Wait until it comes back to you and jump to it, then it will take you to the Wiggler segment. Get the Hopslipper, Jump, and Hammer stickers off the walls, then get the Shiny POW Block sticker from the Item Block. The first Toad is hiding behind a bush, while another Toad is stuck to a second bush. Deals ultra Fire-based Hammer damage. Head east one more room, and in here, tear the web with your hammer, then touch the comet piece to finish the level! Examine it and place the Book of Sealing there, then Kamek will enter the room and use a spell on the book, causing all of the Boos we just sealed to combine into one giant Boo. Out here, go left and hit the Item Block for a POW Block sticker, then keep going and get the Hammer sticker, and hit the Item Block for a Burnhammer sticker. Once you've gotten it, jump on the web until it tears, then you'll fall down to a platform below it. Before the second game begins, Mario will be dropped into a second game room. Before we go on to the second world, let's head back to Decalburg for a quick visit. It will take you to the northwestern corner; jump there and hit the underside of the torch to darken the room, revealing Boos carrying each piece of furniture. Now let yourself sink into the sand enough to where you can squeeze through the small opening under the spikes (but not enough to suffocate under it! Jump to the ledge ahead and get the Worn-Out Jump sticker, then head west and make your way to the Item Block containing two Line Jump stickers, and one Shiny Line Jump sticker. Keep going west around the other side of the sphinx and get the Jump sticker, as well as the Iron Jump sticker out of the Item Block. Smashes all enemies, causing an earthquake. When you enter, get the Jump sticker off the wall, and the Hopslipper sticker from the nearby Item Block. When you enter here, get the Shiny Hammer and Shiny Line Jump stickers, then head right and get the Shiny Jump sticker. Now go back to the right and around the wall to where you saw the red door. There, go east and you'll find...Princess Peach! Deals massive Hammer damage. Out here, go east and hit the Item Block to get a Shiny Hopslipper sticker, then jump at the Boo when it's low enough for you to reach to enter in a battle with it. Introduction. Deals massive Jump damage. Inside the cave, go west and pick up the Comet Piece, then smash the puddle it was next to to flip it over. Hit the Recovery Block when you enter. Inside is a Fire Flower sticker, and an Item Block with a Megaflash Burnhammer sticker inside. Now head back to the pipe near the door we came out here from, and head in. If you get a Super Star, you temporarily become invincible. Now go back up the tree and follow the path to a web. Enter the level again; time to end this chase. Here, paperize yourself and place a sticker you want powered up in the box. That's right, unlike the other world bosses, this one has no weakness! Also if you haven't rematched Bowser Jr. yet, be prepared to fight him as soon as you exit this world. Touch it to end the level. Open it to get another Tablet Piece scrap; this is the last of the three you need. That's all for this level. Keep following the path and get the Jump and Worn-Out Jump stickers, then you'll see a new enemy: the Snifit. You can power up one of your stickers above the flower nearby if you wish. Time to fight. As you engage in battle, use a POW sticker to flip him on his backside. Naturally, Bowser is interested in this sort of object, so he's quick to arrive and crash the party this time around! You'll immediately be greeted by two new enemies in this room: the Hammer Bros., and the Dry Bones. Examine it to obtain the Trumpet Thing, then hit the Item Block to get a Recovery Heart, which will restore your health to full. Now continue east and hit the cactus for a Recovery Heart, then go south and get the Slaphammer sticker. Description: Five Paragoombas folded into a circle. You'll see the Toad that you've rescued twice already being bullied again, this time by a pair of Bloopers. Can inflict Sleep. When you enter the level, go all the way east to the end of the screen. Peel her off at her request, then you'll fall down to the very bottom and she'll rejoin you. Deals ultra Jump damage. Puts on a spiked helmet that damages any enemies that dive at you. Inside you will find none other than the Snifit or Whiffit game show! In this room, climb up the stairs until you reach the two walls. They have low HP, so just use any sticker you want to take them out before they can suck your blood. Description: A pile of reanimated bones. Now paperize yourself and peel off the Bomp scrap on the wall, then paperize it back and it will create another Bomp, allowing you to jump your way up to the door at the top; go through it. An oven heats up the room and burns all enemies. Walk outside and take a left. Jump off to the south and leave this room. Finishing these achievements doesn't really do anything, just gives you bragging rights. It contains a Fire Flower sticker. Once you win, watch the scene and you'll get another page added to your Sticker Album! Paperize him out if you want to. Now jump back down and continue up the icy path to the next area. Now go back inside the temple and head west to reach a seemingly dead end. Now touch the comet piece to finish the level; time for the final level! There were nine Toads inside that cupboard. Can inflict Dizzy. Can inflict Dizzy. Continue up the ledges and head to the next room. Deals weak Jump damage. As soon as you enter, head north and remove the tape on the entrance to the cave. Jump back up and head right to find the Shy Guy with the second scrap. First, go to World 3-3 and go to the top of the treehouse to return the segment to the Wiggler. Now enter the pipe to reach the next screen. When the blades move to the left, hammer the floor you just placed and drop through. So don't get too crazy with it, or you'll lose your coins quickly! Hit the Item Block it takes you to for a Shiny Fire Flower sticker, then jump to the log south of you and go back to the eastern paltform again. These only deal 1 damage per hit, but it's actually still an easy battle. Description: These are much stronger versions of the other beetle enemies you found before this point. Head into the next exit. There, let it take you to the northwestern platform, then jump to it and go through the door. Yeah. Paperize a Fire Flower or Burnhammer onto it and it will melt, revealing a Pipe in a Cave scrap. As you turn north, paperize yourself and peel off the Jungle Floodgate scrap, then paperize again and stick it back on properly to reveal an entrance, so ride directly into it. There's an opening in the right side; head there and get the Shiny Jump, Eekhammer and Worn-Out Hammer stickers, then go right and jump into the coffin on the floor. That's all there is to do here; go back to Decalburg and turn the Vacuum and Faucet Things into stickers, then let's move onto World 2-4. Read on to discover its location. You have to lure them to the gates and let them explode on them to knock them down. Jump to it and pull it out, then it'll start following you again. When you regain control, peel off the Bowser sticker on the floor to...fall further down the volcano. To gain access to World 1-5, enter World 1-3 and head right. After grabbing your HP-UP Heart, enter the red Warp Pipe and grab the piece of the Sticker Comet waiting outside. Now go through the door in front of you. After defeating him, grab the Royal Sticker to complete the world! Go through the right exit and enter Paperize mode to place the gate in its original spot. Now enter the nearby building, and open the cabinet doors on the right to find a chest. Head right and down the steps at the bottom, into the quicksand. There will be a Bomp that will jut out of the wall and knock you off balance, so just wait until it goes back into the wall and then proceed onward, past the door and up the steps. One of them has a Toad holding a Jump sticker, and the other a Hammer. Fights the same as a Paragoomba, but is much stronger, and its wings can't be removed. Jump across the raft inside and get the Jump sticker, then get back on the raft and hammer the block that's blocking the raft's path. Continue climbing and get the Worn-Out Hammer sticker, then get the Hopslipper sticker from the Item Block. You'll come to another door similar to the one you saw in the first room, only there are three squares this time. How did they manage that? After the battle, go through the door. Attacks by jumping on Mario or squirting water at him. Follow it. Be sure to avoid those, then you'll come to some Shy Guys swinging on a vine and dropping barrels into the water. It's a dead end! You're in some sort of junkyard now. After a couple turns or so, it will jump into the water and restore all of its HP. Deals ultra Jump damage. Continue across the bridge and encounter Kamek who sets up a battle. Time for a boss battle! Inside, peel off the Mansion Bookcase scrap in paperization, then place the Mansion Safe there and open it to encounter a shiny Boo! Hits each enemy three times. Enter the door at the top and grab the Trumpet outside. This will cause some sand to spew out. Jump in to find a cave that leads to the higher elevated platform in the same area. As you approach it, you find Kamek, and have to fight against him. You'll immediately notice that a sandstorm is blowing you across the screen, and you can barely see anything. Pick it up to get the Boom Box Thing. First, though, we have to head back to Surfshine Harbor, so let's pay a quick visit. For those looking for a visual guide instead of our text and image based walkthrough, be sure to check out our Video Walkthrough! Grab it to get the Curling Stone Thing, then head north and west into the opening in the wall you'll come to. Description: The same as a normal Scuttlebug, but bigger and stronger. There's also a Jump sticker on the bush to the north, but again, I don't recommend you get it. There's also a Hammer sticker back over to the west. Use the Battle Spinner to use more sandals in one turn, and time them properly to deal 5 points of damage per sandal. Use a fire-based sticker to melt it off, then use the Radiator or Oven sticker to crack it, causing it to fall apart and reveal a smaller version of the statue, dealing around 60 damage in the process. Back inside, hit the Item Block to get a POW Block sticker. Here, you'll see four penguins that slide down a slope ahead. Once you hit the blocks to make them say that, a pipe will appear. The Snifit host will ask you if you want to accept the "special challenge", however! Here, you'll see two Fire Piranhas on the platform ahead. Here, jump across the platforms to the middle platform, then use the Recovery Block and save your game at the Save Block. Hit the Item Block here for a Baahammer sticker, then get all of your stickers off the ground and go back to the previous room. Tape/Staple: Unable to make an action until the effect wears off. Now jump back and paperize the Pipe in a Cave scrap onto the silhouette, then go through it to reach the background. After grabbing it and returning it to the World Map, go to World 3-3 and place the Tree Stump in the room that Wiggler is in for a second piece of the Sticker Comet. Go left and you'll see a bunch of Bomps coming out of the waterfall. Paperize yourself and place a normal Jump sticker on the left, and a normal Hammer sticker on the right. Feel free to get it if you wish, however. Finally, climb all the way up the steps to reach the comet piece, then touch it to unlock World 2-4! Increases the strength of stickers used in the same turn. Hit it with your hammer and the rock on the top will fall, bridging the gap and allowing you to cross. Some Toads were locked up in a cupboard in Decalburg. Description: The second of Bowser's most common minions. Now head right and paperize yourself, then place a random sticker into the box to stop the poison spewing out of the tree bark. With a set of stairs now available head to the piece of the Comet Star, but take the exit on your right instead of grabbing it. Out here, you'll see that the airship is tilting, causing some of the crates to slide back and forth as well. Can hit up to 5 times. It's raining Bob-ombs again in this area. For the third round, there are four blocks instead of three, but all you gotta do is keep an eye on the correct block and hit it accordingly when the shuffling is finished.