In "Family Feud," Crowley explains to Lucifer that his demons found Nick's body a few years before and Crowley had it repaired and upgraded so that it could serve as the perfect vessel and perfect prison for the archangel who was sent into Nick when Crowley perverted Rowena's spell to send him back to the Cage. Stars: Eventually, although Nick at first coldly told the Devil to stop bothering him, he quickly began to be convinced by Lucifer's condemnation of God and eventually agreed to be his vessel after Lucifer promised he could get him justice. A year later during "The Werther Project", Sam learned of Magnus' connection to the Werther Box while searching for the codex inside. Comedy, Drama, Fantasy. However, since Jack's blood was needed this caused him to be affected by the ritual and discover his location. Death gives Dean his scythe to do the job and tells him that if Dean does not kill Sam, he will. Toni threatens to torture Dean instead but before she can begin, a resurrected Mary Winchester threatens her at gunpoint. When the Winchesters go after the monster fight club, they leave Garth behind rather than risk his normal life. In season 9's "Bloodlines," the backdoor pilot to the proposed spinoff Supernatural: Bloodlines, djinn are revealed to be one of the Five Monster Families of Chicago. | Robert Carradine, Due to Colette's dying request, Cain didn't go after Abaddon for revenge and threw the First Blade to the bottom of the Marianas Trench as it couldn't be destroyed, eventually settling in Missouri. With Candy's help, Sam and Dean track down Linda in a storage unit in Wichita, Kansas where she and Sam end up trapped together due to the demon Del who has been holding Linda captive and torturing her. Also, the sire werewolf has to be alive when the blood is drawn, complicating matters even further. In the episode "Ghostfacers", they produce a television pilot, which covers their investigation of a house that is haunted every leap day, where Sam and Dean make a guest appearance; however, Sam and Dean manage to magnetically wipe their footage. In season 15's "Destiny's Child," one of the memories Jack experiences as his soul is restored is of talking with Kelly in Heaven. They are also, as series creator Eric Kripke deems them, "erudite and sophisticated". Sam throws the book in the fire, and the trio defeats and kills their attackers. The writers often try to base the demons off of actual aspects of history, as is done in "Malleus Maleficarum" by having the demon Tammi turn a group of women into witches. Ava Wilson, portrayed by Katharine Isabelle is one of Azazel's "Special Children". His attempt to bring Mary back to life only restores her body, and when Castiel goes to Heaven to retrieve her soul, he learns that she has been reunited with John Winchester in Heaven, prompting Castiel to let Mary stay dead so she can be with him. To defeat Abaddon, Sam sets her alight in Holy Fire, forcing Abaddon to flee Josie's body. | Toni succeeds, but is lured into a trap and captured by the Winchesters. Its later shown that Kevin also lied about perfecting the spell for Michael and that the lie was a part of the trap as Michael had no way to open a rift until Lucifer provided him with the spell from the Demon Tablet in "Exodus.". | Arty continues denying that he saw any man and only said what he did in hopes of helping Nick. He insists that he and the British Men of Letters wish to work with the Winchesters and he even gives them his number, but they don't trust him. Sarah explains that she was present the night that Nick became possessed and witnessed Nick say "yes." When reunited, Sam and Charlie begin their attempt to decipher the book's text, as it is written in an unknown ancient language, but Dean insists they stop, and destroy the book entirely, worrying that the Mark will cause him to use its information to do evil. Kevin explains that God lied about sending him to Heaven and instead cast Kevin's soul into Hell where he was released when God opened all the doors of Hell. It's Me...Dean Winchester". When the Prince of Hell Asmodeus arrives to take control of Hell until Lucifer or his son can be found, Sierra is one of the demons that Asmodeus spares from a summary execution alongside Harrington and Drexel. She is then confronted at gunpoint by Sam, Jody Mills and another hunter named Walt. Kelly, having seen visions from her child, now believes in its goodness. Sierra is a minor demon appearing in season 13 that is loyal to Asmodeus. He continued to pursue them when, in the season three episode "Jus in Bello", he finally captured them and held them in a small town jail while waiting for a FBI helicopter to arrive. After finding Mick's body and finding information on hunters being chased by the British Men of Letters, Mary confronts Arthur who claims he was killed by a werewolf. Despite his evil nature, Ramiel is indicated to have not committed any acts of evil during his tenure on Earth in retirement, at least nothing traceable. Amelia sacrifices herself to save her daughter, leaving Claire devastated. The series also features recurring appearances from other demons, angels, and hunters. High-ranking, Barthamus implies that he took over Crowley's old position of King of the Crossroads after Crowley became the King of Hell. During the scuffle that follows, Mick manages to draw Justin's live blood before killing him with a silver bullet, allowing the Winchesters to create the cure. Cain confronted Castiel at the site of his victims' graves, but let him go so that Castiel would tell Dean who would bring the First Blade to kill him. They are considered to be the first generation of demons created by Lucifer. She has been trapped in Purgatory, where the souls of the supernatural go. As she tortures Sam, Toni gets a call from Mick informing her that Ms. Watt is dead and he has come to bring her in as she's gone too far. In the aftermath, Nick is arrested for his murder spree by Donna. Claire returns to Sioux Falls where she is skeptical of Patience Turner's claims that she has had a vision of Claire's death. While investigating a series of murders, they encounter Bobby, Rufus, Sam and Dean. Walt, who acts as the team's explosives expert, joins Sam and Jody in confronting Doctor Hess and follows Sam's lead during the confrontation. Enjoying the afterlife more than his actual life, and having discovered means to infiltrate other people's Heavens and tap into the angel's communications, Ash helps the brothers hide from Zachariah. Donna, who broke one of the lenses of her glasses and used it to cut herself free, decapitates Starr, saving Jody and quipping "Hakuna Matata, lady." | In "The British Invasion", Doctor Hess contacts Mick and orders him to "assimilate or eliminate" the American hunters. They then call in Garth to look after the Trans and he takes them to his houseboat where Kevin works on translating the half of the tablet he has to no avail. Jensen Ackles, However, she is attacked by a creature from The Bad Place outside and saved by Claire and Jody. They intend to do so through chemically decreasing their intelligence via food adulterants and curing their diseases, including cancer. she still hasn't heard from Kevin and is unknown to her, surrounded by demons, keeping an eye on her and protecting her. Desiring revenge, Lily began using Enochian magic to give herself immortality and various powers at the cost of parts of her soul burning away each time she used them. The cure is mentioned to make the recipient sick for a few days after it is taken. Jervis openly mocks Crowley's plans, now completely loyal to Lucifer. After being forced to kill his daughter in self-defense and believing the monsters to be dying, the sheriff lied to cover the whole thing up. When the bone seemingly fails to work, Dick initially believes that he has won, only to find out that he himself has been tricked when Dean kills him with the real bone, sending him back to Purgatory. In addition, vampires cannot be killed through a stake to the heart. Guthrie reluctantly steals the First Blade before Crowley can get to it, but refuses to give it to Rowena, instead choosing to give it to Crowley himself. Jervis is a low-level demon portrayed by Jesse Reid appearing in season 11 and season 12 who is loyal to Crowley and then Lucifer. Instead, Ramiel suggests that Crowley take power, but warns that if anyone disturbs him, there will be severe consequences. During the later party, Arthur enjoys a drink with Charlie. Dark Kaia demands the return of her spear and that they keep their promise to send her home, but they inform her that the spear has been destroyed and overpower Dark Kaia. A high school cheerleader and her accident-prone best friend balance their duties as global crime-fighters with the typical challenges of adolescence. Portrayed by Emma Grabinsky as an adolescent and by Jewel Staite as an adult. Crime, Drama, Fantasy. After the Winchesters convince the Alpha Vampire of this, he recognizes that the hunters and vampires have a common enemy at the moment and gives them his blood willingly. Dean then points out that despite all the enhancements Eldon has, he still only has one brain. [17] Because of his rampage, Nick's soul likely went to Hell. Action, Drama, Fantasy. Dark Kaia leads the Winchesters back to her old home in The Bad Place where they are reunited with Kaia who has been living there. Crowley mockingly asks "who's laughing now?" The two are partnered up during the retreat and Jody tries to keep Donna out of the case where people are completely consumed by an unknown monster except for their bones. Arthur and Mick watch them drive off and share a knowing look at each other. She tells Nick that there was nothing to go on, even her own theory that he did it wouldn't hold water due to his being drunk at the Elk's Lodge on the night of the murder. When Dean returns to Lisa after the showdown in Stull Cemetery, in "Swan Song", Ben is seen at the dinner table. [12], The appearance of demons' true forms have become more complex as the series has progressed. Mick is then able to remove the vial of blood from Justin's back use it to painfully cure Claire. She was once a part of the Grand Coven, but was expelled due to her violent and forceful tendencies. The blast kills Kevin and three resistance fighters, though Jack survives unharmed and is able to shield Mary from the blast's effects. The highest-ranking angels currently command the lesser-ranking, their former leader God having disappeared and left the angels to protect humanity in His place. Dick is later revealed to be after something from archaeological digs, and assigns Charlie (Felicia Day) to break Frank's (Kevin McNally) hard drive. Guthrie, portrayed by Russell Roberts, is a former Crossroads Demon that acts as Crowley's personal assistant in season 10. As Castiel tries to comfort Nick, he reacts to Castiel touching his shoulder by saying "don't" and snapping his fingers, much like Lucifer has done in the past. After Dean recognizes both men, they decided to kill both Winchesters rather than risk Dean's wrath. Lucifer told him that he was misunderstood, that he was punished for "loving God too much". After being wounded herself and not wanting to harm humans, Lily uses a blast of white light to blind everyone and flees in a rental car to her hotel where she heals her injuries. As a thank-you gift for making her and God reconcile in Alpha and Omega, the Darkness brings back Mary as she appeared at the time of her death. Phoebe Tonkin, TV-14 When her family comes home, Chuck causes them to vanish with just a snap of his fingers, though Chuck claims that he has simply sent them "away." Vanessa Morgan, Moments after Jack's resurrection, Lily suffers a fatal heart attack and quietly dies.