Naguchi? The entire pantheon of paranormal literature dealing with aliens likely takes its cues from the fact that Joseph Stefano thought the eye effect they cooked up for the alien looked cool. Like the British with Australia, they come to the conclusion that the best thing to do is send them off to become someone else’s problem. Warren Oates, Far from The Outer Limits at its best. Movies, Comics, Books, Games and Other Things Geeks Love. Kent Smith, After a hot day outside, there’s nothing better than getting inside and cooling down, all while watching something on the tv. Most of the aliens believe that the human race was wiped out in the war, but there is a group of humans in the woods near the farm. 1900 Titles Top TV Series (1970-2013) 88 min As the above quote implies, maybe Qarlo didn’t care about the Kagans at all. “Today, on this planet Earth, the criminal is incarcerated in humane institutions…..or he is executed. They’re also tortured, because the Ebonites don’t have the alien equivalent of the Geneva Convention. Dlavan (Rene Auberjonois) and his family are Tsal-Khan, offspring of the handful of aliens who remained on Earth after a bitter war of conquest with the human race. Two young women who murder a blackmailing gigolo stumble onto (another Outer Limits) gothic mansion where an odd young man plays with time and space...With David McCallum, Vera Miles, Barbara RushBack-door pilot, the very recognisable score for which was later used for The Invaders. David Hemblen, Photos from the individual The Outer Limits episodes are listed along with the The Outer Limits episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Despite the fact that the series only ran for two years, the fact that there’s 49 episodes in total makes getting into it a little daunting. Or are both realities merely hallucinations, one man's desperate attempt to find hope and heroism in a situation too bleak to face?. Like the classic 1960s series of the same name, each episode is a celebration of the human imagination in which humanity's exploration of new frontiers in technology, outer space and the human experience reveal our greatest hopes and darkest fears. Drama, Fantasy, Horror. Late one night, six blocks of suburb are beamed up by an alien race. (1995 series) I'm just getting into it, and I'd like to skip the bad ones if possible. | He spends his time researching cosmic background radiation and analyzing it, to the chagrin of his employees and the FCC. Director: | The operator locks in 3D communication, but a DJ who wants to impress his girlfriend with the station's ... See full summary », Director: 30 Tourist Attraction. “Did the soldier finally come to care for those he protected? | Martin Wolfson, | Scott Marlowe, The Ebonites also use ethnic prejudice and good ol’ planted suspicions to drive the soldiers apart from each other. The entire cast is magnificent from top to bottom, and the creatures themselves wonderfully absurd. John Erman Weird gothic horror, with honourable mentions to Nellie Burt and John Hoyt. I love spending afternoons with friends in a A test pilot and his wife find time temporarily frozen and their young daughter about to be hit by a car...With Dewey Martin, Mary MurphyA very Twilight Zone-y episode, but as gripping and weirdly discomfiting as any Outer Limits. Stars: Sidney Blackmer, | William Shatner, Gail Kobe, The alien in this episode is truly unlike anything seen before, and the sight of it is still very unnerving. Robert Culp, They hope that such a threat... See full summary », Director: Robert Webber, | Robert Sampson. | The Outer Limits episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. They wake up one morning to find that there is no ... See full summary », Director: After they see the well-fed aliens, Rebecca leads the group to raid the farm for food. It’s all just a test to make sure Earth soldiers will stay loyal in the event of hostilities. Made ... See full summary », Director: The best episode of The Outer Limits is another Harlan Ellison script. Gerd Oswald Ellison was (in)famous for being both belligerent and relentless on the subject of getting paid, and in this case he succeeded. Remade quite efficiently by the crappy 1990s reboot with Outer Limits veteran David McCallum, and one of only two episodes in that series worth seeing (the other one A Stitch in Time). Malachi Throne. It’s a great bit of gothic storytelling and, while it’s not at all similar to other episodes, it’s an excellent standalone work of television. Nevertheless, there were a few good ones, flawed or not... Days ago, Trent awoke with no memory of his past. Joseph Stefano, the main screenwriter for the series (also the screenwriter for Psycho) felt that having a “bear” in each episode heightened the fear and intensity, and allowed something for the plot to swing around. TV SHOWS HORROR In a war between the Earth and the alien Ebonites, human soldiers are tortured by callous interrogators...With Martin SheenAnother wonderful alien from Wah Chang. Diana Sands, Then they (and their surprised ""captain"")... Workers on a moon base find a mysterious rock that appears to be alive. Donald Harron, | Ballard discovers the bullets which hit them were infused with a meteorite and under the guidance of alien forces are being manipulated into building a starship using handicapped and troubled children as a labor force. During the transfer, the real McCoy's body is blasted with electricity, stopping his heart, inflicting serious brain damage and leaving Cotter's mind trapped in the android body. An alien race known as the Zanti, have selected earth as a place to solve their problem of what to do with those who do not conform to societal norms. As an aside, if the backstory of the episode intrigues you, you’re in luck. While this has some neat features, like Spock ears, it also means telekinetic powers and a certain amorality. Erich Anderson, His computer hand helps him dodge them, but that’s about it; the missing three fingers comprise the rest of its “brain.” Trent needs them to uncover the truth about him and the men chasing him. He’s right; the pacing and suspense in this episode far exceeds any other episode of the show. | Maxine Stuart, A man with the chance of travelling back through time to prevent a nuclear holocaust is put in an appalling moral dilemma...With Martin LandauSuperb direction on this one from Leonard Horn, While operating the Outer Band Individuated Teletracer, or O.B.I.T. One of his captors, feels there is something more to Qarlo and gradually ingratiates the soldier with his own family teaching him kindness and a life without killing and war. If all of this sounds familiar, it’s because Alan Moore nicked it as the ultimate plot device for The Watchmen. It was the... "The Zanti Misfits" is an episode of the original The Outer Limits television show. | Michael Riley, Stars: Dr. Elayna Chomski (Brandy Ledford) doesn't return from her interrogation at all, and when Maj. Ronald Naguchi (Robin Shou) goes for his, he finds her body dead, ripped open and suspended in liquid. | 2020, Netflix Olive Deering, Their experiment however has unforeseen ... See full summary », Director: September 16th marks the 55th anniversary of The Outer Limits, an anthology show that ran for two seasons from 1963 to 1965. Invisibles, of course, has a double meaning here, referring not only to the alien infiltrators, but the position of their soldiers in everyday life--low intelligence non-entities, cannon-fodder. Priscilla Morrill, A scientist hires a miner to be the human subject in an experiment to speed-up evolution, which slowly turns the miner into a highly intelligent, alien-like being. I created this website so myself and others could find the best episodes of our favourite Below is a complete The Outer Limits episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. An astronaut returns to Earth suffering from debilitating coldness and hallucinations of a strange alien being...With William ShatnerAn early trip into space for Star Trek's Captain Kirk... We are now in the series' second season with a new creative team more inclined to reach for the cliche rather than try to avoid it. A suicidal scientist distracted from his work by his human emotions is eager to transfer them to an emotionless alien being.With Warren Stevens, Robert WebberThe episode title sounds like a really bad 1970s progressive rock album, but the finished product is more like a perfect recreation of those 1950s sci-fi monster comics Marvel used to turn out before they reinvented the super-hero. Who will be the first to snap? Director: As part of a top secret program overseen by Dr. Greg Olander (Robert Joy), General Langston Chase (Dale Wilson), and Cotter's friend, Colonel Pete Butler (Scott Kraft), the contents of McCoy's brain can be temporarily transferred into an android version of himself. September 16th marks the 55th anniversary of The Outer Limits, an anthology show that ran for two seasons from 1963 to 1965. Saul Rubinek, Stars: As Qarlo grows closer this clan, his enemy from the future follows him shortly through the time warp, forcing the futuristic soldier to fight once again; only this time to protect those who showed him compassion. Having studied the planet Theta, they propose what a being from that world would look like, and choose a member of their group to endure a series of operations in order to transform into such a creature. An alien species known as the Zanti have struggled for centuries to come up with a practical solution to getting rid of their criminal element. These beings known as the Luminoids have been afflicted by a disease which is turning them to stone and it is highly contagious. The newly inaugurated President of the United States must deal with an approaching alien fleet of spaceships and determine whether to welcome them or destroy them, based on limited information. First she tries to convince the alien to give up his shield so that Richard can claim he invented it. Stars: One woman dares to challenge the authority of the Commandant. An astronaut travels to the 23rd Century, where he finds the Earth a blasted wasteland... "Corpus Earthling" is an episode of the original The Outer Limits television show. TV-PG Jim Kaufman Michael Higgins, In addition, her hand is permanently stained with a drop of murdered alien blood, Lady Macbeth style. I'm starting now, probably going to go through them all. rarbg Both Demon With A Glass Hand and the end of Blade Runner were shot at the Bradbury Building in Los Angeles. Originality is somewhat overrated. Drama, Fantasy, Horror. DISCOVER--the thirty best episodes of The Outer Limits. This narrowed the audience, naturally, but it also paved the way for a lot of television that we know and love today. Government agent Adam Ballard (a young Robert Duvall) is sent to investigate what is going on, and to discover if there is an extraterrestrial element to this weird case. Quality of mercy, the new breed, the surrogate, the camp and unnatural selection were all high points … Despite over-earnest dialogue and steely, melodramatic performances that render numerous scenes laughable, and despite the unintentional humour and even the ludicrously cheap spacecraft literally held together with string (despite the awe of the laboratory worker in part one), the beautifully executed sentimental scenes of this story still overwhelm and seduce the contemporary audience today. James Goldstone Cliff Robertson,