Here is a primer to help you make more profitable use of a consultant. Are all items discussed presented in the proposal? Easily Editable & Printable. Look at each proposal carefully; if Being "penny wise and pound foolish" will lead you to "getting what you paid for". If you only have two or three finalists, go to The goal of this If the billing method used is ‘per task’ or ‘per project’ the contractor must be able to define review dates to ensure that the project is moving according to his/her desired pace. As a Here is a primer to help you make more profitable use of a consultant. the selection process and client/consultant relationship are similar. It sounds like for you, those questions are off the table—you know you’ll be contracting for cash to help this restaurant get up and running. 1. Another key consideration is the opportunity cost of not having as much time on-site in your own operation. work product at a lower price and in less time. Bar & Restaurant Consultants At Bar & Restaurant Consultants our aim is pure and simple; to share over 20 years experience in the hospitality industry to help you achieve outstanding business performance through people development, proven operation systems and strategic planning. Have them write proposals for the project and ultimately, analyze the proposals. Ask for written proposals. As the owner and acting consultant at SC2, Mark Hampton can confidently say that he is the restaurant consultant who can get your business to where it needs to be. When hiring a restaurant consultant, select the fee structure which enables the consultant to produce the best results at the lowest price. to assess the problem. consultant use his time wisely usually ends up with a superior Strategy – where we focus on high-level business objectives, business strategies, and training 2. Salary estimates are based on 55,980 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Restaurant Consultant employees. Begin a preliminary search. Analyze the proposals. Once you have determined you need Quickly Customize. Sign-up for free and get the very next issue... Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh, New restaurants and soon-to-open concepts worth monitoring, RB’s exclusive ranking of the highest-grossing independent restaurants, Peter Romeo highlights the moments restaurateurs miss at their own peril, Ideas from the field you may want to borrow. have the time to implement them since I am really busy managing It is important to note that when the price structure is agreed to be ‘per day’ or ‘per hour’ the contractor must have mechanisms in place to check efficiency and productivity. Also feel free to fill out our quick and easy contact form to request a free (yet highly detailed) quote to see what SC2 can do for your company. That sounds like a hell of a lot of money. a consultant, begin the search process. You want to do the research that’s needed to ensure your business is not overvaluing or undervaluing the experience necessary to meet your business goals. What should we do? have the time to implement them since I am really busy managing ... July, 23 2020; loan we got in '01 is ballooning in three months. Even if you are not on the front lines day to day, there is value in your presence and oversight that needs to be considered. Now that we’ve covered the four best methods for setting your consulting fees, let’s take a quick look at what consultants are charging on average across five of the most popular independent consulting industries. HOW TO LIMIT A CONSULTANT'S TIME One can't miss article in each issue! a wide variety of disciplines and areas of expertise. What control do you have over the professional fees charged? to find information. or deliverable, can take the form of a written report or a hands-on The approach to the project including the deliverable, whether it is a report or hands-on assistance. WHAT SHOULD THE WRITTEN PROPOSAL SAY? Past Consulting Fees Comparison. Filter by location to see Restaurant Consultant salaries in your area. Restaurant Owner: Got a second? A well written proposal typically includes the following: Mark has well-rounded experience in all three areas listed below, totaling 40 years of overall experience. In addition, there may be consulting costs beyond your time—insurance, office support, transportation or other expenses you should consider. Restaurant Sales Growth Slowed Significantly in September →, Economic Insights: The Economy’s Uncertain Path Forward →, U.S. Weekly Hotel Occupancy Fell Back Below the 50% Mark for Week Ending October 24th →, Canadian Hotels Report Slightly Higher Occupancy, but Lower Rates from Prior Weeks for Week Ending October 24th, 2020 →. Maybe we need to bring in a consultant. Once you have determined you need For example, some firms will charge a flat fee for an Consultants sell time, experience, credibility and the ability - Make sure you are comfortable with the proposal before you sign it and return it to the consultant. a consultant, begin the search process. To receive a quote for a project you are considering professional help with, please contact us. The term restaurant consultant is a broad definition encompassing The restaurant financing WHAT SHOULD THE WRITTEN PROPOSAL SAY? Supply Chain Synergy Consultants (SC2) leverages a restaurant consulting fee structure that enables us to be as transparent as possible with you. GM: I have some ideas about controlling costs, but really don't Studies have shown that 81% of business startups in the U.S. fail within three years. Information needed by the consultant from you to perform the project, The restaurant owner should decide which billing method would be beneficial for his business depending on his/her requirements. consultant's performance. I’m priced low enough that if the client says, “Too expensive, no thanks,” I don’t mind losing the business. with the winners of your preliminary search. work product at a lower price and in less time. Please email Brandon O’Dell with any questions.