), https://transcripts.fandom.com/wiki/Mommy_Fearest?oldid=7999. I hasten to add. Now she is trying to get my step dad to pay for some high priced defense attorney. The figure has glowing red eyes and wildly overgrown hair.). Good night. We'll catch Sedusa - as soon as she gets home. Professor: I'm at your command, Ima. (Turn down to his feet.) I won't write exactly what it is, but suffice it to say, she is known by that nickname to all the court staff and the cops. Don't be shitty, this is a support sub. No child deserves to go through having her as a mother. I was so shocked she would choose not to see even her great-grandchildren. Narrator: Uh-oh. His pace slows as well. That Professor is one smooth operator. I couldnt afford it, but she got him to do it pro bono by showing him some of my evidence. Blossom: What they mean to say is, perhaps if you're not too busy, maybe he could take you out? Fine. Dear god that's terrible. She declined and cancelled us. ), (This catches them off guard; cut to the two adults. Still going through some tests and looking at the possibility of surgery. I became afraid of going near pregnant women for a long time. I promise that my next post will not be as heavy as this one. I laughed so hard I couldn't breath. Im glad this is all over, and that Fake Leather Purse Tosser will be spending time in jail for assaulting a JUDGE. Several times. (Cut to the girls, cleaning implements in hand and dissatisfied looks on their faces.). Adopters often say you were really wanted but what they wanted was their own child - you were ‘a’ child not ‘the’ child. I was just taking her actions and words the wrong way, you see, and trying to find malice where there was none. Her voice is also quite pleasant.). It's a bow tie... (putting it at his collar) ...and it goes down here. Time for bed, girls. I read them, and the Harry Potter series to kids growing up. If anyone gets a PM from iznotiz, TheBroodyBaron or another troll, click here. ), (Cut to a slow pan across the bed. The ramifications of that day were far reaching. Hand to God, if I saw such a scene in a TV show or in a movie, I would dismiss it as so much over-dramatic, pot-boilery trash. Woman 1 (Ima): (laughing) I know exactly who you three wonderful girls are. I don't know if you've ever read the Chronicles of Narnia, or perhaps seen the movies. Have fun! An adaptation of a three-minute presentation by Dr Mike Joy at an event where he and others were invited to give government leaders, including Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, an ‘elevator pitch’ on how they should spend COVID-19 recovery money. (The Professor thinks this over for a long moment, the love of his girls colliding on his face with that for Ima and the debris scattering in all directions. She kept trying to talk over him, which made him raise his voice, which made her raise her voice, and he threatened her with contempt if she didn't shut up.