law Firm. Best Seller's Counsel, Cornell Transactional Lawyer's Competition 2016 Villanova University, 2014 B.A. Welcome. Action In The Courtroom8. The goal at The Virtual Attorney is to provide a flexible way to help you get those important legal needs checked off your, If you want to learn more about me, read more about The Virtual Attorney Difference and please don’t be shy about. Michael J. Brennan has been a practicing Personal Injury and Criminal Defense trial lawyer since 1985. Mediation In A Nutshell6. This organization is an international nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. He has written articles on Fathers' Rights and spoken on the subject at Fathers' Rights Groups across the country. Join us for an event – from conversations with thought leaders to rallies to trainings! He was the first person to handle my eviction case in which I was the plaintiff. The Family Law System3. We really appreciate him and will continue to work with him in the future. Lake Villa Illinois Licensed in WI, IL, MN University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law "He made starting a business painless, answering all questions & ensuring my success."