The A/C was linked to the key slot, so it was off if you went out of the room. Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! Vorbei an allen Wartenden führt er uns direkt in die „Top Sail Lounge“, wo wir bereits erwartet werden. Und bald auch an Bord der MSC Seashore und der MSC Virtuosa. So all in all plenty of space and activities for all. MSC Yacht Club Royal Suite . It was the easiest and quickest disembarkation we had ever done. Das Schiff ist riesig und wunderschön, alles neu und sehr gepflegt. Other services are the ones where there is the crossover and thinly disguised rivalry with the concierges, and include the booking of excursions, specialty dining, theatre seats, and ensuring the correct benefits from the Voyagers Club are delivered to you. No door or curtain. MERAVIGLIA WESTERN MED CRUISE Sept 24th - Oct 1st 2017. This is the "Ship within a Ship" concept that MSC have as the luxury service level. Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! There is some crossover in the functions of the Butlers and concierge. Zeit also, um den MSC Yacht Club zu erkunden: Auf der MSC MERAVIGLIA erstreckt er sich von Deck 14 bis Deck 19 und befindet sich vorne im Schiff. Das Auspacken übernimmt auf Wunsch ebenfalls der Butler. For those of you not acquainted with the MSC marketing model, they have the usual cabin types :- interior, Ocean View, Balcony; suite. They just weren't up to the standard of our more recent cruises on MSC. One really annoying aspect was that on 3 days they did a balcony wash, which meant you had to stay off your balcony for the time they had all the interconnecting doors open. Your butler will escort you, on at least the first occasion, to the Theatre, the Cirque Du Soleil lounge, the specialty dining. 1) the additional cost, with either a meal(or a cocktail), Cirque du Soleil shows. We had been once before and had been to Pompeii on that occasion. Meine Bewertung bezieht sich nur auf den Yacht Club. Dort befinden sich Swimmingpool, Whirlpool, Sonnendeck sowie Bar und Grill. This kicks in right from the moment you get out of your transport to embark until the moment you get back on your transport after disembarking. We only managed to catch two shows and were disappointed by them. Gone are the old 6 or 7 course with a choice of 2 or 3 items in each course, and in are 3 course menus with 6 or 7 choices in each course. and taking advantage of the YC facilities. So between the two functions your every need is catered for and you have nothing to detract from your enjoyment of the cruises. The Yacht Club Experience, incorporating Embarkation:- This is the "Ship within a Ship" concept that MSC have as the luxury service level. I haven't yet mentioned the weather which was as perfect as could be. Here we had our passes scanned and he again led the way, carrying Andie's hand luggage, to the baggage reclaim. One major minus point is that the Mall below the LED dome gets incredible packed at certain times and resembles the crush on a Japanese train at rush hour. The other big attraction was the LED dome which at certain points in the evening showed live views of the guests as they walked beneath it and of course they filmed themselves . Und trotzdem – man kann jederzeit die vielfältigen Möglichkeiten dieses Schiffes nutzen. All our breakfasts and lunches were taken in the YC. But to the discerning eye the Appetisers was made up of the old anti pasta, soup and salad courses whilst the main course had the pasta, risotto and meat/fish dishes. The butlers had times when they were serving drinks in the topsail lounge and nothing was too much trouble. Wir nutzen Cookies auf unserer Website. One with the Cirque Du Soleil show ( more on that later) and twice in Butcher's Cut (an American style steak house) for our complimentary Black members meals. There were very nice reading lights on either side of the bed which gave bright light in a concentrated zone and were fully articulated, so pointing the beam of light was simple. Auf Deck 16 befindet sich die „Concierge Area“ und die „Top Sail Lounge“. Wie auf solchen Schiffen üblich war der gesamte Service mehrsprachig und auf deutsche Gäste vorbereitet. Die Kreditkarte müssen wir nicht jetzt - sondern irgendwann im Laufe der Reise -  registrieren. Maximale Flexibilität bei Tisch also, zumal man ebenso auf Deck 19 im Außenbereich speisen kann. Der Außenbereich für die Gäste des Yacht-Clubs ist auf Deck 19. The waiters were happy to serve two or three items from each course if you wanted the old 6 or 7 course meal. Einen Nachteil hat dieses Konzept allerdings: Nach einer Kreuzfahrt im Yacht Club sind die meisten Gäste für eine normale Reise auf einem großem Schiff, wo Gedränge um Pool und Buffet herrscht, ein für alle Mal verloren! The production cast comprised:- six singers; fourteen dancers; an eight member orchestra. As you arrive you are met by some of the butlers who take your luggage and put extra labels on, and wheel it off to be loaded. We had a late start and caught the port bus (€3 single or €4 return, MSC charge €8.5 for a return trip) to the end of Las Ramblas where we strolled up the road until we found the St.Joseph's Market. The theatre is small considering the size of the ship, which may be a factor. here they serve sparkling wine and canapé whilst the butler sorts out the registration. Bitte beachten Sie, dass bei einer Ablehnung womöglich nicht mehr alle Funktionalitäten der Seite zur Verfügung stehen. The main palace has over 1200 rooms, many with stunning painted ceilings, but the star for us was the gardens and water cascades. See details. From there it was shopping for presents before returning to the tranquility of the YC. var addy80c0733f4f90dc70503e3a47cb42e3dc = 'info' + '@'; This time we had hoped that there was an excursion to Herculaneum but alas there wasn't so we opted to go to the Royal Palace at Caserta. A nice touch was we were allowed to take our bottles of complementary Prosecco and Cava in to the diner for consumption with the meal. The shower was like a mini wet-room measuring 5.5 x 2.5 feet. Das „Yacht-Club Restaurant“ ist auf Deck 18. Kleinigkeiten runden dieses Bild ab: Morgens liegt die von zuhause gewohnte Tageszeitung vor der Kabinentüre, der Priority-Aufzug bringt YACH-CLUB Gäste schnell wieder nach oben und auch das interaktive Armband, das nur Yacht-Club und AUREA – Gäste erhalten, ist praktisch. Eigentlich muss man den Yacht-Club gar nicht verlassen. One disappointment was there was no facility for the complimentary ice-cream you get with certain drinks packages as there was a franchised ice-cream outlet in the main shopping area. The main highlight, apart from the YC itself, was the CIrque Du Soleil, undoubtedly the best shows I've ever seen on any cruise and well worth the extra charge they incur. It was also linked to the balcony door, so that if it was open the A/C switched off. One area that needs improvement on all MSC ships is the need for heated bathroom mirrors. The cabin bathroom (40 sq. At this point he said good bye and he hoped to be of service to us on a future cruise and was gone. Keine Spur von Trubel oder Menschenmassen. I had the good fortune of being able to book a Yacht Club Deluxe Suite ( 267 sq. Küche und Service sind ausgezeichnet und eine hochwertige Auswahl an Weinen rundet das Angebot ab. The Black members menu was a limited section of the a la carte menu and filet mignon was our choice on both occasions. In addition to those four everybody else in the YC were brilliant. In July 2015 MSC decided to revamp their loyalty scheme, in which I was a Black card holder. Der Concierge setzt sich zu uns und erklärt uns alles Wichtige über Yacht Club und Schiff. He duly arrived at the appointed time and led us to the exit straight passed the queueing guests to the very front of the queue. So the ship MSC Meraviglia, a new class of ship for MSC, was the ship I wanted to try. Hier finden Sie alle Kreuzfahrten mit Schiffen, die den Yacht Club anbieten. Auf Wunsch begleitet der Butler dann, wieder unter Umgehung aller Warteschlagen, den Gast bis zu seinem Platz. Sie können selbst entscheiden, ob Sie die Cookies zulassen möchten. The size was almost the same square footage as the YC 1 cabin I had on Divina, but it was shorter and wider. document.getElementById('cloak80c0733f4f90dc70503e3a47cb42e3dc').innerHTML = ''; The Assistant Maître D' recognised us immediately he saw us and welcomed us back. Geplante Aktivitäten, wie der Besuch eines Spezialitätenrestaurants, einer Show oder dem sehr empfehlenswerten Cirque du Soleil organisiert der Concierge. Web Don't get me wrong they weren't terrible , just lacking sparkle that the other ships in the fleet have. Es stehen die vielfältigen  Möglichkeiten eines großen Kreuzfahrtschiffes zur Verfügung – wenn man es gerade nutzen möchte. Derweil laben wir uns an kleinen Köstlichkeiten und Erfrischungen. There were plenty of quiet areas but non really had any appeal, and I guess they didn't appeal to the other guests either as the major open spaces were full to the brim, and then some. Für Landgänge steht den Yacht Club-Gästen ein eigener Ein- und Ausgang zur Verfügung um auch hier Wartezeiten zu vermeiden. Er ist von den übrigen Bereichen des Schiffes durch Glastüren getrennt, die sich nur durch Gäste des Yacht-Clubs öffnen lassen. He also escorts you to excursion buses, takes and returns laundry, and is available until 22:00 to be contacted by phone, after this time you contact the on call butler. MSC Meraviglia ja, aber nur im Yacht Club. This cruise was about experiencing a new class of ship and revisiting the YC and we had a wonderfully relaxing week. A place we had tried to visit before but always found it closed. These include the concierge desk, the dedicated restaurant, the Top Sail Lounge, the "One Deck" and the YC priority lifts. Der Yacht Club der MSC Meraviglia mit Top Sail Lounge, Sonnendeck und Yacht-Club-Restaurant Here we walked to the cathedral and watched the astronomical clock do its 15minute performance at noon, then caught the little train for a tour of the sites(€10 pp). ft. : balcony 62 sq. Dann geht es, immer in Begleitung eines Butlers, weiter an Bord.