Instructions supplied with the firework may also contain disposal advice. And please don’t put any fireworks in your pocket. Fireworks priced for all budgets. Category 2 and 3 fireworks are allowed to be used in a home environment, with category 4 to be used by professionals only. Only light one at a time at arms-length, and with a firework lighter or fuse wick. Category 2, otherwise known as garden fireworks, have a minimum spectator distance of 8 metres. The Financial Services Register can be accessed through These are placed on each side and secured with gaffer tape, which is wrapped around the product a number of times ensuring we do not cover the fuse. Should the firework become loose, the stake should prevent it from falling forwards. It’s not just children’s dressing up clothes that can be a fire hazard. These are important factors to consider when choosing your fireworks. Never fire a rocket with a broken or damaged stick as this will affect the balance of the rocket and flight path. Minimum safety distance 8 metres. Always store fireworks in a secure, flameproof container using them one at a time. These are the minimum requirements for your safety, so extend the spectator distance where possible. Would definitely return for new year fireworks and recommend to all. Registered office: The Wharf, Neville Street, Leeds LS1 4AZ Registered in England and Wales No.1179980. Rain on fireworks night isn’t ideal, but it’s not the end of the world. So, always check your firing site and meterage, then decide if you require F2 and/or F3. Fully spent fireworks can be disposed along with your regular refuse, but guidance is a little murky when it comes to dealing with misfired and partly spent fireworks. If in doubt always read the instructions. Another good practice is to place hardboard under the base of the firework if on very soft ground. There are several celebrations throughout the year when this is extended - on Bonfire Night the cut off is midnight and on New Years Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year it is 1am. The safety distance is … Animals are a lot more sensitive to big flashes and loud bangs than we are. Give them plenty of notice of the date and time of your display, so if they do have pets or issues with fireworks they can work around it. We bought a great selection for kids and adults a like wouldn't go any where for my fireworks 5 Star, First Time buying off the Internet & Have gotta say that have gotta be the loudest fireworks I've ever bought from anywhere, Thank you for the Fireworks!, Might buy next year :). We secure all our fireworks with stakes 25mm x 25mm square or with steel pins. These compounds can have a combined powder weight of up to 4kg maximum, giving duration and spectacular effects. Remember, each firework has its own set of hazards and therefore different instructions. Safety & Health; Display Fireworks Require Common Sense and Distance to Keep FFs Safe. Also, only ever buy them in full packs rather than individually or in packs where some have been taken out. For example, that you set off the fireworks as far away as possible from your property. Remember, each firework has its own set of hazards and therefore different instructions. However, as a display operator, it would be impractical to go to a venue with a spade and start digging up the ground. Chances are you’ve got bored kids in your midst. Maybe invite them to join your party. Securing fireworks, there's a number of ways and the most common is to bury the firework. Safer finales Consider splurging on a single larger firework for your grand finale instead of trying to light tons of smaller fireworks in a short time. When putting on a fireworks display in your garden it’s important that you take the necessary safety measures. On the one hand you want enough fireworks so people don’t get bored, but you also want big bangs instead of limp fizzes. Minimum safety distance 8 metres. If you require more tubes you can purchase a 22mm plastic tube from your local plumber's merchant at little cost. Try to order your fireworks early so you can familiarise yourself with the products you will be firing, giving you time to. Chances are it’s going to be pretty chilly. Most important is to never immediately return to a faulty firework. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The excitement of a bombastic lightshow will be lost should an accident happen. Boom, Wanted to buy some fireworks for both the kids and adults but really didn't know what to buy I've been buying fireworks from wayne for 3 years and building my display year on year with his help, he's always happy to accommodate supplying fireworks for all ages. Visited the shop on Friday 31st of October. And accidents do happen. Give the firework as much time as possible, ideally overnight, to ensure it won’t spring back into life. Don’t risk firework debris getting swept towards your friends and family. You have checked your distances and decided if you can have F2 or F3 fireworks. So, it is safe to put the garden fireworks 5m or 8m away, and the display fireworks at 25m. Check out our handy tips to keep your pets happy this bonfire night. Scarves, tracksuits and long coats can also put people in unnecessary danger around candles and bonfires. You’ve got to seriously consider the strength of the wind and its direction. A rocket will always fly into the wind so bear this in mind when you are planning your display and always inspect your rockets for damage. Always check before buying that fireworks show the British Standard Kitemark BS7114. Although it’s unlikely that someone will catch alight; it’s always good to remember: STOP don’t run U K Insurance Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. No matter how safe you make your back garden, accidents can happen. If a firework doesn’t go off, don’t be tempted to go and check … You can waterproof fireworks with bin bags or cling film. Have a plan of action to keep your pets as comfortable and calm as possible. If you are mixing garden and display fireworks in the same display, always ensure the respective safety distances are adhered to. F3 fireworks have a powder weight (NEC) over 500g and up to 1000g. Be sure to also consider your safety. We mentioned that safe spectating distances for fireworks are anywhere from 35–150 feet, so you’ll need every second you can get. While rain isn’t a deal breaker, wind can be. Direct Line general insurance policies are underwritten by U K Insurance Limited. It’s a good idea to keep a bucket of water close by, in which you can dispose used sparklers. Never ignore the correct safety distances even if the firework “looks small”.