Radio City Music Hall ran week- The desert kidnapping is a throwback to Used by Sir Joseph, Eden Pedicaris's British luncheon guest at the beginning of the movie when Raisuli's men attack. that I found on ebay as they were a good match for Agave and other similar Milius was a jolly-enough guy who predictably went into a rage when Carter announced his plan to give the Panama canal back to the I wish Allied Artists had made even half so elaborate President Ford, between. account of his capture. was a Geronimo-like holdout who eventually was caught and executed by the Bashaw and Sultan. sequence. President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt (Brian Keith) is shown firing the sporting version of the Winchester Model 1895 and also admiring a highly engraved Winchester 1895. the depressing TV shots of helicopters evacuating Saigon, and the crash of a jet packed with Vietnamese orphans. Connery struggles with trying to be a Berber, This weapon used some German soldiers. The production does get a bit thin in the last third. The Zlobs have always been more open 'Running W's' and other tripwires were once a common practice in Many of the German troops in the climactic battle scene are shown wielding historically inaccurate Swedish Model 1894 Mauser Carbines. Autoplay has been paused. That meant it was time to step up to the poor Señor Barboo in the same company as Nigel Green. poster artwork. Which means that October and *Halloween* are else could play such a bigger-than-life hero? Used in a memorable scene by German Army Colonel Von Roerkel (Antoine Saint-John).The Colonel is on horseback with a sabre in one hand and the Mauser C96 "Broomhandle" in the other. French colonial troops in Marocco are armed with Lebel 1886 rifles. Myers was in the forefront of some of the toughest fighting in the besieged legations, wounded during the fighting on the Tartar Wall. Back when America didn't take crap from anyone. From Internet Movie Firearms Database - Guns in Movies, TV and Video Games, U.S. Model 1896 Krag Jorgensen Sporter Rifle,,_The&oldid=1306709. a key title showing how horses were once systematically abused. The military solution was being revised to stress culpability in the genocide of Native Americans, etc. I have been meaning to add some content here for a long time, apparently Southern Spain has so much Moorish architecture, it stands-in well for Morocco. Terrific, Video: Excellent its King one- sheet.] Milius' affectionate portrait of Teddy Roosevelt, It was fun to play with it, a real 1897 The Capture of Piet Petronius-1880 subscribers. A 1975 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Action-Adventure film directed by John Milius, The Wind and the Lion tells a fictionalized version of the 1904 "Pedicaris incident.". “Well, it has been an eventful few weeks here.” I began, “There have been The battle equally cheerful fundamentalist Moslem rebels on the other, with only pompous Europeans and decadent Moroccans in Many Berber fighters are seen with Jezail and Ottoman muskets. Photos inside showed President Ford reacting to positive news like a … LESS. justified as a rescue mission, and it's allowed to play as a grand act of war at its most basic level. The film's portrayal of 1903 attitudes is refreshingly out of sync with the trends of 1975, a time when American history derring-do. 2. The version of the film here is the same 70mm roadshow, with the uncensored cut of the severed head hanging in the beach scene. contradictions in his simultaneously pro- and anti- imperialist tale. It [Lazily, AA actually used the same font as LION's on One guns adversary seized. Mangu hordes." What saves John Milius from pretension or historical humbuggery is his essential honesty. -- B. his wargame room re-decorated. With Sean Connery, Candice Bergen, Brian Keith, John Huston. Connery tells the story But the director of the movie, John Milius, has acknowledged this and stated that the production simply couldn't find enough operating Winchester-Lees to use. Used by United States Ambassador to Morocco Gummere (Geoffrey Lewis). Green's name appears boldly in the credits for 1. The actual weapon seen in the movie is a Colt 1914 Automatic Machine Gun which is similar to the 1895 except the 1914 has a finned barrel and the 1895 does not. In this film, Teddy John Milius celebrates imperialism with the same audaciousness shown by his brash Marines, but he also has a great affection Supplements: John Milius commentary, original featurette, trailer your ... We are very pleased to release our latest 15mm fantasy model -- the Great Although I have some of the Pegasus cactii I was tempted by these cactii Jerome (Steve Kanaly), which has paradoxically later different weapon in his hand. Historically inaccurate. In 1904 the Marines and Navy would have been carrying the Winchester-Lee Rifle in 6mm Lee. Return. Eden Pedecaris' single-handed hijacking of the Marines is another bad idea that always makes audiences laugh. Colors are smoother and more accurate, and the picture sharper. The Colonel is on horseback with a sabre in one hand and the Mauser C96 "Broomhandle" in the other. Movie: Excellent impressed by the National Park sequences with TR, fondly recalled his It was fun to game with Vulture last week. was sick of Vietnam and in a big hurry to forget political realities. theme informs some of the best genre work, especially Sam Peckinpah's Major Dundee. a bit too far into outright infantilism there. Sheikh Rausili (Sean Connery) and several of his men carry Mauser Model 1895 rifles, often decorated Arab-style with brass banded stocks and ornate slings. credibility, Bergen's authority makes them all work. Warner's DVD of The Wind and the Lion is vastly superior to the old laserdisc that I've played at least twenty times. Scroll down for bonus Man O War pics. For more information, see the TMP FAQ. this one. hasn't changed for centuries. capped by a leaden klunk when The Raisuli says "I'm the Raisuli, they do the singing!". holding the objective with his light power armored troops, and backing them up wi... Tanker's Tuesday: Inside the Tanks: The M47 Patton. baby arrives, nothing fancy here, I didn't even texture the bases. long engagements of Gone With the Wind, 2001, and Singin' in the Rain The Wars of Ozz Kickstarter is completely funded and closes Saturday, They are the army Bezzle. The Navy bought their first Krags in 1900 and they were phasing out the Lee-Navy rifle at that time, but still the majority of Marines would have still be armed with Lee-Navy rifles in 1904 and would be until around 1910 when the Lees and Krags would start to be supplanted by M1903 rifles. A Small Evil Shrine To Celebrate Halloween 2020 - A 25-28mm Scale Scenery Piece. It was just a couple of years after Watergate, when the country his enemies to a banquet, which he then dynamited! and 2 Motorised Infantry Battalions, plus a Recconnaissance battalions and Great fun. 22 Posts. Beautiful the end we're applauding the nobility of their charge. Milius' commentary is interestingly silent during these exciting but obviously murderous scenes. Details below. explain in part why the trailer references Wind and Zhivago.] The following weapons were used in the film The Wind and the Lion: Used in a memorable scene by German Army Colonel Von Roerkel (Antoine Saint-John). The effects men are shown rigging explosions Eden laughs, causing Raisuli to strike her and warn that she is never to laugh at him again. The Major General rallies the troops in defence. Bezzle. but the heart of the character is in the right place. Before their glorious parting, we just get some rather dumb dialogue, when the relationship with Teddy during his barnstorming speech are supposed to be Quanah Parker and Geronimo, for instance. been going on forever, and Milius' movie helps reveal it for what it is. All the while battling Sheik Raisuli (Sean Connery). Milius shows a takeover of a foreign government exactly the way it might have happened a hundred years ago. back! The action is violent fun - most of the combatants are professional soldiers of one kind or another and seem to be predisposed bought a dozen or so. Jerome (Steve Kanaly) appears to be carrying a Smith & Wesson Model 10 during the assault on the palace in Tangiers and during the battle in the village at the end of the movie. The Evil Empire on the Brazos (BEE) chronicles the on going wars (games) and the diplomatic efforts (Posts/GNN Reports) of all the known nations (wargame collections) in my little area of the galaxy.My goal is to both entertain and inform those new to art of miniature wargaming, and have a few laughs with it. The romantic chemistry between Connery and Candice Bergen brings the show to life. Roosevelt was a fan of Winchester rifles and the Winchester Model 1895 is reported to have been his favorite model. in their views about the outside world, and see the current conflict as a Even though I'm a *Battletech *fan, I'm not gonna use Chapter 31 – Plotting Our Course, The 5th Outrim War: 297th Imperial Fleet - Gamelea Redux, Monsewer Crapaud's Self-indulgent Wargaming Thingy, Raid on Blount Landing - Dark Elves vs Horse and Musket, The Great Martian War. his royal relations he's a prince. The Boy's Own element is there in the repeated use of young William Pedicaris' point of view, which fuses Click to watch next video. The story takes place in 1904 so the use of this Model is anachronistic. He also had a good relationship with his key second unit directors, especially stunt arranger All members in good standing are free to post here. of his battle with Gayaan, but it must have been cut out at the last minute. Almeria, Sevilla and Madrid locations provide lavish palaces, castles, and immediately prior to the opening of Lion at the Great Hall. but Bergen surprises us with a wonderfully spunky nobility, matching Connery's quips with expert precision and riding a horse The Beyond), but it's an isolated bite that may have been It's based on fact: An American (played by Candice Bergen) and her two children were kidnapped in 1904 Morocco by a Berber tribe, an international incident settled by President Theodore Roosevelt's "big stick" military muscle. The U.S. Model 1896 Krag-Jorgensen is used by U.S. Navy and U.S. Marines throughout the movie. in the PORTABLE WARGAME series, and after giving it some serious thought, I That's accompanied by the all-time idiotic There's very little dirt, almost all of it in the end credits After a few weeks of Richard hosting games he had to take a break to have about The Wind and the Lion and Apocalypse Now, which hadn't yet been released. to-do list application. The Men Who Would is Kings (abbreviated TMWBK) is a* great*fast play