I hand only been supporting them for a year or so and I was 13 at the time. At that time in England there was still a lot of anti-German feeling, but I know that many people after seeing this doctor suddenly realised that there were good Germans. With many players uneasy about another attempt it was decided they would try for a third time with Mark Jones, Tommy Taylor, Eddie Colman and Duncan Edwards so concerned that they even moved to the back of the plane believing they would be safer there if the worst happened. This Website needs JavaScript activated to maintain your user experience. Munich58 once again organised and led the two Supporter’s Remembrance Events at Old Trafford. The house catches fire. Twenty-five of the passengers and crew are believed to have died. Barang siapa memberikan laporan palsu akan dikenakan sanksi banned. After celebrating their progression with cocktails at the British embassy in Belgrade the players left for Manchester the following day as they had an important league fixture with Wolverhampton Wanderers on the Saturday; sadly, for many of the party they would never reach their destination alive. Affixed to the outside wall of the Old Trafford home of Manchester United Football Club is a double-faced clock bearing the legend “February 6th 1958, Munich”. Charlton scores twice, with further goals by Best and Brian Kidd. The plane lands in Munich. The convoy of hearse after hearse passed our house in Seymour Grove in Old Trafford on the way to the ground and thousands turned out to pay their last respects. Murphy regains his composure and assumes responsibility for telephoning the next of kin with United assistant secretary Les Olive. I had been taken regularly over the previous four years to many of United's games, but more especially the youth games which attracted large crowds, as United reached the Finals on at least two occasions. In his career of five years, he helped United to two league titles and won 18 England caps. It was a good day for me. E ven now, on the 60th anniversary, recalling the Munich air disaster moves Geoffrey Fink to tears. (NEW), Kupas Tuntas Segitiga Bermuda Yang Penuh Mister Menarik (NEW), Remembering the Munich Air Disaster - 6 february 1958, Ketika Profesor Fisika Meneliti Tendangan Bebas Cristiano Ronaldo, 10 Game Terlaris di Amerika Serikat Selama 2013, 10 Posisi Pekerjaan yang Baru Muncul Dalam 5 Tahun Terakhir, Kaptain Kenneth "Ken" Rayment, kopilot (selamat dari kejadian tetapi mengalami cedera parah dan meninggal tiga minggu setelahnya di rumah sakit setelah mengalami gegar otak), Duncan Edwards (selamat dari kecelakaan, tapi meninggal 15 hari kemudian), Frank Swift, News of the World (juga mantan kiper Inggris dan Manchester City; meninggal dalam perjalanan menuju rumah sakit). I got out as quickly as I could and just ran and ran. ... Duncan Edwards The Greatest | 6th Feb 1958 | Manchester United - Duration: 22:50. Middle row: Tom Curry (coach), Bill Foulkes, Bobby Charlton, Fred Goodwin, Ray Wood, Billy Whelan, Mark Jones, Duncan Edwards, Bill Inglis (assistant). They would soldier on in the European Cup too, despite Real Madrid’s sporting offer to award them the trophy in honour of those who had perished in Germany; beating AC Milan at Old Trafford in the semi-final before eventually losing out on aggregate. 6th February 1958: Munich air disaster kills Manchester Utd players - Duration: 2:46. Charlton is helped into a minibus, where he is sat alongside Violett in the front while other survivors are picked up. They were United players Geoff Bent, Roger Byrne, Eddie Coleman, Mark Jones, David Pegg, Tommy Taylor and Liam Whelan; United club secretary Walter Crickmer; trainer Tom Curry; chief coach Bert Whalley; cabin steward Tom Cable; journalists Alf Clarke (Manchester Evening Chronicle), Donny Davies (Manchester Guardian), George Follows (Daily Herald), Tom Jackson (Manchester Evening News), Archie Ledbrooke (Daily Mirror), Henry Rose (Daily Express) and Eric Thompson (Daily Mail); travel agent Bela Miklos; and Willie Satinoff, United fan and a friend of Busby. Flying Tomorrow.' But the result and the prospect of an easier journey home than from Prague boosts spirits. United ride a tide of emotion at Old Trafford to beat Wednesday 3-0 in the rearranged tie. Then as now, it was the norm for big clubs to buy the players they needed, but that was not Busby’s way. A most sad event in the life of my home city and my family. But there’s [ ... ], We had Tottenham beating Manchester United 6-1, Liverpool losing 7-2 at Aston Villa. It reads: 'An unprecedented blow to British football has touched the hearts of millions and we express our deep gratitude to the many who have sent messages of sympathy and floral tributes. Affixed to the outside wall of the Old Trafford home of Manchester United Football Club is a double-faced clock bearing the legend “February 6th 1958, Munich”. Black suggests holding the plane overnight but Captain Thain is anxious to stay on schedule and suggests opening the throttle even more slowly will do the trick. One of the young players whom Busby brought to Old Trafford was Duncan Edwards, who was born in Dudley in the West Midlands in 1936. © 2020 KASKUS, PT Darta Media Indonesia. The front cover of the match programme features a message from the club chairman beneath the title 'United will go on...'. Whether you’re on a winter run, doing the weekly shop, or [ ... ], “I don't know how many times I need to say this, but football and the social media platforms [ ... ], Bayern Munich have won the Bundesliga for the past eight seasons. On 6 February 1958, a charter plane carrying 44 people crashed after refuelling at Munich Airport. And then we came to a standstill and it was very hushed and quiet. February 6 will mark the 60th anniversary of the Munich air disaster, which claimed the lives of 23 people including eight members of the Man United team. The pilot is Captain James Thain, a former flight lieutenant in the RAF. The engine also gives an odd note while accelerating. The airliner had been chartered to carry the team home after a European Cup match in Belgrade. What was remarkable about them was not only that they were so young, but that they were home-grown, the products of the Old Trafford coaching system. We’ve [ ... ], When historians look back at the sports scene at the turn of the millennium, there will most certainly [ ... ], Managers can’t manage masks, fans are finding new ways to hail their heroes, and Jurgen Klopp [ ... ]. 'I spoke to a nurse and she told me that she thought Duncan had a better chance of making a full recovery than Johnny did... 'We came across Frank Taylor in another bed; he was the only journalist around and he asked if we'd like to have a beer with him. Ritchie, Geneva, Switzerland. Frank, Australia. Despite being warned it was too dangerous, Gregg, having kicked a hole through which to escape, returns to save some passengers. Managed by Scotsman Matt Busby, they became known as the Busby Babes. I remember queuing for hours some months after in a Manchester store to get the autographs of the new team and the survivors.Alan Green, UK. https://s.kaskus.id/e3.1/images/layout/home-logo-n.png, https://www.kaskus.co.id/thread/52f383c4118b467a128b47c6/remembering-the-munich-air-disaster---6th-february-1958, Diurutkan dari komentar dengan tanggal terlama, Diurutkan dari komentar dengan tanggal terbaru. Edwards' telegram would arrive at 5pm, after the crash. While they inspect the problem, the passengers are told to disembark and return to the lounge. His Daily Mail colleague, the writer Eric Thompson, did not make it, Howard's report continued on page six alongside pictures of the plane wreckage at Munich. Brennan scores twice and Alex Dawson also nets in front of 59,848 fans at a sombre Old Trafford. Rayment is trapped in his seat by the crumpled shell of the plane. I remember going into the fish and chip shop and someone telling me United were in an air crash. I don't know how any of us managed to sit our exam the following day, never mind pass it. Twenty-three of forty-four people on board would die, among them eight players. All the best players want [ ... ], A quarter of a century since he last kicked a football professionally, and 14 years after his last coaching [ ... ], With an extended lockdown threatening the existence of a substantial portion of the United Kingdom’s [ ... ], Thanks for reaching out. United begin the journey home, with thoughts switching to their weekend league engagement. ( Log Out /  KalBar] Puake. Alan Wexler, US. Well, that’s another [ ... ], Harry Maguire trudged off the Wembley turf looking like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. 'I did not have any shoes and there was snow on the ground and it was very cold, but I didn't even feel it.'. Full-back Bill Foulkes remembered: 'We'd been playing cards for most of the flight from Belgrade to Munich, and I remember when we left the aircraft thinking how cold it was. Edwards dies of his injuries at 2.16am. They must travel first from Belgrade to Munich for refuelling because a non-stop flight to Manchester is beyond the range of the Elizabethan. The following season, they got to the quarter finals again, and were drawn to play Red Star Belgrade. 'We had one attempt at taking off, but didn't leave the ground, so I suppose a few of those on board would start to worry a little bit, and when the second take-off failed we were pretty quiet when we went back into the lounge.'. 'We were about to leave the hospital when I asked a nurse where we should go to see the other lads. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Bobby Charlton lies in a German hospital bed recovering from his injuries, Dennis Viollet (right) and Albert Scanlon talking with their wives while in Munich hospital beds, The front page of the Daily Mail from February 8 concentrated on the Munich injured. ( Log Out /  They include Stan Crowther from Aston Villa and Ernie Taylor from Blackpool. He was so touched by the fight Duncan Edwards put up for his life that he named his next born after him - that was me!