A medical term that means "small vein" Aortic. Build a medical word that means inflammation of a vein (wall) phlebothrombosis. Should I change my ticket to shorter connection flights? Intra- is a prefix that means within Two right and two left bronchial veins collect systemic (deoxygenated) blood from the bronchi and other lung tissues and return it to the systemic venous pool via the azygos vein on the right and the accessory hemiazygos vein on the left. The walls of most veins have three layers: an endothelial lining, which folds at intervals into leaflets that act as one-way valves, a thin middle layer often containing smooth muscle, and a thin outer layer composed of fibrous connective tissue. If you are 13 years old when were you born? Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? Could this cause me to have blood clots? The short saphenous vein ascends the lateral side of the posterior leg (the calf). The inferior thyroid vein empties into the brachiocephalic vein or the superior vena cava. The vein that accompanies the superior mesenteric artery and drains the small intestine, cecum, ascending colon, and transverse colon. The vein that accompanies the obturator artery; it empties into the internal iliac vein. The patient is watched for complications such as bleeding, infection, and neurosensory problems. Terminologie médicale, termes contenant les racines commençant par la lettre I I - TERMINOLOGIE MEDICALE - I . Below the jaw and before emptying into the internal jugular vein (at the level of the hyoid bone in the neck), the facial vein receives blood from the submental, tonsillar, external palatine, and submandibular veins. The patient with lower extremity varicosities is taught to avoid anything that impedes venous return, such as wearing garters and tight girdles, crossing the legs at the knees, and prolonged sitting. ventricular. Dialysis catheters - Plastic tubing placed into a vein in the neck for hemodialysis, usually temporarily until access has been surgically created. Ano ang pinakamaliit na kontinente sa mundo? Services, Medical Terminology for Tissues, Organs & Glands, Working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community. Tributaries of the superior mesenteric vein include the jejunal, ileal, ileocolic, right and middle colic, right gastroepiploic, and pancreaticoduodenal veins. As the vein descends through the neck, tributary veins include the facial, lingual, pharyngeal, superior thyroid, and middle thyroid veins. vein. Any of the veins that connect the anterior abdominal wall with the portal vein. In hemorrhage, elevation of the extremity and firm, gentle pressure over the wound will stop the bleeding. The patient should elevate the legs whenever possible, but no less than twice a day for 30 min each time, and should avoid prolonged standing. Medical Terminology. Let’s start with some common medical terms that many non-medically trained people may be familiar with. An anterior-posterior vein along the posterior abdominal wall that connects the common iliac, iliolumbar, and lumbar veins; it empties into the subcostal, azygos, hemiazygos, or first lumbar vein.