In order to practice other conjugations of verbs in the future tense, students should discuss their resolutions with their classmates. Spanish tradition says that wearing new, red underwear on New Year's Eve brings good luck. To wrap up the activity, ask your students to share one hope, dream, goal or fear of another student in front of the class. To teach your students Spanish commands, ask them to tell others what to do for New Year’s resolutions. We offer free self-study courses for students of all levels. I’m sure most of you Spanish teachers vividly remember the days as a student when you struggled trying to grasp the concept of what exactly the subjunctive is. Encourage pupils to talk about their plans for the new year in Spanish using these lesson activities, and incorporate the holiday spirit within the material you make with these fun clipart images. O Designed for primary, could also be used for KS3. Ask your students to practice using the often confusing tense to write down the things they do and don’t want to happen in the coming year. D To save you some time, we've found a selection of engaging resources to inspire planning and ease the start-of-term preparation workload. I prepared for you a recording at slow speed and another one at normal speed for student differentiation. Next, ask your students to write down a list. Next, ask students to explain how they could have stuck to their resolutions if things were different. First, ask your students to write what they like to do. Games and activities featuring high-quality images and audio. Square R What you may not have realized is that these resolutions also create the perfect opportunity to teach your students a number of Spanish verb tenses. X For example, “Si yo hubiera tenido más tiempo, yo habría ido al gimnasio el año pasado.” (If I had had more time, I would have gone to the gym last year.). We also participate in other affiliate advertising programs for products and services we believe in. Celebrating the New Year in Spain. 5 Spanish Verb Tenses to Teach with New Year’s Resolutions 1. Then, John will write down Sally’s response using the third person conjugation of the verb. All Rights Reserved. can take anywhere. Two slides at end for worksheet. Asking students to share what they actually want to do with their partners will, hopefully, prevent your students making snide suggestions like “Lose weight!” or a similar hurtful command. Simple new year resolutions in French. The timing of the beginning of the spring term lends itself well to MFL lessons on resolutions, with teaching often focusing on links to healthy lifestyle topics and future tense conjugation. A New Year’s mingle party of sorts! In this reading, a young man is discussing his plans for celebrating New Year's Eve in Germany with his friends. H Thanks for stopping by! Play this French New Year's - Nouvel An Taboo game and have some fun! For the aforementioned verb tenses, ask your students to write about what they did last year. B So, the above activity described for teaching the future tense can be tweaked to become practice using the subjunctive tense. After they have compiled a list, ask your students to pair up and tell each other what to do based on their likes and dislikes. Maintain flexible hours? J (Download). The … M Please take a moment to provide me with your high quality feedback that will help me improve. December 20, 2017 / Spanish Vocabulary and Expressions / By Janey 35 Shares. For example, “El año que viene, nosotros vamos a ir al gimnasio cuatro veces por semana.”. El futuro A festive approach to teaching your students the future tense is to ask them to write a list of their resolutions for the new year. Doing so ensures that they learn and practice verb conjugations other than just the first person singular, yo. For example, “Max no comió comida saludable,” or “Max no fue al gimnasio.”. 58 Spanish Christmas and New Year Vocabulary for the Holiday Season. After all, irregular verbs are the ones that students should practice the most. FluentU is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to