Success rate doesn’t matter as much when your successful plays gain a million yards each. FBSchedules - College and Pro Football Schedules, Big Ten Championship Game 2017 – Ohio State vs. Wisconsin. On third-and-4, Hornibrook scrambles out of the pocket to his left and keeps waiting for someone to come open. Groshek is, I believe, the fourth running back to catch a pass from Hornibrook in this game. 12:15. 3:20. Given another fourth-and-1 from the 3, however, a spooked Meyer orders a field goal. After going without a loss all year the Wisconsin Badgers look earn their way into the final 4 with a big win over the Ohio State Buckeyes in this Saturday's Big Ten Championship Game. Ohio State has dilly-dallied a few times or spotted its opponent an early advantage and responded, but saying Wisconsin is not good at playing from behind is lazy. 13:26. 0:00. Barrett, playing just a few days after having his injured knee scoped, finds Terry McLaurin wide open for an 84-yard touchdown. Now, part of that was a compliment, and part of it was stating the obvious — few teams are actually good at falling behind early and coming back. 58 percent completion rate, 152.9 rating. Early success rate, by the way: Wisconsin 47%, Ohio State 25%. Overall, S&P+ says the Badgers are better than both Oklahoma (which romped over Ohio State in Columbus) and Penn State (which the Buckeyes defeated by one point at home). The quarter ends with a punt that is downed at the Ohio State 29. J.K. Dobbins (OSU): six carries, 90 yards. Perfectly decent. [...]. Don’t look now, but the Steelers are kings of the NFL. The Big Ten Championship live blog: Ohio State beats Wisconsin and awaits the committee, Soccer match ruined when AI-controlled camera mistakes ref’s bald head for ball, Bears-Saints fight erupted after Javon Wims threw a helmet punch. If Ohio State beats unbeaten Wisconsin,especially,from the last play,they should get that last playoff spot for a rematch with Clemson or possibly Oklahoma,this coming from an Alabama guy.If Ohio State gets superseeded by Alabama,that sends a message that winning the championship from the best conference the past 2 seasons(BESIDES the Big 12 THIS YEAR….maybe) does not count.On the other hand,if I am Michigan,I would be watching the Selection Show,I would consider split up the Big Ten as a founding member of a New Conference seeking schools to join from Maryland,Purdue,Northwestern,Cincinnati,Pitt to South Carolina,Virginia Tech,West Virginia,Syracuse,Notre Dame,and Michigan State OR Wisconsin.Maybe let the Big Ten(Which I’m sure will consider expansion if Ohio State don’t advance to the CFP) expand to 10 or 12 again possibly inviting Oklahoma and Notre Dame,as well as Missouri,creating competition of musical chairs maybe setup the SEC losing some member schools to other Power 5 Conferences!!!!! On this week's Podcast Ain't Played Nobody with guest host Holly Anderson, I briefly teased what I thought I would be writing about as a preview of Saturday's Big Ten title game between Wisconsin and Ohio State: game control. He has thrown some shaky interceptions at times, but he has shown a willingness to attempt big throws, and he’s completed a lot of them. 26 in Off. Rafael Gaglianone makes the 26-yard field goal, but that’s a missed opportunity. Ohio State 21, Wisconsin 13. Lotti’s punt is downed at the 8. If you’re going to punt from inside the 40, you better do it well, and they do: Anthony Lotti’s kick is downed at the 2. The burly running back takes the ball to the 23, where the Badgers will start the final quarter. Yep, still waiting on some passing downs magic. They're going to make great great defenders and tight ends out of walk-on pieces of clay. Fumagalli catches a couple of tough passes to move the chains, and a pass to A.J. By Bill Connelly @SBN_BillC Updated Dec 3, 2017, 12:04am EST Tie game. Usually when you fall behind early, it means you’re a lesser team. No idea why they went for it on fourth-and-1 if they were just going to kick the field goal on the next fourth-and-1. Johnnie Dixon can’t quite haul in a decent Barrett bomb for a touchdown, and OSU goes three-and-out from there, nearly avoiding a midfield pick in the process. Ohio State 7, Wisconsin 0. 12:39. No and no. 39 in Standard Downs S&P+. The Badgers have played in the Big Ten Championship Game four times previously (2-2), most recently last season when they fell to Penn State 38-31. INTERCEPTION. And then, Dobbins shakes a tackle at the line of scrimmage and races 77 yards to the Wisconsin 1. 3:42. He completed passes of 31 and 27 yards to A.J. The game will be played on Saturday, Dec. 2 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. Just hanging around. What’s the score at the end of the first quarter?