Learn, together with Christian Dahncke, why Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier is the original Oktoberfestbier. A feast of a beer, which always goes down well. Red Hare Hasenpfeffer Oktoberfest More than that, we get a light, well-balanced caramel maltiness here, mildly sweet but still quite drinkable. In terms of profile, though, it’s actually a fair bit different from most of the other German märzens that were on the table. One taster used the word “yeasty,” which in this style may be closer to “bready,” in the sense that German lager yeast produces a certain flavor that really does remind one of say, the crust of white bread. There’s none of the cloying, overly caramelized character you see in the most overzealous versions of the style, and in its place you instead get several layers of toasted malt complexity, ending with a bit of nuttiness that is close to the neighboring Georgia pecan. The “oak” in the name would probably make one think it was somehow oak-aged, but that isn’t the case, and there’s no “woody” flavors present. You can find information about alcoholic drinks on the following pages. 3. Others we’re able to purchase directly because they’re available in Georgia, which is how we came by the German beers in this tasting in particular. select a country: Why we don’t advertise for people not of legal drinking age, you can learn at: Ever since 1818, we have brewed our bottom-fermented Oktoberfest Bier during Oktoberfest – Germany’s favorite Oktoberfest beer and a true institution in Munich. Regardless it’s still some excellent stuff. I repeat: These beers are not ranked. 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The nose is a beautiful expression of malt complexity and subtlety, with a plethora of bready, grainy, doughy notes and the suggestion of a light, honeyed sweetness. Great Divide Brewing Co. Hoss Oktoberfest Lager, 2. BeerAdvocate gives this best Oktoberfest beer from Chicago a score of 84 (good). The beers were separated into daily blind tastings that approximated a sample size of the entire field. Point Beer Oktoberfest As solid a take on the style as you would expect from Cigar City, even if it’s a brewery you might not immediately think of as a lager producer. It makes us wonder why more breweries don’t enhance the drinkability of their festbier even more by working into the 4% ABV range. Like every other blind-tasting at Paste, we acquire these beers in a variety of ways. Not flashy, just solidly constructed. With a drying finish, it’s the kind of pint that’s liable to disappear much faster than you realize or intend. This beer drinks frighteningly easily because it’s so clean and precise—the grainy, bready malt flavors are very distinct and well-defined, and it’s lighter on the caramel/deeper toasty malt impressions that many of the American märzens possess. That seasonality is understandable when you look at the style and really consider what it is: A malty amber lager. In 1810, the per capita consumption of beer in Munich was 700 liters. There simply isn’t another American brewery doing German beer styles as consistently great as this brewery does them. And as a result, it’s a consummate oktoberfest beer. A very nice beer. All in all, we’d say that 55 märzens is a damn good number to have assembled, and more than we expected would probably arrive for this particular style. Odell Oktoberfest The rye is unsurprisingly easier to perceive when the tasting isn’t completely blind, but it comes across as a sort of unusual earthiness more than with the predicted peppery spice of dark rye bread. Statistics We use so-called cookies in connection with our Internet presence in order to optimally design and continuously improve it for you. It’s very dry, and very drinkable—the most guzzle-able beer of the entire tasting, probably. In order to view the gallery, please allow Manage Cookies. Give us a trough. What this beer really is, is drinkability itself. Several varieties of rye malt contribute a bit of spice and malt complexity that makes this beer almost like an easy-drinking rye pale ale when combined with the hops. Perhaps that’s just how we’re perceiving a very dark, toasty malt presence, but it’s nice to have an alternative märzen in this style that is quite toasty without also featuring significant residual sugar or fruitiness for once. Fort Collins Brewery Oktoberfest With the help of these cookies, we collect anonymous data for statistics and analyses in order to improve and optimise our offer and our Internet presence. 17. It all checks out. © 2020 Paste Media Group. Lakefront Brewery Oktoberfest Lager A vivid reddish hue hints at the prominent fruity flavors; a very ripe cherry note and English muffin-like biscuit tones. Blue Pants Brewery Oktoberfest Wild Heaven Craft Beers Autumn Defense The perfect balance of a light taste of hops and a strong note of malt. Jim Vorel is Paste’s resident beer guru, and he likes his märzens grainy and bready. In Wisconsin, a state with no small number of German residents to this day, this is the type of beer that would no doubt be appreciated year-round, because a good märzen is the kind of beer you can pair with nearly anything. It’s an excellent example of a well-done American märzen that exemplifies what consumers currently expect to taste when they see the word “oktoberfest” on the label. Heavy Seas Treasure Fest With that said, when you taste 55 of these things, you do notice a few trends emerging, especially in the American vs. German examples of the style. Short’s Noble Chaos City: Cold Spring, MN ABV: 4.6% The verdict: We didn’t really need specific proof that märzen was a style that could easily work in the lower ABV ranges, but if we were calling for a specific example of that truth, this is the beer we would point to. Victory Festbier If we went through, hunting for one particular type of märzen profile, I could probably put together a 20-beer tasting out of these that would be almost indistinguishable from one another. From one score sheet: “The smell of pure malted barley, fresh and ideal.” From another: “Grain bomb?” Not surprisingly, it’s correspondingly lighter on the crystal malt/toasted impressions, but they’re not entirely absent, either. It’s not something you’d cite as a textbook example of märzen, but it works. And Weihenstephaner’s example has all those things … plus hops? The style just lacks the huge range of flavors and substyles that you see in something like American IPA. It features a very rounded, smooth brand of maltiness, creamy in texture with biscuity malt flavors and just a touch of darker honey sweetness, ‘ala buckwheat honey. Revolution Brewing OKtoberfest We collect information about the user behaviour on our website, such as the number of visits and the average time spent on the site or the pages called up. Yup. In execution, some of them are solid, but most of them left tasters cold if they entered into tasting with a more specific idea of what “märzen” represents. Smooth, toasty malt is dominant, with a small but noticeable level of balancing bitterness. Upland Brewing Co. Oktoberfest There’s some uniquely Teutonic-seeming impressions on the nose: Bready and clean, with a bit of grassiness and even what we perceived to be the slightest of banana esters. » Your #ShareYourProst moments 2019 and 2020. All of those are present on the palate, along with some pleasing lemony citrus. The beer drinks very easily—perhaps dangerously so—which is the whole idea of this style, given that it’s meant to be consumed in liter steins. Dry Dock Docktoberfest Personally, I always associate it with Halloween of 2010, when I nursed a bomber of The Kaiser during the TV pilot of The Walking Dead. Let’s Talk Beer Styles: Märzen piece here. This is where you may modify your decision at any time and you will find further information on this topic. Summit Oktoberfest That’s an October memory that has always stuck with me. There’s also a pleasant touch of hops in this example, which impart a very light but nicely balancing citrus note of lemongrass. The product you are looking for is only available seasonally. It’s nice to see Sam Adams still producing a yearly seasonal that does well in blind tastings, and also nice to know that you can probably pick up a pretty good märzen in your corner gas station in 2016. This Cold Spring, Minnesota brewery gives us a märzen with a lovely, perfumed hoppiness that supports crisp, grainy malt flavors and a light, bright mouthfeel. Most are sent in directly by the breweries when we send out a call for that style. If the best German beers are defined by malt complexity, this is a pretty good blueprint. Hofbräu Oktoberfest Beer | Märzen / Oktoberfest | 6.3% ABV. Please use our contact form. New Oberpfalz Oktoberfest Third Street Brewhouse Oktoberfest Session Märzen. Uinta Fest Helles For our companion piece on the history and modern role of märzen, check out our Let’s Talk Beer Styles: Märzen piece here. Rather, this beer comes off slightly pilsner-like in its profile, with a really nice bouquet of green, grassy and spicy noble hops sitting atop a lighter body of grainy and bready malt. City: Amherst, WI ABV: 5.5% The verdict: Wisconsin’s Central Waters is a chronically underrated brewery that produces solid versions of any style they touch, from American pale ale to porter, to lager, to barrel-aged monsters. Clean, crisp and malty, their take on märzen is packing a little bit less in the caramel department, but still has some toasty impressions backing up what is predominantly a grainy malt body. City: Warrenville, IL ABV: 7.7% The verdict: Imperial oktoberfests also didn’t fare the best as a substyle in this tasting, but this selection from Illinois’ Two Brothers is an interesting case of a beer that is significantly higher in ABV than average without fully committing to being a “high-gravity beer”—it’s sort of caught in between, but that ends up really working in its favor.