Practices using Spruce commonly have two phone trees, one for clinic hours and one for after hours, set up to match your business schedule. Part of our workflow. Look out for suspicious emails, phone calls, text messages or websites that may be trying to scam you. Sequential ringing will ring the phones in the Contact Group one at a time, starting with the phone that has gone the longest without answering a Spruce call, and skipping any phones that are currently engaged in an active Spruce call. For more Spruce Help articles, please click here. manner is how our business works. You can include a separate audio file for each option, so each one has a different voicemail greeting. A phone tree presents a caller with two or more options when they call your practice. It opens with a main greeting that explains they have reached your practice after hours and directs them to select an option. Contact Us, © Spruce has enabled us to quickly and efficiently navigate our medical home through Spruce will tell you whether or not the patient is on a membership plan as well as their billing status. With Spruce, They will have the PossibleHintPatient tag and grey activity note. Enter Only your Provider can initiate the call to you, so at the time of your appointment, it is best to be logged into Spruce and ready to accept the video call. safe connecting to your patients. You can have each option ring a specific number, and you can include a separate audio file for each option, so each one has a voicemail greeting spoken in the specified language. Powered by Help Scout. The ability to communicate in a transparent HIPAA compliant Remembering this device will prevent Hint from asking for your MFA code on every login. Spruce allows you to connect with your patients via HIPAA-compliant video calls. The app is not only amazing for our practice and our patients...the customer The Spruce Care Messenger app is an all-in-one communication platform for doctors and patients. The following template can be used to direct patients to a specific department during clinic hours. Still need help? Once the initial import is complete you can configure the integration to send invites to Spruce for new patients who are added. Accepting video calls from your mobile device: Accepting video calls from your desktop computer (from the Google Chrome, or Safari browser): You can access your Settings page by selecting the Spruce Logo Icon in the top left corner. you can securely share files, videos, and photos with just one tap. You can have each option ring a different provider. Read this help article on how to invite patients to a Secure Conversation. In order to engage in a video call, the patient must download the Spruce app on their smartphone from an invite sent by your practice. I’m feeling a lot better. Please confirm with the patients that they have notifications enabled for the app on their phone. You will then have to add the other patients into Spruce as a new Standard conversation with their unique phone number and then manually link to Hint (and Elation if applicable). Accessing Spruce from the web browser Once you have created your Spruce account, you can navigate to, on the Google Chrome browser, and select "Login. Any changes made to patient contact information in Spruce will not affect patients in Hint. Tap the link in the text message or the button in the email invitation you received to be connected with your doctor. Spruce gives you more than just messaging. Location: Associate patients with Locations (e.g., San_Francisco_Clinic) as part of Location Groups (e.g., California).