"She was using her powers to torment children, so I tormented her". Taking great offense at this, the outlaw named himself Terra-Man and set about making life as miserable for the alien as possible. Gorilla Grodd appears on The CW's The Flash, voiced by David Sobolov.This version was a test subject for General Wade Eiling's experiments in developing psychic abilities for interrogation under S.T.A.R. His plans are shattered by the sudden appearance of Titano and Ambush Bug waking from a nightmare. In either case, the Joker successfully, unquestionably made the Dark Knight laugh, and if that's not a superpower, we don't know what is. 2 The Spectre Donning a suit that exploited Superman's weaknesses, allowed him to teleport, and concealed his identity, he began a campaign to destroy him, targeting his friends and loved ones first. It's why the police are never able to capture him, and why, no matter how secure a place is, he always finds a way in -- and a way out. In the Justice League of America Wedding Special, Gorilla Grodd is among the villains seen as members of the Injustice League Unlimited. In the Emperor Joker story arc, the Joker managed to temporarily steal 99.9 percent of Mister Mxyzptlk's unique, fifth-dimensional powers, leaving the Superman villain with a fraction of his normally astounding abilities. He joined the team as a freelancer back in 2016 and somehow managed to fail upwards. Led by the alien, the gorillas constructed the super-advanced Gorilla City. After easily stopping the Flash, Grodd experiences a side effect that removes his new powers. '\"—Psalm 91:1, 2.From: Patrick RaglandSent: Thursday, September 22, 2011 10:48 AMTo: Patrick Rainier RaglandSubject: I'm Gifted.I have your talent, Patrick Rainier Ragland the first. Not many people would be able to do either of those things. Dark Arrow equipped with a Green Lantern Ring, WW's Lasso, Cyborg's cybernetics, and Batman's utility belt could be potentially unstoppable! Some of these characters, you'll likely know very well. An identityless being from the extradimensional realm of Quarm, brought to our world in the same freak accident that rendered all kryptonite on Earth harmless (more showed up from space later, of course). After all, this is a man who cut off his own face and pinned his skin onto a wall. Grodd has most of the citizens they are protecting killed. What if he was the opposite of insane? A literal space cowboy. In Son of Ambush Bug #5 (November 1986), he travels to the Late Cretaceous "to wipe out all traces of human evolution from the time stream" (despite the fact that the ancestors of humanity would be his own ancestors as well). With his powers, he could easily defeat Superman in any number of novel and imaginative ways, but that would be too easy. Gorilla Grodd is featured in multiple animated series set in the DC animated universe, voiced by Powers Boothe. He did torture the living hell out of the Caped Crusader, though. He found that he still had some followers among the ape army and would eventually slaughter most of the elders, saving one needed for his invasion plans. Whether or not Grodd's plan is a failure is disputable. [13], In the JLA Classified story arc, Grodd and his forces attack the Ultramarine Corps. In one of his more devious schemes, he used absorbed shapeshifting powers to impersonate Lois, leeching her memories to maintain the facade throwing Superman into emotional turmoil as he was slowly being drained. [14], In the Salvation Run mini-series, Grodd teams up with the Joker to gather their own faction of the exiled supervillains. It's not that Batman doesn't experience fear; rather, he manages to overcome his fear and turn it against his enemies. That's right, he's on this planet right now. He is a freedom fighter from a militaristic ape nation. He also boasted the. Gorilla Grodd began a campaign to control all of Africa. In addition to becoming the Joker and gaining a powerful healing factor, Dick also obtained a shapeshifting ability, which allowed him to physically resemble the real, original Joker, the same one who died in The Dark Knight Returns miniseries. For instance, in the episode "Joker's Wild," as the Joker escapes from Arkham Asylum, he warns the audience: "Don't try this at home, kids!" Superman can't immediately figure out what he needs to punch, but by the time he's found it, he's usually pretty irritated. Because the justice department classifies Joker as criminally insane, he is always sent to Arkham Asylum whenever the Caped Crusader captures him. Sometimes called "unlimited power", Omnipotence is a term used to describe the ability of some characters to do anything. Although this version of the Joker was actually Dick Grayson in disguise, corrupted by the radical gene therapy and years of abuse from Batman, it's still an alternative version of the Joker, and it totally counts, you guys. Rogol Zaar claims to have been responsible for the destruction of Krypton, and has come to Earth to eliminate Superman and Supergirl. Mister Mxyzptlk gives characters like Superman a lot of guff, but we wouldn't call him evil per se. In the New 52, Manchester Black is a high-ranking S.T.A.R. He has a strange ability to summon and control chains, cages, and other restraining paraphernalia. Impressed by his power, she asked Superman to become her king, and to father her children, but when he refused, she got pissed. Then, in "Joker's Favor," he shouts, "Let's hear it for him, folks!" CC-BY; Domaine public; CC-BY-SA; Inconnu; Permission; Moi; De Wikimedia; Communauté . This is in conflict with Martian Manhunter Annual #2 (1999), which states that Simeon is Grodd's brother. A Dark Multiverse version of the 5th Dimensional imp, however, could be a genuine terror! In the final issue of Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew, Grodd travels to Earth-C in an attempt to conquer, but is defeated by the efforts of the Zoo Crew (plus Changeling of the Teen Titans).[9]. However, the process, coupled with years of physical and mental abuse, drove Dick insane, thus turning him into the miniseries' version of the Joker. For a hero like that, he can only be matched by a supervillain equally as exceptional. Since he is defeated by the Flash with his plans of controlling the Speed Force foiled, he is been recruited by Lex Luthor who promised him incredible power to paralyze people's movements called "The Still Force" which was released due to the shattering of the Source Wall. Even though The Dark Knight Strikes Again was written and drawn by Miller, the story lacked the emotional stakes of the first miniseries (honestly, it was pretty poorly executed across the board).